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Erin addresses and educates on a number of topics ranging from Veganism 101, to animal rights and abolition, to health and fitness, to environmentalism, to cooking, baking, and more.

Erin addresses and educates on a number of topics ranging from Veganism 101, to animal rights and abolition, to health and fitness, to environmentalism, to cooking, baking, and more.
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Brooklyn, NY


Erin addresses and educates on a number of topics ranging from Veganism 101, to animal rights and abolition, to health and fitness, to environmentalism, to cooking, baking, and more.






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Duration: 00:07:30

EP73: Sherry F. Colb Has All of the Answers!

Red Radio Episode Seventy Three gets REALLY real with author, professor, vegan advocate and generally brilliant human being, Sherry F. Colb! Taking cues from her brand new book,Mind If I Order The Cheeseburger? ...and Other Questions People Ask Vegans, Sherry helps to solve some of veganism and animal rights' toughest quandaries from vegans and omnivores alike. From the sentience of plant life, to the feminism parallel, to the big, bad, abortion issue... no holds barred. PLUS, Erin Red...

Duration: 01:44:47

EP72: Fresh Veggies: The Family Edition!

And they said it couldn't be done! With the triumphant return of the infamous Fresh Veggies Segment, Red Radio Episode Seventy Two features the Winglers, a family of five from Indiana, USA, who went vegan after their family doctor gave them a copy of Forks Over Knives - yes, seriously! Despite a 5 month old 'little', a cheese-loving mom, and a defiant teenage daughter... the Winglers show us how easy it can be with a little bit of curry. Joining Erin Red as co-host this week is...

Duration: 01:30:01

EP71: The Vegan Scoop for August 2013!

All the vegan and AR news that's fit to feature: Red Radio Episode Seventy One features August's installment of The Vegan Scoop! It's a doozy. You'll hear all the juicy details from headlines all over the world, including Disney's compassionate re-write, New York City's shark fin ban, the declining international whale-meat trade, Costa Rica's pledge to close zoos, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs passed from bovine to human... you ain't gonna hear this on Morning Joe, folks! PLUS, in a...

Duration: 00:51:28

EP70: V is for Vegan with Ruby Roth!

Is it ever too early to know the truth? The Little Ones show the Grownups how it's done in Red Radio Episode Seventy! Artist, author and activist Ruby Roth joins Erin Red to discuss educating and guiding vegan kids, critical thinking and conscious living, dealing with (cough) "experts" in the media, her vegan awakening with the help of her future husband, and her incredible new book, V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind. Plus insights on vegan children and their intellect from a REAL...

Duration: 01:28:35

EP69: The V-Hollywood Report GONE WILD with Lara Yaz!

What do Ryan Gosling, Lance Armstrong, Kelly Osbourne, and Hugh Jackman have in common? They're all featured in Red Radio Episode Sixty Nine, of course! Red Radio's Celebrity and Entertainment Reporter, Lara Yaz, returns to the show to catch us up on the latest in juicy gossip as it relates to veganism and animal rights... and we don't stop there! Kick back and give yourself a cruelty-free pedicure as Lara and Red dish about your favorite vegan (and not-really-vegan) superstars and much,...

Duration: 01:43:26

EP68: Happy Hour with Brian Patton, The Sexy Vegan!

Alright, it's more like Happy TWO Hours... but you're guaranteed to have the time of your life with Red Radio Episode Sixty Eight, featuring author, chef and Cool-Dad-to-Be, Brian Patton! Otherwise known as The Sexy Vegan, Brian gets comfy with Erin Red to discuss his whirlwind year as a rising vegan star, his epic vegan wedding, his plans to raise a vegan son (starting this October!) and his second genius cookbook effort, Happy Hour at Home: Small Plates, Big Flavors and Potent Cocktails!...

Duration: 01:54:38

EP65: Red Radio Returns to WEEKLY with a Mailbag Extravaganza!

ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE: We're back in business with Red Radio Episode Sixty Five, finally returning to our regular weekly schedule! To kick things off, Erin Red jumps into the long-neglected mailbag and answers your burning questions, featuring hot topics like sneaky activism, the touchy Holocaust comparison, recommended vegan reading, and of course that pesky vegan/omni relationship thing. Plus, Long Island gets its very own VegFest, and Red Radio's first ever GIVEAWAY, just in time for...

Duration: 01:20:12

EP64: Getting Romantic (and Hungry!) with Anne Dinshah!

Why don't you slip into something more comfortable, then come on back in front of this cozy fireplace for some vegan s'mores and Red Radio Episode Sixty Four? Erin Red gets to know author, athlete and vegan royalty Anne Dinshah to talk growing up vegan, creating simple and delicious recipes, and her titillating new book Dating Vegans: Recipes for Relationships. Want more? Ask and ye shall receive: The Vegan Scoop goes in on the Greek yogurt trend, and discusses the perfect absurdity of a...

Duration: 01:53:12

EP63: Redefining Radical with Author and Activist Rory Freedman!

Red Radio Episode Sixty Three blows the roof off the place! Join author, vegan advocate and animal superhero Rory Freedman for a candid and revealing discussion about her epic life changes, her three canine fur babies, and her brand new book Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals. Plus, Erin Red does some revealing of her own with MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS about the future of Red Radio, and continues her love/hate relationship with PETA. Can you handle it?! Please consider supporting Red...

Duration: 01:37:20

EP62: Find Sanctuary with Kathy Stevens of CAS!

Red Radio Episode Sixty Two welcomes acclaimed author, vegan advocate, and animal rescuer Kathy Stevens, Founder and Director of Catskill Animal Sanctuary! In a comprehensive and candid interview, Kathy discusses everything from her massive career change, to her decision to go vegan at 43, to her numerous personal connections with rescued farm animals, plus the recent re-release ofAnimal Camp, her love letter to the hundreds of animals at CAS. Plus, Rip Esselstyn representing on CBS This...

Duration: 01:46:17

EP59: A Stroll on Main Street with Victoria Moran!

At long last, Erin Red welcomes bestselling author, speaker, and vegan powerhouse Victoria Moran to Red Radio EP59! Listen in on an inspiring, heartwarming, and revitalizing conversation as Victoria shares her rich lifeexperiences, discusses the growing vegan movement, and fills us in on her plans for a brand new book. Plus, Farm Sanctuary President Gene Baur brings brave animal activism to Runner's World magazine, and milk mustaches take on a whole new meaning... over two full hours of...

Duration: 01:12:00

EP58: Being Cruel Isn't Cool with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture!

YOU BETTER WORK with Red Radio Episode Fifty Eight, featuring Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of the game-changing vegan fashion house Vaute Couture! Erin Red chats with the ex-Ford (super) model about her path to veganism, her early work as a young activist, her bold decision to drop everything and launch her own vegan business, and the trials and tribulations of putting on the very first all-vegan animal rights show for New York Fashion Week 2013! Want more? Erin Red fills us up with...

Duration: 00:42:16

EP57: You're Not Hardcore Unless You Live Hardcore!

The beans have been spilled in Red Radio Episode Fifty Seven: Erin Red welcomes three brilliant, beautiful and ballsy vegan women to the show to discuss a rather controversial ex-vegan and her rather shocking blogs as of late. Hear Lara Yaz (co-host of Big Fat Vegan Radio and Red Radio's Entertainment Reporter), Sarah E. Brown (of Queer Vegan Food) and Chloe Jo Davis (trailblazer, wifey, mother of two vegan Princes and founder of GirlieGirlArmy) hash out the gory details in a...

Duration: 00:37:29

EP56: Vegans in Sports with Verna, Plus Chloe Coscarelli Makes Us Drool!

Red Radio Episode Fifty Six is a veritable vegan variety show! First, Chloe Coscarelli stops by to gab about her brand new cookbook, Chloe's Vegan Desserts, and tempts our tastebuds with stories of tiramisu pancakes, laundry puppies, and her plans for an Italian Vegan Cookbook. Then Phil Verna makes his triumphant return to Red Radio with his Vegans in Sports segment, this time turning the tables on our gracious host with a rather unexpected twist! Plus, some scary news in the Vegan Scoop,...

Duration: 00:40:48

EP55: Betty Goes Vegan with Dan & Annie Shannon!

Red Radio Episode Fifty Five welcomes the world's cutest couple, Dan and Annie Shannon, vegan bloggers, animal activists, and authors of the sensational new cookbook Betty Goes Vegan! In a fun-filled and revealing interview, Dan and Annie discuss veganizing traditional recipes, pontificate on the growing vegan movement, share some must-have vegan ingredients and kitchen appliances, and wax poetic about the importance of The Dishwasher. What's more? How about a clip featuring vegan fashion...

Duration: 00:42:50

EP54: Battling the Vegan Backlash with Andy & Stevie!

Red Radio Episode Fifty Four features an in-depth discussion about the recent increase of what Erin Red calls 'Vegan Backlash', featuring activist and Compassion Co. Founder Andy Tabar, and co-host of Australian Vegan Podcast Team Earthling, Stevie Schafer! Listen to the thorough threesome dissect some of the latest big stories in anti-vegan media, uncover the truth about walking the walk, and brainstorm on some solutions for the increasingly mainstream vegan movement. Heavy stuff, folks!...

Duration: 00:48:55

EP53: UFC Welterweight Aaron Simpson, the Anti-Meathead!

Erin Red has the pleasure of featuring two of her passions in Red Radio Episode Fifty Three, featuring a compelling interview with UFC Welterweight and outspoken vegan advocate Aaron Simpson! Hear all about Aaron's transition into veganism, raising a vegan family, elite training on a vegan diet, and of course how he deals with the meathead mindset of the fight game. Plus, the Compassionate Clip of the Week gets our mouths watering for a new vegan cooking show, and Erin Red makes our heads...

Duration: 00:53:01

EP52: The Year-End Red Radio Mailbag Blowout!

Returning to the (overstuffed!) mailbag to close out 2012, Erin Red shares inspiring stories of transformation and grapples with your toughest and most complicated vegan related questions in Red Radio Episode Fifty Two! Is procreation vegan? Where can I find awesome vegan makeup? Should I get the flu vaccine this year? How can I prevent myself from stinking without all the animal ingredients? Answers to all these questions and much, much more - almost TWO HOURS of information for your...

Duration: 00:45:03

EP51: The Vegan Celebrity Showdown with Laura Yaz & Sarah Brown from Queer

Erin Red welcomes entertainment correspondent Laura Yaz back in Red Radio Episode Fifty One for a very special edition of The V-Hollywood Report! After cracking wise over the latest in vegan celebrity gossip (and there's a ton of it; thanks, celebrities!), Red and Laura invites special reporter Sarah E. Brown from Queer Vegan Food to the show to cover the recent controversysurroundingEllen DeGeneres and 'happy eggs' once and for all. Plus, Red Raves about her favorite place to write in NYC,...

Duration: 01:00:29

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