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Picking Up The Pieces

Segment 1: Another Violent Episode in America: Where are the discussions on Gun Control? National Drout and impending rises in food prices. Romney Taxes and high praises for Anglo Saxon Heritage by his desperate campaign. Segment 2: Responsibilities of the Black Middle Class to the Black Underclass. Where is the love? POTUS' Speech at the National Urban League: A Critical Anaysis. The Diminishing Spine of Liberals Segment 3: The Image of Black Women in Media Revisiting the Chris Rock Tweet...

Duration: 02:11:48

Free Wielding Thursday

RSP tackles the issues of the day with a critical eye and intelligent commentary. 1st Segment: Patterns of suspicious deaths in Orange, CA. Are we experiencing another killing spree of brown people? 2nd Segment: The Endless GOP Spectacle. Who can out-conservative who? What's in store for 2012? More foreclosures? More layoffs? More offshoring of American jobs? More attack on labor? More looting of the treasury? Call in and tell us what's on your mind?

Duration: 02:00:42

Occupy Wall Street: Are Americans Awake?

RSP continues it's discussion on the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Marine shot at Occupy Oakland. Seriously? Join the discussion and share your thoughts on the news of the day. Harlan Reece - Host Producer Asani Charles - Co-Host/Co-Producer Jefferey Hartford - Special Commentator

Duration: 02:07:20


Tune in for our special broadcast as we join the world in opposing the execution of Troy Davis. Several witnesses have recanted their testimony and Davis has always maintained his innocence. Join us for a serious discussion on Troy case and by extension the death penalty in general. Harlan Reece - Host/Producer Asani Charles - Co-Host/Co-Producer.

Duration: 01:01:26

Rebroadcast: Manufactured Debt Crisis Averted!

NEXT WEEK *************************************** Segment 1: Join us next Thursday as we discuss the famine in Somalia, the root causes of it and what we can do. Segment 2: Obama under the microscope. Can he win again? How can we make more accountable to Progressive ideas. Harlan Reece - Host/Producer Asani Charles - Co-Host/ Co-Producer Jeff Hartford - Special Commentary

Duration: 02:03:39

Rebroadcast: An Evening of Media Criticism

Rebroadcast: Debt Ceiling, Assassination Rumor on the President, Newscorp empire under scrutiny.

Duration: 02:58:39



Duration: 00:05:36

Gil Scott Herron: The Man, The Poet, The Legacy

Join RSP this evening as we reflect on the life and times of Gil Scott Herron (1949-2011). Call in and help us celebrate Herron’s contributions to eternal struggle for human rights and dignity in a dehumanized world. Gil Scott Herron is the last of a dying breed among African-Americans, meaning artists who use their craft to confront racism, imperialism and oppression. In addition to assessing the impact of “protest art” upon our political landscape, Herron’s legacy provides an excellent...

Duration: 03:00:04

The End of The American Dream. Is it Over?

Just Red State Pariah as we return to the issues full throttle. In the first half hour of the show we will grade President Obama on his accomplishments/failures and invite you to do the same. In the 2nd half hour of the show, RSP will discuss the attack on public education and the destruction of the teaching profession. We will also address the question: "Has The American Dream Come to an End?" Please join us for stimulating conversation and intelligent commentary @ 7 PM CST. Harlan Reece,...

Duration: 02:01:13

Rebroadcast: An Evening of Creole Culture

Red State Pariah interviews Mark Broyard and Roger Guenveur Smith, the creative minds and artists behind Creole Mafia, a satirical play about the politics of race as seen through the eyes of Creoles in America.

Duration: 02:55:41

Creole Culture and Inside the Creole Mafia

Playwrights Mark Broyard and Roger Guenvuer Smith join us this Mardi Gras week to share their work Inside the Creole Mafia as well as the intriguing and often misunderstood story of the Louisiana Creoles. Expect an informative albeit satiric hour of gumbo and humor! Harlan Reece, Host/Producer Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer

Duration: 02:55:41

A Closer Look at the African Disapora

RSP examines the ethnic and linguistic diversity of Africans in the diaspora. In the first hour of the show, a conversation with Reynaldo Macias. Mr. Macias is teacher of history, a political commentator and a powerful voice in the struggle for economic and educational equity. Dr. Luis Otero holds a doctorate in science and teaches with the Dallas Independent School District. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and proudly considers himself a Black Puerto Rican. In addition to living...

Duration: 02:04:49

Huffington Post Merges with AOL, Bill O'Reilly an Ass and Remembering MLK

Red State Pariah discusses the implications of the Huffington Post/AOL merger. Billy O'Reilly is taken to task for his atrocious behavior with President Obama. Lessons From The Past: Dr. Martin Luther King's Opposition to the Vietnam War and parallels with war in Afghanistan.

Duration: 01:40:09

Make a Power Fist for Egypt: U.S. Should Do The Right Thing

In the first hour of the show, we discuss and analyze the situation in Egypt. Why is the right wing of American politics referring to the protesters as radicals? In The Second Hour of the Show, We discuss changing the word "nigger" in Huck Finn. How will this affect the intent and the character of the novel? Join us for 2 hours of lively discussion as we kick off Black History Month. | Harlan Reece, Host/Producer | Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer

Duration: 02:05:06

Return From Hiatus: We're Back

Red State Pariah is back after a necessary hiatus, but we are here and stronger than ever. This show was originally broadcast on January 13 and has been edited for sound quality. Guest: Historian and scholar of African Civilizations, Dr. Runoko Rashidi; Poet and social commentator, Lisa Alvarado. Harlan Reece, Host/Producer Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer web:

Duration: 01:44:48

Leaks, Taxes and Compromises

First half hour: President Obama's tax compromise: Is it the only option? 2nd half hour: Julian Asange and Wikileaks: Hero or Traitor? Hour 2: Is Liberalism dead? (interview excerpt Christopher Hedges and Thom Hartmann)Avoiding Christmas debt.

Duration: 02:42:11

Midterm Elections - 5 Days to Showdown!

Continued analysis of the midterm elections. Are the predictions correct? Will Democrats lose the house? the senate? Perhaps not. In the first hour of the show we discuss the implications of the November 2nd election. In the second hour of the show - more anti-Islamic rhetoric from the right. Also in the 2nd hour, an analysis of "Waiting for Superman." Guest: Lisa Alvarado Harlan Reece, Host/Producer Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer

Duration: 02:04:19

Getting Ready for the 2010 Mid-terms: The Road Ahead for Dems/Progressives

In the first hour we will discuss democratic prospects for the 2010 elections. Will the mid-term elections be a referendum on Barack Obama's Presidency? Conservatives are hoping this will be a repeat of 1994, a so-called "Republican Revolution," but the likelihood of this happening is very slim. As with all mid-term elections, the party in power will lose a few seats, but at the end of the day, Republicans have nothing to run on. Early indicators reveal that The Tea Party will probably be...

Duration: 02:02:50

The Future of Progressive Talk:R Rebroadcast

1st half hour: IntervIew with Dave Clifton, Rational Radio | Second half hour: Interview with Yung 1, an up and coming Rap Artist

Duration: 02:58:50

The Best of Red State Pariah

A compilation of previous shows and various topics.

Duration: 01:29:47

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