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I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.

I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.
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I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.






Episode #27: Camera Functions

Got a message the other day wanting some of the camera functions explained. I wanted to go over all the buttons and basic functions of most prosumer cameras that are out there today but not only talk about what the functions are but how they work and also how they work together. By understanding these functions and their meaning you can use them to manipulate your image to achieve a certain look or feel. This is when you get to be creative.


Episode #26: Redneck Tech Production Class

I am finally getting to nail down a time and date for my production class. Its going to be in July from the 13 to the 15 in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the time that is working for most of the guys that are already signed up. I outline in the podcast what we are going to go over in the class as well as where you can go to register. Sorry this one isn't "informative but its the easiest way to get the info out there in the best way!


Episode #25 Finding Music for you Production

When I was getting started in this business and I went to start editing something I wanted to get some good music for it. I had no budget, no money, nothing really but some footage I wanted to make sound epic. It took me a long time to figure it out but music is expensive and good music is really expensive. Here are some things you need to know when going to find music for your next production. Don't forget to Rate and Review the podcast!


Episode #24: The difference between a Cameraman and a Producer

The fundamental question we all need to ask ourselves when we are in the field creating content, no matter what it is for, is are we a camera man, or are we a producer. There is a huge difference between the two. Trust me, you want to be a producer, not a cameraman. Listen in as I answer a listener question about how to get more out of his team that is out there filming. Long story short, it all starts with a purpose.


Episode #23: Photography with Chris Irwin

I have had several influences in my career but none stand out more as an awesome person and mentor like Chris Irwin. Chris was a staff photographer for Bass Pro Shops for over 26 years. He has been to more places and taken more pictures than most will in 10 lifetimes. He is a true veteran but even more than that, he is just a good dude. We got a little carried away and ended up talking a lot longer than we intended but I think it was worth it. Bare with us on this one because there are a...


Episode #22: Tim Endsly

I finally got some time to sit down and call one of my industry buddies, Tim Endsly from Livin' the Brand (@livin_the_brand) We got to talk about self filming, Public lands, Films, and just catch up on what we got going on this year. Tim has been at this outdoor media and content creation thing for a long time and is full of knowledge and insight. Check it out.


Episode #21: Packing a Traveling Tips for a Filming Trip

I do a lot of traveling for filming trips and I have learned a lot along the way. There are a couple do's and dont's when it comes to getting on a plan or driving across country. In this episode i share some of what I have learned and some ways to save some money and time!


Episode#20: ATA Show Wrap up and State of the Industry IMO

I just got back from ATA Show which is my favorite show of the year, I got to catch with several buddies and fellow producer friends and we talked about where we saw the industry and what was going on in our respective worlds and the same things kept being said and brought up. The TV business is hurting and there are a few reasons why. I also talk about a couple products I am eager to get my hands on as well as make the announcement about an upcoming production class I am working on. Enjoy.


Episode #19: "The Marketing Approach" with Andy Campbell of Diamondback Covers

As you know there are a ton of outdoor TV and web shows. All of these shows for the most part are trying to get sponsor dollars from the same handful of companies. These companies only have so much to go around. The hardest part sometimes for a new show is "what questions to ask" or "how do I approach a potential sponsor". For the marketing perspective I sit down with one of my favorite people in this business, Andy Campbell. Andy is the Marketing Director for Diamondback Covers and he is...


Episode #18: Self Filming with Casey Shoopman and THE... Tom James

It's show season and I am at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis. Its always fun to come to this show for me because these are my people. It is like a family reunion where I get to hang out with all my other industry buddies, meet new ones, get some business, and check out everything that is new in the archery world. While I was there I got with Casey Shoopman, and Tom James from The Management Advantage web show to cover a topic that I am not the best at, Self Filming. These guys have done...


Episode #17: How to Import and Export a Time-lapse

I love to shoot lapses and see how they turn out. In this podcast I go over my process quickly with a lapse that I have already shot. I have a few more steps that I take before exporting a lapse but I walk you though it in Adobe Lightroom and in Adobe Premiere. There is a video element to this one so be sure to check out the Youtube Channel just search Redneck Tech Podcast on Youtube.


Episode #16: Is the RED worth it?

I got a call from a producer friend of mine, Josh Bartlam about buying a RED for his production company. He asked me, "Is it worth it?" Well here is my long take on the RED and the Pros and Cons of it.


Episode #15: Filming Waterfowl

It is the time of year where all the duck nuts start getting tingly in their man parts so I figured it would be a good time to give my 2 cents on filming waterfowl and give a little friendly advice on how to best accomplish the task of filming waterfowl.


Episode #14: How to Set up a project to start editing in Adobe Premiere

In this episode I show you how to set up a brand new project in Adobe Premiere from start to finish as well as show how I do a couple simple things to stay organized inside the project itself. Enjoy


Episode #13: Is Being An Outdoor Producer The Best Job ever?

"Dude you have the best job." I have heard this a time or two. I agree in part. I love my job, well, certain parts of my job. Other parts I am not as fond of. On this episode I dig into the good, the bad, and the ugly or being an outdoor producer.


Episode #12: Shot List

I get asked a lot if I use a shot list when I am on a shoot. The answer is, not so much anymore but I sure used to. In this episode I give a general breakdown of a shot list and go over what it means and how to use it to your advantage in the field.


Episode #11: Organization

In this podcast we talk about the importance of being organized in the field, with your life, gear, projects, and in post production. Organization is one of my biggest pet peeves. There is no reason not to be organized and buttoned up in everything you do. I go through my thought process on how I get all aspects of my production organized.


Episode #10: Which Camera Is Best For You

Episode #10: Which Camera Is Best For You by Caleb Copeland


Episode #9: Let's talk about Drones

Drones are the new cool thing in the industry. Not really as new as just cool. There are several options but in my opinion there is only one company and one awesome drone for the money. Listen and let me know your experience with drones.


Episode #8: Communication

Communication is one of the many breakdowns that will kill a hunt or an entire trip. This episode I go over communication in life, in business, and obviously during a hunt.


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