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Refugee Radio, the voice of refugees. We aim to give these people a voice; a chance to speak out and let you know that they are just like us, people with hopes and aspirations, people who deserve to be treated as we would expect to be treated if, by the accident of birth, we found ourselves in their position.




Song From Manus

Mostafa Azimitabar, a Kurdish asylum seeker who has spent four years in the notorious Manus Island Detention Centre has recorded a song about his experiences.Mostafa, or 'Moz', recorded the vocals on a mobile phone, as well as footage for the accompanying music videos. As part of Julian Burnside's asylum letter writing project Moz was put into contact with a group of Australian musicians who helped turn the vocals into a complete orchestral hip-hop track which was released on Wednesdday 30th...

Duration: 00:29:31

Refugee Radio - Celine interviews Daniel McAvoy, Deakin University lecturer on Humanitarian Resettlement

Celine interviews Daniel McAvoy, a lecturer on Humanitarian Settlement from Deakin University.Daniel spoke about his experiences working as an aid worker at refugee camps, and also on current migration policies in Australia,-especially focusing on the politics of fear, and the hsitory of Australia's treatment of migrants. He also spoke about the differences of the world's reaction to the refugee crisis in the present day as compared to the aftermath of WWII.

Duration: 00:25:56

Refugee Radio - Reza interviews Jette, the acting Executive Director of the Squeeky Wheel

Reza interviewed Jette, the acting Executive Director of the Squeeky Wheel. Among a host of other things, they fix up used bikes and make them road worthy, donate them to asylum seekers and refugees in the community, and do a training course on how to ride on the roads safely. They also bring together volunteers and mentors to teach people to ride who have never ridden a bicycle before. If you would like to volunteer to mentor someone in the program, please contact them through their...

Duration: 00:22:05

Refugee Radio - Amanda interviews Ali Reid on her time volunteering at the refugee camps in Calais

Amanda interviews Adelaide-based refugee rights activist Ali Reid, who returned towards the end of last year from volunteering in Calais, inside the makeshift refugee camp known as The Jungle. She spoke with her about her time in the refugee camp, and her observations on the development of the situation both in Calais itself, as well as the broader trend of the movement of people across the rest of Europe and the UK.

Duration: 00:29:27

Refugee Radio - Reza interviews Rohulla Hussaini, a Hazara refugee and cycling enthusiast

Reza interviews Rohulla Hussaini, a Hazara asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Rohullah rode his bike from Swan Hill (Victoria) to Canberra 2 times to deliver a petition to the House of Representatives. He also met with people along the way to tell them why asylum seekers are coming to this country. Rohullah never had a bike back home in Afghanistan, the first time he rode a bike was his trip to Canberra.

Duration: 00:23:44

Refugee Radio - Amanda and refugee rights activist Karol Florek

Amanda interviews refugee rights activist Karol Florek. Karol is originally from Poland and moved to Australia when he was 6 years old, but has been living in England for the last fifteen months. He is a long term activist and has been an active organiser and participant in various campaigns both in Australia and in England, and is currently involved with the group Australians and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention. He spoke with us today about his perspective and experiences of...

Duration: 00:24:41

Refugee Radio - Andre and Donna from Behind the Wire

Today we interviewed Andre and Donna from theBehind the Wireproject. Andre spoke about the importance of having an ethical framework and platform from which refugees and asylum seekers are welcome and comfortable to tell their stories, and Donna spoke about the bravery of her parents' decision to flee with their children to Australia, only to face the horrors of mandatory detention. One of the most important insights she had concerning mandatory detention was that ideally the Australian...

Duration: 00:27:17