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Ep 19... Burn

The Authentic Reggae vibe continues as Daddy English features 'Burn,' one of Exco Levi's songs off his new album 'Narrative.' Randy Valentine, Rafeelya, and mortimer and many more contribute to Benevolent selection. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:01:09

Ep 18... No Hero

This episode features an authentic selection of Roots and Culture, Dub, Lovers Rock, Reggae from the past and today. Daddy English plays an exclusive track by Rafeelya and the Mellow Vibes label called "No Hero." This song brings awareness to police brutality and is a plea for Justice. The Benevolent selector also features the new Bang Riddim and new single from Bryan Art "Can't Cut Wi Vibes." Enjoy. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:03:01

Ep 17... Mortimer

Mortimer, one of Reggae music's most promising artist takes time out to speak with Daddy English about his career so far. Hear how the "Truth and Rights" singer began his musical journey in the church as youth and is now making hit songs with some of the big players in the business. The authentic Reggae vibe continues right here. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:15:35

Ep 16... Courtney John

The highly talented Courtney John joins Daddy English on this episode to talk about his latest album entitled "Ecosystem." The Artist/Songwriter/Producer share's his motivation behind such a project and also paints a vivid picture of growing up in a musical family and what it's like having a uncle like Beres Hammond. The authentic Reggae vibe continues on this episode. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:04:58

Ep 15... Vigilant

Continuing the Black History Month Celebration Daddy English puts the spotlight on Black Inventors and rounds it off with a song called Black Man featuring Rafeelya and family. The Benevolent International selector also features new music from Macka B, Lila Ike, and Randy Valentine. Enjoy the authentic Reggae vibe that is Reggae In The City. @DaddyEnglishBI @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:09:53

Ep 14... Marcus Garvey

October is Black History Month in the UK and the Benevolent International Selector decided to put the spotlight on Pan Africanist Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Excerpts of Marcus Garvey's speeches are featured throughout the podcast as Daddy English continues the Authentic Reggae Vibe. New music from Alpheus, Jesse Royal, Protoje and Mortimer, Melan I and much more are featured on this great episode. Enjoy! @DaddyEnglishBI @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:08:08

Ep 13... Pop In My Headphones

Daddy English returns with yet another authentic Reggae selection. On this episode the Benevolent International selector features singles from Samory-I, Claire Angel, Damien Marley as well as his favourite song by the artist Konshens. Brixton Music Group's Destination Riddim also features on this episode. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:07:55

Ep 11... Rototom Sunsplash 2017

Daddy English went to the Rototom Sunsplash which is the number one Reggae Festival in Europe and dedicates this episode to it. Enjoy interviews and features from Roberto Sanchez, Cali P, Claire Angel, Stick Figure and many many more.. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:13:54

Ep 10... Rice And Peas And Reggae

This time around Daddy English continues the authentic Reggae vibe by playing the big riddim by Super Love Records called "My Time." The Benevolent Selector also features "So Brave," the latest single from the Ska and Rocksteady artist Alpheus and many more. Enjoy! @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:05:38

Ep 9... Easy To Breathe

On this episode the Benevolent International Selector plays new music from Damian Marley's new album 'Stoney Hill' as well as the new single from new comer Ziah. This episode showcases a real rootical vibe that's easy to follow. Enjoy music from Ikaya, Rafeelya, Sevana and many more right here. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:08:38

Ep8... Never Give Up

On this episode Daddy English selects music from Samory-I's brand new album Black Gold and Chronixx's Chronology album. The Benevolent International selector also features the 7 Chakra Riddim by Shem Ha Boreh Records as well as the new single from UK's Claire Angel entitled Never Give up. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:04:22

Ep 7... Can't Breathe

This episode Daddy English features new music from Marla Brown's new EP entitled "Survivor" as well as Mykal Rose's album "Strategy of Rome." Agent Sasco, Kelissa, Kabaka Pyramid, and Troyton's New Emotions riddim contribute to the authentic Reggae Vibe. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglish Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:08:17

Ep 6... Medication

On this episode Daddy English features a brand new collaboration with Damian and Stephen Marley called "Medication" and dedicates a segment of this podcast to all marijuana supporters. The Benevolent International selector also features a new selection by Penthouse Records, Courtney John, and many more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUK

Duration: 01:12:43

Ep 4... What About Us

Daddy English continues the authentic Reggae vibe with brand new music from the Big Ship Captain Freddie Mcgregor with the song called What About Us. The Benevolent selector also features new music from Stephanie, Randy Valentine and many more. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBi

Duration: 01:13:52

Ep 3... Sevana Siren

On This episode Daddy English talks with Reggae Singer Sevana Siren. They feature a few of Daddy English's favourite songs from the self title EP Sevana. The soulful singer talks of her early years in the music and her desire to keep going. Daddy English also pays tribute to the late Frankie "Dancehall" Paul. All this and more on Benevolents REGGAE IN THE CITY Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI

Duration: 01:03:15

Ep 2... Biggest Fan

Reggae In The City's 2nd episode features brand new music from new comer Lila Aike with the song entitled "Biggest Fan." Daddy English also features new music from Meleku, Morgan Heritage and Kabaka Pyramid and the new Digital Shade Riddim. Enjoy! @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI

Duration: 01:10:06

Reggae In The City Ep 1... Vibing With Protoje

On This episode Daddy English talks with Reggae Artist Protoje. They recap Protoje's ROYALTY FREE album and the Blood Money artist also tells of his future Dubwise project. All this and more on Benevolents REGGAE IN THE CITY @DaddyEnglishBI

Duration: 00:55:14