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I'm Jason a Regular Rambler from Chicago. This is a joke podcast. Disclaimer: You won't learn anything, but I'll be your online voice pal that you can't talk back to.

I'm Jason a Regular Rambler from Chicago. This is a joke podcast. Disclaimer: You won't learn anything, but I'll be your online voice pal that you can't talk back to.
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I'm Jason a Regular Rambler from Chicago. This is a joke podcast. Disclaimer: You won't learn anything, but I'll be your online voice pal that you can't talk back to.






RR67 - The Nigal Vann Interview

The intro music is by the very talented, Vancouver based, producer, INJA. Get his music here: Nigal starts off with his come up in Columbus, Ohio and takes us through his journey to Chicago (3:49) He get educates me on the Aviary (5:48) and things like flavored ice. (7:12) Talks on work ethic and the learning process (8:47). 11:03, we talk about service and the patron experience. We get to know Nigal’s favorite spots (14:37) in Chicago and what...


RR66 - The Madeleine Hettich Interview

Madeleine Hettich is an Interdisciplinary designer based in Chicago. Check out her work here: Music by Daniel Pemberton from the Man from U.N.C.L.E score. We talk about her early roots and her experience studying at the Art Institute of Chicago (2:40). She goes over the makeup of a good portfolio (5 :05). And we debate out the idea of “selling out” (6:06). She goes into her love for book design (8:56) and one of her designs...


RR65 - The Illia Pashkov Interview

Illia Pashkov joins me on #65. He is an award-winning designer/art director based in Chicago and a very nice guy on top of it. We talk about his start in the industry at age 18 (1:17). He goes over his role as the design director of Player’s Health (5:12) which won the top prize at 2016’s Google Demo Day. Illia shares his focus on Design Ethics (6:33) within his projects and his work designing at BMW (7:38). He covers the very ambitious project, Ecapsula (9:02)...


RR64 - The Yung Sung Interview

We get the American-Canadian Crossover Interview with Yung Sung ( on #64. A super interesting guy, who talks about his journey and what he has learned so far making music on the internet. Apologies about the sound quality, which will happen sometimes when you cross the border. You can also check out Yung Sung on Twitter: and his Instagram is Enjoy!


RR63 - The Braxton Klavins Interview

It’s officially an interview podcast on #63. We have the very talented, intelligent & thoughtful Mr. Braxton Klavins. He is a Chicago based (for now) photographer, videographer and model, whose last name I butcher over and over again throughout (my deepest apologies, he says it correctly at the end). Check out his work at We talk his start in the industry and how he got into photography, the monetization of Instagram and other contemporaries in the field. As...


RR62 - Scheduling & Benchmarks

LSChyld II’s Gimmie Some starts out 62: Updates on my own schedule as I get into how scheduling affects me. End it off with Black Loop by Fernando:


RR61 - The Vacation Mindset

Frankliin starts out 61, remixing Xavier Omär’s “Speculate”: I have mentally checked out and I’m in straight vacation mode g. I promise it’ll get better. We end it with Jay Cass’ Cassie remix:


RR60 - Time

WEVLTH 2.0 starts out #60 with FLEX LIKE OUU RMX: And I ramble on about the importance of time and how it works into the empathy process of creativity. We end it the 90s version of Walk into Your Soul by Pogo x Pogo:


RR59 - Preparation & Planning

Ephr3m‘ starts out 59 with Crème Solaire w/ BlackDoe: And then I go into my affintity for arguably the most important phase of the design process: Prepping, Planning Sketching and Project Managment software and other stuff for my geeky pleasure of organization. We end it with the best name in music, Jedi Jordan and his Brandy remix: Wannabe:


RR57 - Originality & Uniqueness

Starting off strong with olukara’s “u and i”: Turning to a road less traveled, I talk about things you don’t usually do rather than the things I’ve done. And we end it with Sugaboy’s Remix of USAYUDO:


RR55 - Persistence, Determination & Discipline

The White Chocolate episode starts with slom’s Sweet: And we get into what sounds like brain exercising, it doesn’t sound very creative, but it’s super important. And we end it with Theusplayer’s Coffe:


RR54 - Dealing with Criticism

We start off 54 with Sumatra’s Congrats Remix: And I got inspired by, what I perceive to be a hilarious situation of Warriors Forward, Kevin Durant’s spate of criticism: And talk about how I deal with it and how I wrap my head around it. Then we end things on KOJACK’S2’s Lady Edit:


RR53 - Breaking The Creative Block

We start off 53 with Negium.’s “Let Me Ride” I talk about how I get myself out of a jam when I just can’t think. And it takes simply walking around and hopefully get outside. But what if you can’t? You gotta get into your virtual world. The sites I cehck out are, which I now realize got bought out by Invision, who of course have a great blog: I’m on very few newsletters, but Sidebar is a great one: and i like...


RR52 - Portfolio Launch & My First Guest, Mario the Coder, Debate Anyone Designing

My Portfolio launched at Big ups to my pal Lance for taking some photos of me. You can check out his Gram at: Back after a little sickness, me and my best pal, Mario the Coder, debate out design and talk a little code. Check out Mario at and his Twitter is @mvallejo350 and he’s even got a new portfolio himself, Also check out another pal of mine at the new podcasting app Anchor, Victoria AFM, where she talks music influences:...


RR51 - Imposter Syndrome

Monday’s Throwback of Eclipse day on #51. We get it started with epsyle’s ‘Next Morning’: and I get into my own personal experience with creative insecurity and the general kind as well. And end it off with TOBO TOBO’s Remix of White Lies:


RR50 - Creativity

Boom. New Format. Kind of. We start off with 2nd Son’s Underground: an instant 90s summer jam classic in my eyes and then I get into what creativity means to me. I end it with Cloutup by lake of the woods: Get at me on Twitter @regularramble and check me out at Weekend is here.


RR49 - The news you’ve been thinking about & Where you should be getting it + Format Changes Again…I’m New at This C’mon

Started this thing off with my Tyrese Cover & dZdonis’s Master Rainwalker: & I get into the Rally, which is over my head, but you should be getting you news at the Majority Report (which I misspoke live): Pod Save The People: & FiveThirtyEight’s (again misspoke) Show: & then I’ve got a change in the podcast because I can do that and I’m going shorter, making it more design-y and creative-y so, buckle...


RR48 - Holidays, Biographical Movies, My Chicago Loves, Real Friendship

We start it off with Versosa’s Fruit Juice: | I finally got around to seeing some good: & not so good movies: | I finally got through a list I’ve been trying to get through: which I won’t ever do again | And I get into the question of how racist conversation among a diverse group of friends is actually very enjoyable: | We end it with Catbones’s Crystals:


RR47 - “Spinning” Life, Humanitarians, More Chicago Rap & Hard Convos

We start out with Mai’s Divine: | We get into some tricky biz with The Vatican: | We get into some better news with Chance getting recognized: | Check out some amazing Chicago Rap: | Towkio: | And Noname Gypsy: | And Check out the Tough Convos on “With Friends Like These” talking about run ins with cops : | And we end it with IC3PEAK’S...


RR46 - Yuppie Life, Yoga, Dancing, Asian Men+Black Women

We start things out with Blank’s Home: | And I talk about Yuppie Life with Movies in the Park: & | Check Out Kinjaz Dojo’s Daniel Caesar Choreography: It is bananas | Give Thanks to Jimmy Buckets | We answer the attraction of Asian Men to Black Women: & | We end things with Neguim’s Bom Baile:


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