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Reid My Mind Radio - Full Access to Movies & Television...

An episode packed with goodness. First, Alex Koren one of two founders of Actiview, the new startup changing not only the way we consume audio description but the way we think of video accessibility. This episode also includes: A slight rant on access to Audio Description in general. Plus, a special sneak peak into a new project I'm excited to work on with one of Hip Hop's pioneers, Doctor Dre; an original Def Jam artist, Yo MTV Raps and Hot 97 Morning Show host & DJ. Once again, I felt...

Duration: 00:19:07

Reid My Mind Radio: Microsoft Seeing AI - Real & Funky

Okay, I don't usually do reviews, but why not go for it! All I can tell you is I did it my way; that's all I can do! It took a toll on me... entering my dreams... I'm going to go out on a limb and say I have the first podcast to include an Audio Described dream! So let's get it... hit play and don't forget to subscribe and tell a friend to do the same. Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio Sound Cloud...www.reidmymind.com Follow: @tsreid| @reidmymindradio

Duration: 00:13:24

Reid My Mind Radio - Connie Chiu - For the Love!

Connie Chiu, known as the first Fashion model with Albanism, has much more to offer than a pretty photo... a great attitude. She does it for the love! Take a listen and then ask yourself...? I asked myself what am I not doing that I love to do... so I did it... and put it in this piece. Follow on Sound Cloud Subscribe: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio Follow: @reidmymindradio | @tsreid

Duration: 00:16:16

Reid My Mind Radio - Abigail Style Means Business

Who is Abigail Style? Past guest of the podcast and fashion blogger Steph McCoy of Bold Blind Beauty is here to tell us all about Abigail. Plus she shares some life lessons on creating a business and working towards goals. Follow on Sound Cloud @reidmymindradio @tsreid Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In

Duration: 00:16:32

Reid My Mind Radio Talking Nomad food & Feedback

A bit more on our last episode's guest Jim Paradiso, the Blind Nomad. Since we're going to discuss some of the feedback received from the episode I thought it made sense to include some conversation around food! this one. Follow the podcast on Sound Cloud Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In http://www.reidmymind.com/ @reidmymindradio @tsreid

Duration: 00:10:18

Reid My Mind Radio - Fears of A Blind Nomad

Jim Paradiso, is a Blind Nomad... I had to hear his story. Turns out it's so much more than that... he's forcing you to challenge what you think is possible. That is, if you believe! Take a listen and let me know; do you believe? Subscribe to Reid My Mind Radio where ever you get podcasts... Follow on SoundCloud and Twitter...@tsreid

Duration: 00:22:22

Reid My Mind Radio - the Gift

Jay Worthington knew he wanted to act from an early age. Struggling to accept his blindness, fighting the bullying and discrimination; he searched for something more... The Gift! While listening to "The Gift" is a present for the listener there's more to this episode. I've been inspired to stretch my own creative chops with acting, impressions and and an original rap! Follow on Sound Cloud Subscribe via Apple Podcast, google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Follow on Twitter: @tsreid

Duration: 00:24:48

Reid My Mind Radio - A Captain & Her Guide Dog

What could go wrong when a Woman & her guide dog waiting for a bus meet a mother & daughter! And how does this relate to you! Join Liz Oleksa and special guest Dr. Andre Watson as we find out and discuss! Subscribe to RMM Radio on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In... Follow on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/t-reid On Twitter: @tsreid

Duration: 00:21:46

Reid My Mind Radio - The Reidwind Episode

As we rewind or as I like to say, Reidwind... in order to pause and reflect, re-evaluate or maybe just slow down to pick some others up as we continue along the way. We're looking back at some prior episodes from the past six months. Subscribe via Apple Podcast: http://bit.ly/RMMRadioSubscribe Follow on Sound Cloud Follow on Twitter: @tsreid

Duration: 00:11:36

Reid My Mind Radio - The Blind Temptations

EVERY NOW AND THEN I SHARE THE THINGS THAT CROSS MY MIND... Things that should help us can be the same that do more than distract us from our goals! Sound Cloud: http://soundcloud.com/t-reid iTunes: http://bit.ly/RMMRadioSubscribe

Duration: 00:09:29

Reid My Mind Radio: Certain Victory

Occasionally, I come across a story that I think fits into a specific category. This latest piece for example was supposed to be about Robert Ott, a blind entrepreneur, but it ended up as so much more. Hear how one two syllabel word helped Robert fight back from a traumatic experience to become a successful entrepreneur in the Business Enterprise Program. Listening on Sound Cloud? Hit the Follow! Subscribe to the Podcast: http://bit.ly/RMMRadioSubscribe/

Duration: 00:17:02

Reid My Mind Radio: Doctor Dre's The Fight Back

Doctor Dre of Yo MTV Raps, NYC's Hot 97 Morning Show, the movie Who's the Man?... is launching The Fight Back! Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and now blind, this fight back is about more than you probably think. This episode features the piece produced for Gatewave radio followed by more personal conversation with Dre. Plus, you know there's only one way to intro this podcast... if you were a morning show listener you know I had to do it...it's the roll call! Listening on Sound Cloud? Push...

Duration: 00:24:23

Reid My Mind Radio: Music on My Mind

This episode we travel in a different direction from the past. Different from the podcast, but a big part of my life and maybe yours... Music! A past guest to RMMRadio returns, but this time we're getting his recommendations for artists and songs you should listen to, investigate, re-visit... Subscribe to RMMRadio now on iPhone, Android, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Follow @tsreid on Twitter

Duration: 00:20:22

Reid My Mind Radio: Meet Young Ant - first Female Rapper... who is Blind

Remember when some thought rap music was a fad? They never thought it would become what it is today... a world wide billion dollar, trend setting industry. I'm sure they never thought how this art form could end up being a bridge for a 19 year old young lady adjusting to her vision loss. Young Ant, is spittin' lyrics about her own experience adjusting to blindness. And I have a feeling that's just the beginning... Come meet the young lady and rapper. Then join Team Ant! Subscribe to the...

Duration: 00:13:08

Reid My Mind Radio: At the Intersection of Black and Blind

Many would assume growing up blind in the 1950's & 60's had its challenges. What about growing up Black and Blind attending a segregated school for the blind? In this latest Reid My Mind Radio you hear from the Executive Director of the Radio Reading Network of Maryland, Robert Lewis. We talk about segregation, police brutality playing with Stevie Wonder and he even gives some of his personal music suggestions for those times when you just need a lift! Subscribe: bit.ly/RMMRadioSubscribe...

Duration: 00:16:09

Reid My Mind Radio - Rizzle Razzle Year End Special

Taking over the Reid My Mind Radio Studio once again for a year end special...Rizzle Razzle. I asked for your help in convincing my daughters to let me be a part of their end of year wrap up. This year, they cover music, iPhone apps and phrases. Find out who made their lists. Find out if I made the show!

Duration: 00:33:58

Reid My Mind Radio - Join the Coalition

Leading into 2017, it's apparent that finding common ground will be even more important than ever. If you're looking for a New Year's resolution , consider building coalitions. That building for me starts at home! Find out what I mean and then help me take action! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast! http://bit.ly/RMMRadioSubscribe/ Follow me on Twitter: @tsreid

Duration: 00:09:57

Reid My Mind Radio: Are Blind Conferences Fantasy

Back from another Pennsylvania Council of the Blind Conference. This is not a recap. After all of these years, this was the first time I recall hearing that such conferences have been described as fantasy. Fantastic! Yes, but I never heard them described as being a fantasy. You could say this is my opinion on the idea or you could just say it's what was on my mind!

Duration: 00:09:20

Reid My Mind Radio: Structured negotiation - Not Just for Lawyers

Brought to you by: [The RAE of Hope;]() Shining a light on a rare childhood eye cancer. Visit: Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/TheRAEofHope)http://Facebook.com/TheRAEOfHope YouTube: http://bit.ly/TheRAEofHope2016 Today's Gatewave Radio piece features Lainey Feingold who herself has done much to improve accessibility in the real and virtual world. Her book Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits is now available and as you will hear in today's piece, it offers so...

Duration: 00:11:33

Reid My Mind Radio:Her Voice Is Her Business

Meet voice over artist and Entrepreneur, Satauna Howery. She's one of the winners of the Hadley Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment New Ventures Competition. Hear all about the competition , her business, the benefits of a voice over business and opportunities. Plus a little audio geekery from yours truly! Checkout: www.satauna.com @SataunaH on Twitter info@satauna.com RMMRadio is going on "summer vacation" Make sure you Subscribe to the RMM Radio Podcast via iTunes or any...

Duration: 00:11:18

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