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The Adventures of Penny Baking Blind

Time to check in with our 2017 Holman Prize winners. Leading off the trio is host of Baking Blind, Penny Melville Brown. Her Holman Prize took her to 6 continents where she did a lot more than cooking. Hear about her highs, lows and lessons learned. Subscribe: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio. @tsreid on Twitter


Higher with Red Szell - 2018 Holman Prize Winner

This episode concludes our look at the 2018 Holman Prize recipients. Last up, Red Szell, the host of RNIB's Read ON. Red is an Extreme Sport athlete and Holman Prize winner. We hear about his ambition, his journey through vision loss and more. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio @tsreid on Twitter


Blind Travel Network - A Holman Prize Win for You Too

In part 2 of the 2018 Holman Prize series, we meet Stacy Cervenka. Stacy's creating the Blind Travel Network - a website specifically tailored to people who are blind or low vision. This Holman Prize is the first that can benefit all blind people around the world - even you too! On that note - hear Stacy's story about her encounter with U2's Bono. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite app. Follow @tsreid on Twitter.


2018 Holman Prize: Blind Empowerment in Mexico

Beginning today, I'll introduce you to each of the three 2018 Holman Prize winners. You'll get to know a bit about them and their plans for the $25K Holman Prize. First up, Maria Conchita Hernandez organizing blind empowerment in Mexico. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio... @tsreid on Twitter


No Half Stepping with Loud Steps Indoor Navigation

In this conversation with Paul Colgan, Director of Business Development at Boni Loud Steps - an Indoor Navigation application, we talk about their approach to development, securing a permanent installation and other exciting pilot programs such as one currently underway in New York City. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio... Follow @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio - A Girl From the South Who Stepped Into NASA

Continuing from the last episode "Black on Audio Description" I present our interview with Denna Lambert. The modern day "Hidden Figures. Listen as we highlight her journey including lessons for those pursuing their own goals, advice for those in positions of power and the various ways aspects of identity intersect with blindness or disability. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Play Sound Cloud, Stitcher Tune In Radio @tsreid


Reid My Mind Radio: Black on Audio Description

Continuing a discussion on my thoughts on Audio Description. This time it's really a conversation. I called a listener who sent me feedback regarding the episodes question. Why didn't Black Panther have a Black person narrating the description? Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio @tsreid


Reid My Mind Radio: Master Chef Christine Ha

Christine Ha (@theblindcook), winner of Fox's Master Chef in 2012 never set out to be a cook. In fact, as a young girl she had no interest in cooking at all. Hear all about how becoming Master Chef changed her life. Including launching her latest venture; The Blind Goat. A restaurant or Chef Station in a new Houston Texas Food Hall. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In @tsreid


Reid My Mind Radio: Let's Play Ball... Beep Baseball!

Today, we take a look at the adapted sport of Beep Baseball through a new book on the subject; Beep Baseball: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind. I speak with the author @davidWanczyk, some @NBBA players and learn about the NBBA World Series coming up later this month. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher or Tune In Radio. Visit Follow @tsreid on Twitter.


Reid My Mind Radio: On Music & Identity with Graham Norwood

"It's been a long time coming..." and we're finally here. Back with another episode and finally bringing you a request from a listener. NYC based Musician Graham Norwood spoke with me about his music, the process of becoming a part of the disability community and more. Plus hear some samples of his music and become a fan at Subscribe to the podcast Follow @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio - On Black Panther Audio Description - Race, Selection & Time

More on Black Panther? Well, yes, sort of! It's really a good movie that raises some issues about Audio Description that need to be a part of AD conversations. In fact, these issues go further and touch on so called race and disability. I thought i'd begin here... Plus some suggestions as to how we can enhance the Audio Description improving the movie experience for Blind movie goers. Subscribe: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio, Sound Cloud @tsreid


Reid My Mind Radio - Tony the Traveller

Tony Giles, the author of two books capturing his journeys, has visited 7 continents and continues to travel to cities and countries around the world - independently. As a person who is blind and has severe hearing loss, we learn how he began traveling alone, how his early education paved the way for his exploration along with several valuable take aways for anyone! Subscribe : Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio Follow @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio - Chancey Fleet Assisting with More than Technology

Continuing with the theme of employment of people with disabilities, today's episode explores one person’s experience with lessons that are applicable to everyone. Chancey Fleet is the Assistive Technology Coordinator for the Andrew Heiskel Talking Book Library in New York City. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio. Follow @tsreid on Twitter.


Reid My Mind radio - Getting Back

I didn't plan to take a break from the podcast, but life happens. I'll tell you more about that in this episode plus, an update on a RMM Radio Alumni. Finally, a taste of my new podcast with my co host Doctor Dre from MTV, Hot 97 & more. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In Follow @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio: Employment Challenges for People with Disabilities

With all the "positive" talk about the economy and employment rate I wanted to talk about the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities. RMMRadio Alumni Joe Stretchay Director of the Bureau of Blindness & Visual Services in Pennsylvania joins me to talk about the challenges faced by people who are blind and hear what's being done to improve the numbers. Subscribe : Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio. @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio: A Career Launched from Print Disability

Happy New Year! Starting 2018 with an interview with George Kerscher the creator and founder of Computerized Books for the Blind and Print Disabled which later became a part of Learning Ally. If you or someone you know has ever benefitted from reading a digital book you should listen to this. In fact, you should still listen! Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio &! Follow me on Twitter: @tsreid


Reid My Mind Radio: The Sabbatical

RMMRadio is going on sabbatical! I'll be gone through November, I'll be gone through November...!! You can still subscribe using Apple Podcast, Google Play, Tune In Radio, Stitcher and Sound Cloud. @tsreid on Twitter.


Reid My Mind Radio: For the Love of Honey

This third segment features Ojok Simon. Attacked as a boy in Uganda by the infamous army of Joseph Kony, hear his journey to becoming one of the first three Holman Prize winners as an Entrepreneur who is about more than just bizzzzness! Subscribe using Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In & Follow on Sound Cloud. @tsreid on Twitter


Reid My Mind Radio Get On Board With The Blind Captain

Holman Prize winnerAhmet Ustunel says the water is his "happy place." Hear all about his plans to be the first blind person to independently kayak from Europe to Asia... alone! Plus the water being my Happy place means Ahmet and I have two things in common. Find out what! Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune In Radio or Sound Cloud. Follow @tsreid|@reidmymindradio


Reid My Mind Radio: Meet Holman Prize Winner Baking Blind

Want 25G's? That question was posed to all legally blind people brave enough to submit their video to YouTube explaining exactly how they would use the money. It's a contest sponsored by the San Francisco Lighthouse called The Holman Prize. In this 3 part series mmeet the winners and learn the answers and see how it's more than what you may think. Subscribe to RMMRadio: Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune IN & Sound Cloud. Twitter: @tsreid|@ reidmymindradio