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A podcast about web development and things like that. Hosted by Mark, a newish webby sort, and Ben an old has-been who should probably be thinking about diminishing and going into the West.




50: Jukebox Special

Tracks we discuss: 'Age of Consent' by New Order, from 'Power, Corruption and Lies' (1983). 'All my Friends' by LCD Soundsystem, from 'Sound of Silver' (2007). 'Enola Gay' by OMD, from 'Organisation' (1980). 'Aquarius' by Boards of Canada, from 'Music has a right to children' (1998). 'Sprout and the Bean' by Joanna Newsom, from 'The Milk-Eyed Mender' (2004). 'Numb' by Portishead, from 'Dummy' (1994). 'Two Months Off' by Underworld, from 'A Hundred Days Off' (2002). 'Sleep the Clock Around'...

Duration: 01:11:44

49: Web Security | With Tim Nash

Why would anyone want to hack my website? This was one of the questions we asked WordPress Platform Lead and Developer Advocate for, Tim Nash. We talked about what the risks are, who's responsibility web security should be and what we can do to build more secure sites. Tim gave us two security focused Toolstars. Visualping ( and Versionista ( monitor sites for changes. They can be used to ensure your sites haven't been tampered with....

Duration: 01:05:37

48: Progressive Enhancement | With Aaron Gustafson

In this episode we talk about the Progressive Enhancement approach to web design and development with Aaron Gustafson. He talks us through some of the advantages of adopting Progressive Enhancement (PE) versus more traditional approaches. We also discuss barriers that might prevent us using PE and Aaron makes some useful recommendations. A much more in-depth discussion of the topic is available in Aaron's book 'Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement'....

Duration: 01:04:43

47: Dogmatism | With Chris Coyier

This was one of the most interesting, thoughtful and funny conversations we've had. We spoke to Chris Coyier about dogmatism (the expression of an opinion or belief as if it were a fact) in the web industry. We talked about why it happens, what we can to do be less dogmatic ourselves and how to deal with dogmatic people and their bombastic opinions. Our Toolstar this week was CodePen Projects, zero setup, full-featured front end web development environment, right in the browser. Chris...

Duration: 00:55:16

45: A chat about SEO | with Elliott Richmond

Shownotes coming soon! Subscribe and keep in touch: iTunes - Stitcher - SoundCloud - AudioBoom - Twitter - Facebook - The music we use for various intro bits, stings and outro is ‘Vitreous Detachment’ by Origamibiro, used with kind permission.

Duration: 00:49:57

44: Looking back at 2016 | They ran screaming

After a break at the end of 2016, we've start 2017 with a bit of a retrospective. Mark and I had a fairly busy year and we take a look at some of the things we did, didn't do, tried and failed. There's no Toolstar as such this time, but we acknowledge Trello as being generally pretty good! My Jukebox pick is the first 12" single I bought, Future Sound of London's 'Papua New Guinea'. Mark's pick is 'Jed's other poem' by Grandaddy, in celebration of the bands reforming!...

Duration: 00:48:19

43: Perch CMS | An interview with Clive Walker

This week Ben and I are joined by Front End (or is that Front-End) developer Clive Walker to talk about Perch CMS. We have a lot of positive things to say about it, it's powerful and flexible, but easy to use. We also talk about Perch's many free add-ons, including the recently added Perch Shop e-commerce platform. Just so you know, we're not being sponsored by perch, we just really like it. It's become my CMS of choice, and I reckon it's well worth trying out. Clive also tells us about...

Duration: 00:47:05

42: PC versus Mac | Apple comes down the mountain

Following Apple's "New macbook" announcement on Oct 27th 2016, we felt the need to discuss the matter of PC's vs Mac again. Things have changed since last time ( Full show notes coming soon. Jukebox: Mark's pick is 'Rustling and Pure' by Cass. Ben's choice is 'Butterflies' by Anchorsong. Both make their way onto the Relative Paths Spotify playlist: Show links: Benjamin Button Review -...

Duration: 00:47:48

41: Working with Designers | Do you Etch-a-Sketch?

This week we spoke with designer and co-host of the Deeply Graphic Design Cast Mikelle Morisson about the sometimes tricky subject of designers and developers working together. Mikelle gives lots of insight into what developers and designers can do to cooperate successfully without too much drama. We didn't have an official Toolstar this week, but Mikelle and Ben talked about how much they liked Sketch (I'm a Windows user so I sat in the corner). My track for the Relative Paths Playlist...

Duration: 00:47:40

40: Going Limited | Daft Bunk

This episode we're pleased to welcome back Mark Wilkinson, first interviewed in Episode 29. We quiz Mark about his leap from 'sole-trading freelancer' to the founder of Limited company 'Highrise Digital'. Mark W provides lots of useful information for anyone considering a similar move: financial matters, VAT, partnering up, and employees. Mark W's picked the Toolstar, and chose QuickCast, a simple to use screencasting app, providing easy recording, publishing and sharing....

Duration: 00:51:25

19: Stress | Should've auditioned that whale!

Stress! Mark and I talk about work-related stress and dealing with it. I'm no 'poster boy' for stress management but thankfully Mark has some ideas. This week's ToolStar from Mark is Unroll.Me (, a service that bundles your email subscriptions into one manageable daily digest. Mark's Read of the Week is 'Work Smarter: How to reduce your hours and yet get more done' by Paul Boag. Some wise words starting with: "Working long hours is not a badge of honour"...

14: Hosting | It's like tyres!

After an accidental 'break' last week, this time Mark and I chat about different types of Web Hosting. We cover support levels and also ask whether it's a good idea for a web developer or designer to offer/provide hosting to clients. My 'Toolstar' this week is Atom, the free and very customisable code editor from GitHub: Mark's Reads of the Week are a couple of articles by Charlotte Spencer. Firstly 'I'm gonna be a developer' on her blog at

13: Design for Developers | Too Many Biscuits

This week Mark and I talk about Design for Developers. How much we need to be involved in the design process and whether we even should be! My Toolstar choice is 'Suzy', a SASS un-framework thingamabob. Mark's read of the week is the website 'One Page Love' as inspiration for his Project X. In the Dukebox this week Mark submits 'The Aquarium' from Saint-Saëns' 'The Carnival of The Animals'. My choice is 'Channel 1 Suite' from The Cinematic Orchestra. The music used for our intro, stings...

12: Project X part 1 | Very respectful to Begonias

Mark's embarking on Project X so we have a chat about what he's planning, where things could be tweaked, and get into some discussion on 'hamburger' menus, avoiding jQuery use if possible and Lazy Loading elements on infinite scrolling sites. Mark’s read of the week is a lifehacker article called Productivity 101: A Primer to The Pomodoro Technique. My read is Migrating Your Team to Sass by Charlie Owen. For the playlist I submit ‘Home of the Whale‘ by Massive Attack, a B-side from 1992....

11: Interview | Malc from Fluid2

For this – the first of our interview episodes – we talk to Malcolm Coombes, Creative Director at Fluid2, a Digital Creative Agency based in the South West of England. Malc gives some good advice to Freelancers working with Creative Agencies, positioning oneself in the 'industry', and up-selling to clients. We made some technical mistakes in the on-site recording of this episode so the interview starts part-way through, and the voice quality is pretty ropey! Sorry... won't do it again ;)...

9: Deployment | Eating out of a bin

This week Ben and I talk about how best to manage deployment from a local development environment to a live server, particularly for WordPress sites, though the ideas should work with any site or CMS. We discuss how to manage deployment with Git, synchronising WordPress databases, whether using the command line is simpler in many cases and much more besides. Ben’s read of the week is Roald Dahl’s Going Solo (slightly off topic), and mine is Sass For WordPress Developers by James Steinbach....

Duration: 00:46:11

8: Geek mental help week | Don't push over a cow!

This week Ben and I record a special episode for Geek Mental Help Week. We talk a bit about its origins and what's happening throughout the week, but we mostly talk about our own experiences with depression and how we handled it. We also suggest some ways you can help yourself if you're suffering from depression and how you can help a sufferer. We're not medical professionals, but we hope that our experiences might be useful. If you'd like to get involved go and take a look at:...

Duration: 00:55:09

7: Why WordPress? | Can you ruffle a beak?

Mark asks ‘Why wordpress?’ and we chat about why we tend to work with it, its capabilities and a few of our favourite plugins. I mention Jekyll though I know very little about it, and Mark talks a bit about Perch. Mark’s read of the week is ‘Women in computing: the 60s pioneers who lit up the world of coding’ from the Guardian last week. For music we talk about soundtracks, my choice is ‘Outlands’ from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. Mark’s soundtrack track is ‘Alone in Kyoto’ by...

Duration: 00:45:14

5: Time to get real | Lawnmower Man

Mark has his first paying job! Ben and Mark talk about how to approach it, specs, briefs and pricing. Mark’s read of the week is ‘Best of Sublime Text 3: Features, Plugins, and Settings.’ by Chris Sevilleja. Ben’s ToolStar is velocity.js by Julian Shapiro. Ben’s dukebox tip is BOP‘s ‘Tears of a Lonely Metaphysician’ from his 2009 album ‘Clear Your Mind’. Mark’s musical recommend is ‘Friend of the Night’ by ‘Mogwai’ from their like-named 2006 album. The intro and outro music is ‘Vitreous...

Duration: 00:43:15

4: Toolkit | The one guy in the corner with a Toshiba!

This week we talk about our web development set up and the tools we like to use (links below). My read of the week is ‘Git: The Safety Net for Your Projects’ by Tobias Gunther, and Ben’s is ‘CSS-only custom-styled selects’ by Todd Parker. My musical recommends are ‘Time’ and ‘Dream Is Collapsing’ by Hanz Zimmer. Ben’s is CFCF’s 2012 album ‘Exercises’. Pop the sidebar open to listen to the Relative Paths playlist. The intro and outro music is ‘Vitreous Detachment’, used with very kind...

Duration: 00:45:30

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