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17 - Dirtnap Broadheads

After taking the month off to focus on hunting here in Wisconsin. I got back in studio to talk to Tom, owner of Dirtnap Broadheads. We discuss ATA, His broadheads and other merchandise he offers to the hunting industry and just shoot the shit. Tom was great to have on and now the official broadhead of the Podcast and I look forward to working with him from this day on. I hope you all enjoyed ata that could make it! Enjoy the podcast! thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:21:13

16 - Exodus Trail Cameras

More to get a great trail camera! Tonight I had Matt On (Founder) of Exodus trail cameras and we get into a bit of everything on this podcast, but listen in on why this trail camera is at the top of the market! please go to their facebook page and give them a like! I cant thank Matt enough for his time he took out of his busy schedule tonight! Hope you guys all enjoy!

Duration: 00:44:21

15 - Kyle Haas North Dakota 200" Whitetail

On this Interview I had the opportunity to chat with Kyle Haas From North Dakota who is a avid Hunter, enjoys both Bow and Gun hunting in the state. His story of this harvest on a massive 200"whitetail in the state is one you do not want to miss! He is a very humble guy and im sure you will learn a thing or two from this one. Thanks for all the support and thank you to our partner BIG & J Attractants. Thank you all for your support!

Duration: 00:24:56

14 - BIG & J / Jermy Atkins Founder

I had a amazing time to sit and chat with Jeremy Atkins the mastermind and founder of Big & J long range attractants. I met J at Deerfest and knew I had to have him on. The information from this mans mind is incredible and he can tell a story or two! This is the first of many! Please go to learn ... buy .... and watch your success. I used this product and its not a joke. ENJOY!

Duration: 00:59:42

13 Heartland Bowhunter

On this episode I got the opportunity to talk with Michael Hunsucker as he was coming out of the woods on his way home. We cover a variety of topics including North Dakota Hunting , and their appearance on mutiple media platforms! Including CarbonTV. Hope you all enjoy!

Duration: 00:24:58

EP012 - John North Dakota Hunter and Listener

This week I got to talk with a listener and thought it would be fun to talk hunting. Especially In a state he lives in that has been becoming more and more popular for whitetail hunting. I had a fun time chatting with John! He has been a supporter and with followers and listeners like him it encourages me to continue to grind through podcasting. John is a family man and avid hunter of many species. Thanks for coming on John! We all appreciate the insight on NORTH DAKOTA!

Duration: 00:31:10

EP011 - Cody Fosmoen - Chase Nation Self Filming

I got to talk with Cody after he harvest a beautiful WI whitetail buck this 2017 season. He explains his efforts that led into his hunt and his past with this buck. He is a proud member of Chase Nation a close nit family of friends in the self filming industry. I personally call the Chase Nation Family my family. Sit back turn it up and enjoy. Thank you Cody for sharing your story with us.

Duration: 00:35:15

EP010 - tagNbrag Part 2

On this episode of the Release Hunting Podcast I caught back up with the Brothers of Tag N Brag Nation. Team Tag N Brag. As they headed out to their annual North Dakota Whitetail Bow-Hunt. We cover what North Dakota Whitetail Hunting Entails and get into much detail on land and planing a hunt of this type. Please go to They sell some amazing apparel! So go Get you some! Go to their Facebook page and give them a like and share ! Please support these guys are...

Duration: 00:46:27

EP009 - Where to Hunt App

After a brief mental break from everything. I Chatted with my buddy Who created the Where to hunt app, then a hunting podcast, Where to Hunt podcast. Eric has put in more time and dedication to improve the way we all hunt and is real. We are friends and the we get off topic a but and go on rants and probably one of the realist talks i've have in a while because we talk TRADITION! make sure you check out Where to Hunt app! Thanks EVERYONE! stay real! keep tradition in hunting.

Duration: 00:46:16

EP008 - Jesse Hines/Last Breath TV

On this episode I talk with Jesse Hines Member of Last Breath TV on Carbon TV as we talk about Jesse himself, The filming aspect in the industry, How He got involved with the team at Last Breath TV and hunting around the US. Jesse has a lot of dedication and true grit to get it done in the woods whether hunting and filming.

Duration: 00:45:14

EP007 - BHA

This episode I sit down with Rob from BHA Wisconsin Chapter. If you dont know what BHA is.. and you hunt public land this is one to tune in for! Rob has a passion for the outdoors and public lands and has seen a lot in the outdoors. I was happy to have him in studio for this podcast. Make sure you go to their website and become a member and support your local public lands. They are the voice! Look for their FULL DRAW FILM TOUR in a city near...

Duration: 00:32:09

Ep.006 - TagNBrag

This podcast I sit down with David of TagNBrag. After viewing and obsessing over their 61K Follows on Facebook and Youtube Channel. I had to get them on! These guys know how to have fun! Not only do they make you laugh but they bring a element to to self filming, in the hunting industry like no other, they have the passion, the drive, the knowledge, and they BRING IT! GO LIKE THEIR PAGE!!!!!!

Duration: 00:47:38

Ep.005 Mike Behrmann - The Living Room Buck

This episode is personal to me as I have always wanted mike on since we became friends before podcast time. Mikes iconic picture that went viral, and the massive 200 inch whitetail he harvested. He is a inspiration to many for not giving up. He has had one hell of a 2017 year including a motorcycle accident, being bit by a scorpion ( IN OHIO!!!!) to previous hunting seasons of having stands and deer stolen. Mike puts everybody before himself including his own son. Who happened to harvest a...

Duration: 00:51:33

Ep004 - David Farbman(Ceo Carbon Media Group)

David Farbman, is the chairman and founder of Carbon Media Group, a principal in NAI Farbman Group, and a lifetime hunter and outdoorsman.If you have seen any hunting shows on Carbon TV. You can thank David! We had conversations about Carbon TV and some New things arriving for CarbonTV. He had to take some moments to help his kids fish. He is a very busy family man and business man. I enjoyed the time speaking with him. This is only PART ONE, we will continue chatting hunting soon for Part...

Duration: 00:21:44

Ep.003 - Sam Ubl - Hunt More & Fishmore Apps, Chase Nation and Whitetail adrenaline

On this episode We talk with Sam Ubl, who developed and created the Hunt More and Fish More apps , talked a bit of Chase Nation, and Whitetail Adrenaline all while he was musky fishing from his boat!

Duration: 00:47:32

Ep002 - Steph Brown Female Hunter

This episode we get to talk about everything Steph is involved with in the hunting industry. Along the way we talk hunting stories of AFRICA!

Duration: 00:40:36


We talk with Garret from Last Breath TV featured on Carbon TV. Hunting, filming, and a hunting story.

Duration: 00:48:26