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It's a Very Physical Experience to Even Think: Amanda Mathew

Amanda Mathew discusses her journey as a Master student in theology, her time as one of the only matriculating women in a Marthoma seminary in India, and her recent year at a seminary in Berkeley—chapters of religious exploration that have provided new avenues to question continuity and change, orthodoxy and multivocality, and her experience of God.

Duration: 00:54:05

I See You and I Love You | Randall Sparling

Veteran and seminary graduate Randall Sparling discusses his experience as a soldier who first encountered the immediacy of God in the midst of a war zone. We talk about how this impacted his drive to do justice, to work and seek belonging in churches even amid frustrations, and to serve, in great humility, as a so-called religious authority. Featuring music by J. Wong.

Duration: 00:44:27