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Two blokes from New South Wales bringing you great, free-flowing conversation with Australian musicians and entertainers over a few afternoon beers. Each episode is jam packed with great stories from great characters of the Australian music and entertainment industry.

Two blokes from New South Wales bringing you great, free-flowing conversation with Australian musicians and entertainers over a few afternoon beers. Each episode is jam packed with great stories from great characters of the Australian music and entertainment industry.
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Two blokes from New South Wales bringing you great, free-flowing conversation with Australian musicians and entertainers over a few afternoon beers. Each episode is jam packed with great stories from great characters of the Australian music and entertainment industry.




Remedial Radio #36 - The Meantime

The Meantime have released their new EP Illusions. The Meantime are a Rock band from the Central Coast of N.S.W. The band was formed when Daniel (Guitar and Vocals) left his previous band, and was assisted by a friend in recording a few demos, who then introduced Kurt to the role of drums. After topping the local Reverbnation alternative/rock charts in Australia, The Meantime recorded and released their debut self-titled E.P. Since the release of their debut E.P, The Meantime has performed...

Duration: 01:34:44

Remedial Radio #35 - Bicycle Day

This week we drank with the guys from Bicycle Day. Bicycle Day are new indie band from the central coast that have been doing pretty well for themselves in the short amount of time they have been around. I think we suceeded in offending every group of people that we could think of. Bicycle Day Riley Dodds - Wiggin' it Sharn Willets - Captain of the Space Guitar Liam McShredder - Melting Faces Aiden Danser - Master of Time and Inter-dimensional Grooves

Duration: 01:56:54

Remedial Radio #34 - Mitch Renegen

This week we sat down and had a beer with our mate Mitch Renegen. Mitch is a singer songwriter from the Central Coast. He is member of the Central Coast cover band KickStarters. We talked about busking, gigging, his solo stuff, The Kick Starters, his plans to travel around Europe, his plans to travel around Australia and more. Mitch Renegen

Duration: 01:06:32

Remedial Radio #32 - Screaming Eagle

This weeks episode features the guys from Central Coast hard rock outfit Screaming Eagle. This is a continuation on last weeks episode with Sindel and Ratfvck. We basically finished one episode off and jumped straight into the next. Sindel and Ratfvck stuck around for the rest of the night. We were also joined by Charles from Trouble In Paradise. In this episode we start off drunk and by the end we are trashed! Plenty of very inappropriate and super crass jokes... fun for the whole...

Duration: 01:39:06

Remedial Radio #21 -A Few Roos Loose In The Top Paddock!

1 case of beer + 1 extra 6 pack of beer + 2 bottles of scotch + 1 bottle of vodka + 1 bottle of wine = good podcasting!! Todays podcast features Lint Gannon, Matt Stalgis, Marty Pugh, Mel Bird, Yoshi Von-kludas and musical guest Georgia Williamson. We played a drinking game called Aussie Slanguage, where someone reads a piece of aussie slang and we all have to figure out what it means. If you don't know what it means you have to drink... If you do know what it means you get to have a...

Duration: 02:50:22

Remedial Radio #20 (ShortWave) - Road Tripping with Matty D

We talked to Matty D (The Shaykes) and his mates Jacob and Brenan as they sat in their hotel room in Tamworth NSW. The trio had spent the last few days road tripping through country NSW. They told us tales of the infamous Cactus World, trying to play cricket on the dish at Parkes and they sampled emu jerky live on the podcast. Plenty of hilarious moments in this ShortWave episode! And oh yeah..... GILGANDRA MATE!! ..... you'll get it once you...

Duration: 00:32:12

Remedial Radio #19 - Punk and Disorderly

After having a few weeks off Remedial Radio is back and we're drunker than ever!! This week we were joined by Big Pete, Marty and Mel. In this episode we pretty much just drank beer and talked shit for two hours. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:51:11

Remedial Radio #18 - Matty Saturn from The Radics

We had a good Sunday arvo chat with Matty Saturn from The Radics. After a super busy 2015 the guys have decided to take a bit of a break. We talked about music, gear, recording, touring and everything else that goes with playing in a rock band. The Radics The Radics, founded on the Central Coast, NSW Australia in late 2012 by brothers, Matty Saturn and Blake Wares. The brothers performed music of their favourite artists on acoustic guitars at local venues. In early 2013 the brothers...

Duration: 01:03:07

Remedial Radio #17 - Steven Reid

This is the longest episode that we have released so far. We talked to Steven Reid from The Affronted, Beneath These Scars, Loom of Time and Plagues. We discussed metal and all its different sub genres, the Australian music scene, gigs and much more. We also said Lint's real name a whole bunch of times.. we bleeped them out... So unless we missed one, Lint's real name will remain a...

Duration: 02:19:39

Remedial Radio #16 - The Long Jetty Hotel Open Mic

This episode was recorded back on the 8th of May. We went down to The Long Jetty Hotel where they host an open mic every Sunday arvo. We set up our mics in the back room and interviewed some of the local musos after they finished their set. The musos interviewed on the day were Chris, Rachael, Australiana Al, Wayne, Chris and Bob.

Duration: 01:01:57

Remedial Radio #15 - JB from Phly Crew

We finally got JB from Phly Crew around for a full interview. This episode was recorded straight after last weeks episode with Trouble In Paradise... So we were all still pretty drunk and merry. We were also joined by Assistant Dan who didn't bring much to the conversation other than background noise and some loud noises when he knocked over his microphone. We talked about JB's travels around the world, Phly crew's success over the years and what is next for JB's dance career. Phly...

Duration: 01:15:12

Remedial Radio #14 (ShortWave) - Kurt from New Regulars

We caught up with Kurt from New Regulars after their gig at the Bateau Bay Hotel. We discuss how the night went and what's next for the band. We talked about their new album "Give No Reason" which will be out on the 24th of June. New Regulars Known for driving riffs, hook-laden grooves, and faultless drums, New Regulars have proven again that they're an up and coming indie rock band to be taken very seriously. There's a sense of timelessness about this band, probably leading back to...

Duration: 00:08:58

Remedial Radio #13 - Trouble In Paradise

An absolutedrunken mess of a podcast. We ran into Charles, Harley and Cameron fromTrouble In Paradise at the Bateau Bay Hotel where we actually missed their set because we were late getting there. After a few beers at the pub we decided it would be a great idea to get the guys to come back to do a podcast. We werejoined by Assistant Dan, Big Pete and JB from Phly Crew. JB was booked in for a different podcast which we recorded afterwards andwill be releasenext Monday. Whilst drinking many...

Duration: 00:53:01

Remedial Radio #12 (ShortWave) - Aiden from Ghosts Of Pandora

We caught Aiden from Ghosts Of Pandora before they launched their EP "Scorched Earth" at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, Sydney. Ghosts Of Pandora Ghosts Of Pandora are an establishing band that are hitting the ground running with chest-crushing rhythms, breakdowns, mind-numbingly fast riffs and lyrics that hit close to home. Since formation in mid-2014, the band have been putting in the hard yards, blood, sweat and tears to create the best material they possibly can. With music that can...

Duration: 00:07:08

Remedial Radio #11 (ShortWave) - JB from Phly Crew

We had a quick chat on the phone with James Barry (JB) from Australian dance group Phlycrew. We caught JB driving from one gig to another. We thought it would be a good opportunity to squeeze a quick interview into his very busy schedule. Phly Crew Founders of ‘Phly Crew’, the ever enthusiastic James Barry (JB) and Neale Whittaker founded this unique Hip-Hop crew when performing together at Luna Park Sydney in 2009. Since those early days Phly Crew has risen to new heights and continues to...

Duration: 00:08:52

Remedial Radio #10 - The Shaykes

Our first official episode on the Rogue Intel podcast network! We had a yarn with Matty Dalcol and Salvador Corderofrom The Shaykes (our band). We discussed musical influences, previous bands, playing music in high school, how the bandhasprogressed, what's in store for the band future, the infamous trip to Oberon,favourite TV shows, video games and a heap more. We performed an acoustic version of one of our songs Burn It Down. At the end you can hear our first single Catch Me If You Can....

Duration: 01:18:29