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Calling God's Remnant people from all denominations who desire to surrender everything to Him. Join us every Thursday at 9pm Est. at

Calling God's Remnant people from all denominations who desire to surrender everything to Him. Join us every Thursday at 9pm Est. at
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Calling God's Remnant people from all denominations who desire to surrender everything to Him. Join us every Thursday at 9pm Est. at






The Fruit of Death WARNING to the Remnant

There is a Fruit that is killing believers. People in the Churches and some who claim to be in the remnant are living off of this poisonous fruit. You may be eating of it right now and not even realize it. Folks the Fruit of Death is killing believers with a false sense of security. Please listen in to this END TIME WARNING. Time is running out!!!

Duration: 00:47:12

Knowing the Lion and the Lamb with David Murry

Most people only know Jesus as the lamb and not the Lion. This effects your walk and intimacy with God when you do not understand your identity it effects how you understand who Yeshua/Jesus is. Beloved of our God. Please do not miss this episode. The warnings have been sent forth and now it is time to press in deep with the Lord. Join us us as David Murry talks about deepening out walk with the Savior Check out David at

Duration: 01:15:00

Lion of Judah with Benjamin Baruch

He came as a lamb but He is returning as the LION OF JUDAH. Churches love to make our Lord into a soft little cuddly teddy bear. The truth is he is coming back to make war on the enemies of God and save that which is His. Don’t miss this final culmination of the last three messages brother Benjamin has shared. Yeshua is coming! Are you ready to meet THE KING!!!

Duration: 01:11:56

The Second Exodus with Benjamin Baruch

There is an Exodus coming that is so amazing that the Bible says when it happens they will no longer even speak about the first Exodus. The world is going crazy, but God has been planning an escape route for his people. Join us in an exciting episode on the Second Exodus with Benjamin Baruch. This is a don’t miss show!!!

Duration: 01:07:39

Babylon Seventy Years of Reign with Benjamin Baruch

Babylon is about to be judged! Benjamin has new insight into historical and future Babylon that affects us right now. Please folks seek God now why we have light. The great falling away has already begun. Look at the world around us. God has a plan for his remnant but we must be surrendered unto Him!!!

Duration: 01:14:00

Jerusalem a Cup of Trembling with Benjamin Baruch and John Haller

The world is spiraling towards chaos and the US finally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Family of the most High WAKE UP!!! We are at a dangerous point in earth’s history. Join us tonight as Benjamin Baruch and John Haller join the remnant call for insight into what is going on right now in the world!!!

Duration: 01:11:18

Judgement Day (The Final Question)

All of your theology, your faith, your obedience, will be of no value if you do not get this question right. This message is very important. The remnant Call will be coming live from the Shelter tonight to bring you this message. DO NOT MISS!!!

Duration: 00:58:14

Jeshuran Waxed Fat and Kicked "Wake up to the Comfortable"

What happens when God's people get comfortable? Tonight we throwback to the first episode of the Remnant Call. This message is even more relevant now. Folks we cannot get comfortable at this hour and sit idle. Jeshuran Waxed Fat and Kicked is a right now word!!!

Duration: 00:57:40

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Stop HIS CHURCH

The world is in an outright tailspin. People are dying, family members lost and the so-called Church sits Idle. We know that Gates are designed to keep either someone in or someone out. Right now there are people trapped crying out wanting to be rescued from the pit of disparity and Jesus is saying go after them. Not even the vary gates of hell can stop His Church from reaching these people. How can you sit still and do nothing?

Duration: 00:49:13

Prepared for the Last Days URGENT MESSAGE

People are preparing for the soon return of Yeshua/Jesus and the dark days that are ahead. For the people in Texas that got shot in Church their preparation is over. Folks we need to move from preparing into being prepared. Our heavenly father needs prepared believers that are useful instead of defeated Christians that are doing nothing but having a giant woe is me party. Our God is calling us to the most critical mission the Church has ever faced. Standing strong in this earth’s darkest...

Duration: 00:50:03

Peace in the Storm with David Murry

As we are heading into the Earth's darkest hours God is calling the remnant to peace and not fear. PLEASE PLEASE do not miss this episode. We need to have confidence knowing that the good work God has started he will finish it. Join us as David Murry takes us on a powerful journey of discovering peace and healing that will carry us through the great tribulation. Please check out David's blog at This message can change your life.

Duration: 01:17:01

The Alarm of War with Benjamin Baruch

Jeremiah saw the times we are living in. He had a special message for the remnant in this hour. Join us as Brother Benjamin Baruch looks at current news in light of the words from Jeremiah. It’s time to put away childish things folks!!!

Duration: 01:31:13

The Devil Doesn't Want You to Know the Truth with Joe Kovacs

Urgent message!!! God is calling us to not only go deeper in our prayer life, but to go deeper in the word. What if you have been lied to from the pulpit your whole life. To many Pastors only preach to fill the offering plate. Have you actually studied the Bible yourself? You might be surprised by what is actually says. Join us as Joe Kovacs shares his new book Shocked by the Bible 2. We must be like the Bereans and study the word for ourselves!!!

Duration: 01:01:40

Fighting Through the Darkness also a warning from Marty Breeden!

We will also discuss a dream Pastor Mary Breeden just had!!! The enemy is waging war on the believer at this hour in unprecedented spiritual attacks. Believers are struggling to break through living in a constant realm of defeat. It’s time to learn about the one who promised to fight for us. God is waging war on our behalf. It’s time to fight!!!

Duration: 00:55:33

Nachash and The Fallen Angels with Carl Gallups

Who or What is the Nachash? What really happened in the Garden of Eden? Are we living in the Days of Noah? Is the book of Enoch important to understanding the book of Genesis and the End Times? Deception is coming and we need to understand the past to prepare for the future. Don't miss as we look at Pastor Gallups new book GODS & THRONES.

Duration: 01:01:27

The Day of Atonement with Benjamin Baruch

Why is the Day of Atonement so important? Should Christians care about it? Join us a brother Benjamin digs into The Day of Atonement and shares some exciting insights into the Psalms about the closeness of the second coming and the dangers we face in this hour.

Duration: 00:59:48

Take Heed Everyone! with Benjamin Baruch

The Prophet Jeremiah warns us of deception even from those who we call brother. With so much deception in the news, Facebook, family and Churches. How do we know what is right and what is wrong. Tonight Brother Benjamin brings an important word for THIS HOUR!!!

Duration: 01:34:00

"End Times Harvest" with Cal Gallups and Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat

Everyone is looking at the signs in the world and in the Heavens, but there is another sign that is even more profound. Find out How Messianic Zev Porat is winning Jews to the Lord by the Spirit of the Lord using Pastor Carl Gallups book The Rabbi who found Messiah. Revival is happening in Israel. The question is what are you doing for the Lord? Also we will hear a brief overview of Pastor Gallups new boo "Gods and Thrones"

Duration: 00:56:54

Unholy Days Part II "Rise of the False Prophets"

In a day and age when everyone is supposedly hearing from God do you know what voice is truly His? There are so many false prophets out there how do we distinguish the true ones? Did the Bible give us a test to know a true Prophet? Folks you CAN NOT afford to get this wrong! This show is critical

Duration: 01:00:29

Unholy Days "The Most Overlooked Sign in the Bible"

Could you imagine going to Church everyweek and your pastor never told you of a sign in the Bible that would prove Jesus is coming back very soon? We are living in dark times, but God gave us a sign to know just season just before Jesus was going to return. This sign is ignored and not talked about because people are afraid of the truth in it. Are we wittnessing the last days of America's history? Join us as we look at the todays headlines in conjunction with God's word and you will know...

Duration: 00:58:45

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