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Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.

Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.
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Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.




Repro Madness Episode 73:

Repro Madness Episode 73: by Lady Parts Justice


Repro Madness Episode 72: Politicon Correctness

Straight from #TheVagicalMysteryTour to the west coast for #Politicon this episode has a bunch of great cameos.


Repro Madness Episode 71: A Vagical Ending

This episode of ReproMadness comes to you at the end of the Lady Parts Justice League's Vagical Mystery Tour. First, we hear from the folks at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center in Pittsburgh and then finishing off with a big bang in Louisville with some clips from the final talkback FEATURING Dr. Willie Parker Donate to LPJ: Allegheny Reproductive Health: EverySaturdayMorning:


Repro Madness Episode 70: A Cleveland Birthright

Julie, Abby and Molly come to you from the Cleveland stop on the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour, chatting "Morning After" with Gabe from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. There is also an interview with, Civia Tamarkin & Luchina Fisher, the creators of "Birthright: A War Story" - an incredible new full-length documentary showing the in-depth history of reproductive rights legislation along side true stories from women that have been caught in the crossfire. It's a MUST SEE! Donate to LPJ:...


Repro Madness Episode 68: Green Hats (aka. National Lawyers Guild)

This week Julie talks to Erica and Sara from the National Lawyers Guild New York City chapter about legal observing. You know those people wearing green hats at the protest just starring at everyone? They're there for your protection so let them work their magic. Learn more about NLG: Join the NLG NYC Chapter: Mass Defense Committee for NLG-NYC Know your rights handbook from National NLG website...


Repro Madness Episode 67: Repurpose Yourself

This week Julie is joined by Leah Bonnema, comedian and member of Lady Parts Justice and Lizz brings us an interview from the road with Lady Parts Justice League on the Vagical Mystery Tour. They're in Chicago!! If you're in the area - check out the show! Donate to LPJ: Check out the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour: Daleiden Lawyers:...


Repro Madness Episode 65: The Protestor's Boner (A Love Story)

Julie and Abby are joined by Jin Moon and Nicole Moore, who discuss their boner of an experience on the Lady Parts Justice League's Vagical Mystery Tour. We hear an update from Lizz on the road as her and the team are just leaving the last clinic in Mississippi. Then Julie and Abby dive butt first into the state news. Donate to Lady Parts Justice Anti-Abortion Dems in Louisiana...


Repro Madness Episode 64: Kansas Chocolate FONT Don't

Lizz is live from the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour speaking with providers in Atlanta about the anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder. Julie is bringing you a quick news brief from... RENO! Yay? And we feature an interview with Mother Jones' Research Editor, Nina Liss-Schultz discussing her article about feticide convictions. Trump Change: Evangelical Hypocrites:...


Repro Madness Episode 63: SB Hate-er Eight

This episode Lizz and Julie discuss SB8 a new Texas State bill that is overflowing with anti-abortion bullshit. Fetal burial makes an unwanted return. They also remind blue states that - NO - abortion access is not safe where you live. Also, Lizz promises to teach Julie how to do a plank the right way! DONATE: Texas SB8 Bank Tellers Beware...


Repro Madness Episode 62: New York Times STAWP-ed

The New York Times seems to be canoodling with anti-choice groups in their op-ed section. Jenn, Molly and Julie discuss that and how the repeal of the ACA can alter abortion access in what we consider safe cities like New York and California. THEN Abby and Julie speak with Kelly Cleland from the American Society for Emergency Contraception about why no one knows that Plan B is not effective for women over 150lbs. (I KNOW - WHAT?). Kelly gives us literally all of the amazing information we...


Repro Madness Episode 61: Yoest Infection

This episode Julie and Abby talk to Red from the Filipino Freethinkers about abortion access and reproductive rights in the Philippines. Hot Tip: it's way worse than in the U.S.A. Julie speaks with Gabe from NARAL Prochoice Ohio about a bit (THAT'S ALL YOU GET) of good news from the state leg in Ohio. We've got a Yoest Problem: REALLY though......


Repro Madness Episode 60: Textbooks of Your Soul

Lizz and Julie discuss anti-choice democrats and the ridiculousness of wedge issues aka. Nebraska. Some new abortion restrictions are taking shape in Minnesota, which hits a little too close to home for Lizz. Finally, one of our brilliantly strong co-workers shares her story of sexual assault to round out our SAAM series. Donate to the Vagical Mystery Tour: Nebraska Wedgies


Repro Madness Episode 59: The O'SUCK Factor

This episode we have urgent news coming out of Alabama. We speak to a friend and activist from the POWERhouse on the ground there about what’s going on. Lizz and Julie are joined by Abby and Lorne to discuss the state fuckery. You get a taste of how Bill O’Reilly contributed to the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. And we continue our Sexual Assault Awareness Series with two great interviews featuring Youth Voices Network, advocating for young survivors of assault and we learn about a...


Repro Madness Episode 58: ICYMI Trump Sucks Privately (w/ Dr. Will Parker AND MORE)

This episode we feature three really great interviews, including one with Dr. Willie Parker about his new book "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice." Thinking about book clubbing it up? Below is a link to a readers guide to the book! We feature our first clinic spotlight. Julie was able to sit down with the amazing team at Choices in Memphis and discuss how kickass the clinic is and learn all the work they do for their community! Continuing our Sexual Assault Awareness Month interview...


Repro Madness Episode 57: Lizz in Conversation with Dr. Willie Parker

Dr. Willie Parker's book "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice" hit book stores last week. Lady Parts Justice founder and all-round badass, Lizz Winstead sat down with him to talk about his work at a synagogue in Brooklyn (hence why it's a biiitt echo-y) but it's still a great listen!! Donate to the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour: Buy Dr. Willie Parker's Book:


Repro Madness Episode 56: SAAM and RHA (feat Sofie Karasek and Sen Liz Krueger)

We bring you the beginning of our interview series on Sexual Assault. Amber and Julie talk with Sofie Karasek of The Hunting Ground and End Rape On College Campus. Additionally, Lizz, Nicole and Julie talk with Senator Liz Kreuger from the 28th District in NY about the #RHA and how abortion rights are not safe in this blue state. Donate to Lady Parts Justice Vagical Mystery Tour: End Rape on College Campus:...


Repro Madness Episode 55: Takes a Village to Oppress a Woman

What a day it has been. Today was a perfect example that it really does take a village to oppress a woman. Mike Pence used his shit grin to break a tie and pass a bill making it legal for states to deny funding for family planning, Louisville is in threat of having their last clinic close and every other state seemed to want to dump some more shit on the fire. Donate to Lady Parts Justice: BREAKING Mike Pence screws us all:...


Repro Madness Episode 54: Did You Hear About Gorsuch?

We talk to our social team, Lorne and Alex, all about the week in Gorsuch hearings and, of course, our kween Amy Hagstrom Miller's testimony to #OpposeGorsuch. We round it out talking about TrumpScare. Donate to Lady Parts Justice: Highlights from the Gorsuch Hearing: Things we learned about Gorsuch at the Hearings:...


Repro Madness Episode 53: LIVE at SXSW 2017 (Movies, Music and Abortion)

With how much abortion batshittery comes out of Texas it only made sense for us to take the podcast to Austin for SXSW. Huge thank you to the 1in3 campaign and Advocates for Youth for making it all possible. Lizz and Julie are joined by Texas activist Sadie Hernandez, Kathy Valentine from The Go Go's, Candice Russell from "We Testify" and Jamie Broadnax from Black Girl Nerds. We hear some of our guests share their abortion stories, tackle current news topics, and discuss fake clinics and the...


Repro Madness Episode 52: Celebrate Abortion Providers

So proud of our Molly Gaebe for speaking about our sister org, Lady Parts Justice League's work at the International Women's Day Protest. We talk to her about the experience and the day in general. Also, don't forget to celebrate abortion providers!! Abortion Care Network: Red Umbrella Project: Views of International Women's Day in NYC:...


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