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The Genealogy Do-Over for 2018 with Thomas MacEntee

The Genealogy Do-Over ( is an online educational initiative to improve genealogical and family history research skills. The Facebook group ( has over 15,000 members working through the monthly topics provided by genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee. The goal of The Genealogy Do-Over is not to wallow in regrets over the mistakes we've made with our genealogy in the past. Do-Over members are willing to set...

Duration: 01:00:09

Writing and Self-Publishing Your Family Stories with Kathy Marshall

In 2017, Kathy Kanika Marshall wrote, The Ancestors Are Smiling! which is a collection of uplifting, funny, touching and sometimes harrowing real life stories, creatively told by Kathy Marshall’s ancestors and their descendants. For example, Marshall’s great-grandmother, Ella, worked for a congressman who helped convince President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, making it possible for her second great-grandmother, Margaret, to transport her five enslaved children in...

Duration: 01:11:25

The African Royal DNA Project with Ada Anagho Brown

"The African Royal DNA Project is based in the United States and has a global network extending into various Countries. This project is designed to assist Africans in the Diaspora whose ancestors were forcefully removed from the Continent an opportunity to return to their families. DNA technology is used to test Kings and Queens as well as family members living in Africa for the purpose of re-connecting them to their rightful homes." Ada Anagho Brown is a native of Cameroon whose family...

Duration: 01:04:00

On Writing,the Accountability Partner - Anita Henderson and Christine Easterling

Anita R. Henderson is known by many as The Author’s Midwife. She is owner of The Write Image, and creator of The Genealogist's Writing Room, an online community helping genealogists write and share the stories of their ancestors and their journey to find them. Her work with professionals and family history researchers has resulted in multiple award-winning books and has helped them grow their overall confidence in their ability to write a compelling story that captures the interest and...

Duration: 01:10:02

The Updated DNA Landscape with Shannon Christmas

Have you noticed the changes in your DNA test results? Do you know about the new companies that have appeared in the last 12 months? Has your DNA company recently announced the use of a new chip to analyze your DNA results? Shannon Christmas will discuss the latest happenings in the DNA Landscape. Named an “essential blog for genetic genealogy education” by the Board of Certification for Genealogists, Through The Trees is a blog for genealogy enthusiasts seeking to locate and leverage new...

Duration: 01:30:24

Sons and Daughters of the US Middle Passage

Host Bernice Bennett welcomes Dr. Evelyn McDowell, LaBrenda Garrett Nelson, and Muriel D. Roberts for a discussion on a new lineage society - the Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage. The discussion will focus on the organization (creation & purpose); why join a lineage society and the process to join this society. Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage (SDUSMP) is a lineage society that is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the...

Duration: 01:11:05

Haiti and the Civil War with Marvin T. Jones

"The Civil War is sometimes called the Second Haitian Revolution. For over seventy years pro-slavers feared Haiti, and the enslaved and abolitionists found great hope from Toussaint Louverture and Haiti. Marvin T. Jones details the actions of enslaved and abolitionists who were encouraged by the Haitian Revolution, Haiti’s own involvement in offering freedom to people of color. And, why Haiti was so important to keeping alive the hope that all Americans would be free. American leaders who...

Duration: 01:09:25

Remember the Ladies with Angela P. Dodson

Angela P. Dodson documents one of the longest, most hard-won struggles for civil rights in our country’s history. Her approach to this history is inclusive, detailing the contributions of activists from various movements, women and men, of different races, religions and politics who helped bring about the victory to secure the right to vote for women. She also documents women’s political gains since that milestone. This book, complete with beautiful photographs and illustrations, will help...

Duration: 00:47:17

IAAM Center for Family History with Toni Carrier and Robin Foster

The International African American Museum's Center for Family History is a one of a kind research center with a special focus on African American genealogy. You can visit the IAAM CFH website at The exhibitions at the IAAM will use groundbreaking research to inform cutting-edge exhibit techniques, bringing historical events to life. The exhibition features eight distinct chapters that guide visitors through the African American story. Visitors begin in West...

Duration: 01:13:42

The African American Odyssey of John Kizell with Kevin Lowther

The African American Odyssey of John Kizell (A South Carolina Slave Returns to Fight the Slave Trade in His African Homeland) Join host Bernice Bennett and co-host Natonne Elaine Kemp for an engaging conversation with author and historian Kevin G. Lowther about the the life of a Sierra Leonean who survived slavery in Charleston, South Carolina, and served with British forces during the American Revolution. He eventually returned to his homeland, where he campaigned among his people to end...

Duration: 00:59:32

A Journey Story from Piedmont, WV to The Virginia Piedmont -Leontyne Clay Peck

Leontyne Clay Peck shares the story of her journey from Piedmont, WV to the Virginia Piedmont, better known as the land of the Presidents-Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. Since age 10, Leontyne has heard "whispers" from the ancestors and intrigued by family connections. Her fourteen year journey revealed her family connections to Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky, President Thomas Jefferson and most recently to President James Madison (with the enslaved community of Montpelier). In her...

Duration: 01:10:00

Fathers of Conscience with Bernie D. Jones, PhD, JD

Rebroadcast How the courts dealt with wills bequeathing property or freedom to mixed race children. Fathers of Conscience examines high-court decisions in the antebellum South that involved wills in which white male planters bequeathed property, freedom, or both to women of color and their mixed-race children. These men, whose wills were contested by their white relatives, had used trusts and estates law to give their slave partners and children official recognition and thus circumvent the...

Duration: 00:57:11

African American History Etched in My DNA with Andre Kearns

Andre Kearns's research comes from the perspective of an African American genealogy hobbyist. Advances in DNA testing offer African Americans the possibility of leapfrogging brick walls created by slavery to connect to ancestral roots by analyzing family history documented within DNA. Andre will share strategies he’s used to advance his research as a hobbyist and highlight how he’s leveraged DNA testing to reveal white slave owning ancestors, uncover free people of color ancestors and...

Duration: 01:17:00

My Free People of Color and Those Classified as Melungeon - Gigi Best-Richardson

Gigi Best is an Author, Historian, Genealogist, Poet, Playwright, Journalist, Speaker and Antiquarian Bookstore Owner. While earning her A.A. and B.S. Degrees, she was awarded Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges. While in her M. A. Program in English Literature and History, she received the All American Scholar awards. As a Federal Retiree she earned the Citation for Exemplary Civil Service to the United States Air Force 2002-2004. She is a recipient of the Phillis Wheatley...

Duration: 01:21:00

How I Met My US Family with Daniel Horowitz

Daniel has built his personal family tree and helped others do the same for more than 30 years. He archived many goals during this time: finding documents, interviewing family members, visiting archives and cemeteries, connecting long lost relatives and using techniques that proved to be more -or less- successful. Daniel will share the resources and repositories used in the United States and the world to find his American Family, giving examples of what to do and what not to do to help you...

Duration: 00:56:51

The Beyond Kin Project with Frazine Taylor

Frazine Taylor has helped people of all ethnic backgrounds to research their family history for over 25 years. However she has witnessed firsthand the frustration and disappointment of African-Americans when the research gets to the year of 1870, and for some, 1866, where they hit the predictable “brick wall.” You can’t go around it, get under it, or go through it, because there is no hope or help! Frazine K. Taylor and Donna Cox Baker conceived the Beyond Kin Project in 2016 as a way to...

Duration: 00:58:14

Greatest Genealogical Moments with Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher - Extreme Genes is a natural for Fisher, a Connecticut native, who has been in radio since his youth, and has spent three decades of spare time as a passionate roots sleuth. A long-time morning show host, Fisher is the author of New York City Methodist Marriages, 1785-1893,Picton Press, 1994. He has also been published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Journal (April 2004), and Catholic Ancestor, Journal of the Catholic Family History Society of England...

Duration: 01:04:14

My Extreme Ancestry with Karen Batchelor

Karen Batchelor will share the many unexpected twists and turns on her 40-year family history journey and how what she has learned from the past has changed her life. Karen started doing genealogy because of a New Year’s resolution in 1976 - before the Internet and computers. By 1977, she became the first known Black woman to be admitted for membership in Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Since then, Karen has discovered ancestors who were slaves and slaveowners, patriots and...

Duration: 01:08:16

Cultural Heritage in the West African Country of Benin - Nathalie Blanc Chekete

Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Benin: What the country has to offer and it has in store for the years ahead. Nathalie Blanc Chekete is Haitian and Canadian (Afro-descendant) and has lived Haiti; Canada; France; Brasil and now Benin. She received a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Quebec in Montreal and a Master’s degree in international marketing management (Boston University). She has more than 15 years of experience, in Project and Customer Experience...

Duration: 01:01:12

Searching for Records of Incarceration with Sharon Batiste Gillins

Have you ever considered searching records of incarceration to find your ancestors? Whether researching a notorious family outlaw or a victim of early 20th century justice, there’s a good chance that you have an ancestor who has been incarcerated. Researching records of incarceration at local, state or federal penal institutions can reveal valuable family history information and also document shameful community patterns of social and economic abuse against blacks. Join Sharon Batiste...

Duration: 01:01:22

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