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Can VR be used to train for murder? A conversation with Ian Hamilton - 061

UploadVR Editor Ian Hamilton joins Az and Petr to talk about early VR stories, shares his impressions of the all-in-one headsets like Oculus Santa Cruz, and discusses the new Magic Leap investment and the potential issues they're facing. Our main topic of the week was Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson's article about the potential of VR being used by perpetrators of mass shootings.


060 - 3D Audio explained w/ Sally Kellaway and Kaushik Sunder

Az talks to the expert Audio Engineers and Researchers Sally Kellaway and Kaushik Sunder on what the benefits of 3D audio are, where they make the most impact in VR/AR, and what improvements need to be made in the industry moving forward.


059 - Why Women DON'T like Social VR w/ Jessica Outlaw

Behavioral Scientist Jessica Outlaw is an outspoken Social Scientist in the field of VR User Experience Design. She recently published an Inductive Qualitative study with Beth Duckles, PhD about the experiences of "Millennial, tech-savvy women" in Social VR applications (Altspace, High Fidelity, Facebook Spaces, etc). In this episode, we talk embodied cognition, implicit biases, gender differences in social behavior and navigation in an unfamiliar environment, as well as the questions the...


057 - Vive Pro & Meta 2 Impressions + News

HOT NEWS OFF THE PRESS. EXTRA EXTRA Az talks about his impressions of the Vive Pro, looking at high resolution photogrammetry with supersampling. Petr shares his thoughts on the Meta 2 devkit as an enterprise developer, and the need to have to sell his colleagues on the idea of AR.


056 - Breaking ALL the VR rules w/ Survios (Sprint Vector)

Az and Petr are joined by Amy Lynn and Andrew Abedian from Survios to talk about their upcoming new game: Sprint Vector, a game ALL about running in VR. a Movement and locomotion have always been a big topic of debate in VR, especially since many people are prone to motion sickness when the visuals don't match the state of their bodies, so in this episode, we dive into HOW Survios has managed to achieve what was once thought to be sacrilege: SPRINTING IN VR.


Short update about 2018 plans!

DISCORD CHANNEL: Short update from Petr and Az talking about 2018 plans


055 - Simulating Touch in VR w/ Contact CI

Az is joined this week with cofounders Craig Douglass and Tom Buchanan to talk about the challenges behind simulating the high amount of degrees of freedom of hands, simulating the sense of touch, and creating finger push-back haptics. Contact CI: Craig Douglass: Tom Buchanan:


054 - SculptrVR's New 'Smooth' Update Explained w/ Nathan Rowe!

Petr and Az are joined by CEO and Cofounder of SculptrVR Nathan Rowe to talk at length about their BIGGEST update: 'Smooth' sculpting. We talk about the Oculus Santa Cruz II, Valve endorsing low-persistence LCD displays, the Acer MR Headset Review, and Adobe Premiere Pro's latest VR editing update. As for the main story, Nathan explains SculptrVR insane performances challenges of creating a world building tool with ability to scale the world by 10,000x! Download SculptrVR on Steam:...


053 - Scanning & Preserving World Heritage Sites w/ Cyark

Petr and Az are joined by Elizabeth Lee, VP at Cyark which is a non-profit organization tasked with digitally preserving at risk World Heritage Sites. We talk about how they use Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Drones, and spatial audio recordings to capture an environment at a specific moment in time. Visit Cyark's website:


052 - Mood Altering VR apps with TRIPP Inc

First part was as usual dedicated to most impactful VR News that Azad and Petr discussed together with the Guests. And speaking of the guests: "Change the way you feel" is the slogan behind the fresh start up TRIPP Inc. As they were recently in the headlines with a 4 Million investment round, we decided to invite Zachary Norman (President & Co-Founder) and Nanea Reeves (CEO & Co-Founder) to this episode. After the news section we talked about Mood Altering VR experiences and how the TRIPP...


051 - VR 8k, ARkit, VRST, OC4 and Housekeeping

Azad and Petr skipped guests this time and spend an hour on: - discussing the 8K PiMax headset - talking about the ARkit Sudoku solver - Petr's paper submission at VRST 2017 - Azad's new Projects and his anticipated trip to Oculus Connect - and of corse a little housekeeping Tune in and don't forget to share, like and rate!


050 - VR/AR landscape with Unity & Nvidia

This is a very special episode recored at the end of Digility 2017. This time, both Josh Naylor (Senior Evangelist bei Unity) and Dominic Eskofier (Head of Virtual Reality EMEAI bei NVIDIA) joined Petr for a deep insightful discussion on the AR/VR landscape. Tune in!


049 - VR Guns in H3VR

This week we talked to Anton Hand about the science behind building realistic guns in Shooting Range Sim #H3VR! We had a wonderful discussion and a lot of secrets have been unveiled. Tune in!


048 - Reconstructing the world in 3D w/ Photogrammetry

Once again we were live from VR! And this time the main topic was focused on capturing reality photogrammetry process and results azad had himself. As usual we discussed the most recent VR news and had a lot of fun joking around. Check the Live Video Stream at our Facebook or Twitter page or listen just to the audio via the podcast.


047 - Does Mobile AR Matter?

And again we were hosting live from WITHIN Bigscreen. The Main topic this time was: Does Mobile AR Matter? Also Petr and Azad talked about: - Petr using the Strider VR treadmill, - New information about Nvidia's Varifocal lenses, - And smelling in VR! The live video recording can be found at our Facebook Page: . Alternatively it can be found under our Twitter page: .


046 - SIGGRAPH Recap, hosted LIVE in Bigscreen

The ResearchVR Podcast is back! This time, hosting from WITHIN Bigscreen. This week, Petr and Azad cover all the latest in VR Research from the SIGGRAPH conference. The live video recording can be found at our Facebook Page: Alternatively it can be found under our Twitter page:


045 - The 5K Resolution Headset by VRgineers

VRgineers is a Prague-based VR Hardware Startup. We discussed their 5k VR Headset at CeBit2017 with Marek Polčák. He was looking for the transformative VR that would finally fulfill the promise laid out when virtual reality was introduced as a concept. Since nothing like what he envisioned existed, Marek decided to build his own VR equipment using his knowledge and tenacity. How tough was it to build it? What are the opportunities for such a standing out device? Those questions and more...


044 - Music in VR with Zach Jaffe from Subpac

An episode on Audio, Vibrations and Subwoofer (and all the good vibes) with Zach Jaffe from Subpac. They are working on physical audio technologies that are incorporated into their product, the Subpac. Ever wondered what sound is? Or why it is important for VR? Tune in!


043 - How VR is helping doctors learn about heart diseases

Why would one use virtual reality in Hospitals? Computer Graphics was used since long time in Medicine to explain complex issues. Using virtual reality is just the next step, to be able to visualise the body that is an awesome 3d machine itself in virtual space. This is useful as so far everything was flat and fixed while the only way to experience a Body was to do an autopsy yourself. The Heart VR Project is an education experience showing various congenital heart defects. Unlike a heart...


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