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Reserve This! – it’s not just about food, it’s about experience. Join co-hosts Joanne Bender and Tim Ardinger as they explore food, wine, dining, cooking and any other experience that takes their fancy! Joanne was raised in the restaurant business and gets a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye every time she attends a wine tasting or a new restaurant. Tim studied at the Culinary Institute of America and just plain enjoys food and everything about it! Each episode is an engaging “report back” on a restaurant visit, wine tasting or other culinary experience. Chef and restaurant owner interviews will round out this entertaining and informative epicurean podcast.




Checker’s Bistro

On August 29 we started a new series of Happy Hours with a visit to Checker’s Bistro in Lancaster PA. We chose four “Bar Bites”; Duck Rangoon, Smoked Salmon Wrap, Half Calamari and Pomme Frites. For dessert we enjoyed a Crème Brulèe. Visit the Checker’s Bistro website at ©2017 Joanne Bender

Duration: 00:20:05

Silantra Asian Street Kitchen

On August 23 we had a casual dinner at Silantra Asian Street Kitchen in Lancaster PA. Tim had a wrap with coconut white rice and shrimp with lots of extra toppings and sweet and sour sauce. I had a bowl with brown rice and beef and also lots of extra toppings and yellow coconut curry […]

Duration: 00:14:04

Food Trucks

On July 21 we traveled to York and Lancaster counties to taste food from 4 different food trucks. We started at Springettsbury Park where we tasted a mushroom swiss burger from the Lancaster Burger Co, a crab cake sandwich from Captain Crab and a buffalo chicken quesadilla from Dave’s Kitchen. Then we went to Green […]

Duration: 00:21:21

Callaloo Trinidadian Kitchen

On July 5 Tim and I had dinner at Callaloo Trinidadian Kitchen in Lancaster PA. We started with Pineapple Chow and 2 Doubles which are fried bread with curried chickpeas, cucumber chutney, tamarind and cilantro sauce. As entrees we shared Callaloo Rice with Beef and Buss-Up-Shut with Curried Chicken. Visit the Callaloo Trindadian Kitchen website […]

Duration: 00:23:32

Hot Dogs and Sausages

Tim and I had a cook out in the backyard and we grilled hot dogs and sausages. We chose 6 different items to taste: Kunzler Jumbo Franks; Hippys Beef Frankfurters; Stoltfus Pepper & Onion Grillers; Turkey and Sage sausage, Pork, Spinach and Parmesan sausage; Lamb, Garlic, Chives and Fresh Herb sausage. ©2017 Joanne Bender

Duration: 00:19:23

Judy’s on Cherry

On June 22 we had lunch at Judy’s on Cherry in Reading PA. We started with Gazpacho and Gorgonzola Baked Figs with Bacon. For the main course we chose a hearth-fired Exotic Mushroom Pizza and a Frittata with Salmon and Red Onions and a Sweet Spicy Mustard Drizzle. Visit the Judy’s on Cherry website at […]

Duration: 00:21:51

Ice Cream in Lancaster County

On June 1 Tim and I started Summer early and did a tour of ice cream producers in Lancaster County. We started at Penny’s in downtown Lancaster who serves Carmen and David’s ice cream. From there we went to Oregon Dairy, Lapp Valley Farm, Strasburg Creamery and Pine View Dairy. ©2017 Joanne Bender

Duration: 00:19:14

Mad Chef

On May 10 Tim and I had dinner at Mad Chef Craft Brewing in East Petersburg PA. As always we had a selection from the menu; Pommes Frites with 3 dipping sauces (Pesto Aioli, Mad Chef Cheese Sauce & Roasted Garlic and Rosemary), Crab Tumblers, a French Dip Sandwich and Fish Tacos. Visit the Mad […]

Duration: 00:20:50

The Left Bank

On April 27 Tim and I went across the Susquhanna river and had dinner at The Left Bank Restaurant in York PA. For appetizers we ordered Flash Fried Calamari in a spicy banana pepper parmesan cream and Warm Brie Cheese Brûlée with blueberry compote, candied nuts and artisan crostini. I ordered Pan Seared Dayboat Scallops […]

Duration: 00:24:49


On March 28 Tim and I stopped by Sprout in Lancaster PA for lunch. This is the second restaurant of Vy Banh, the owner of Rice and Noodles, also in Lancaster. We ordered several dishes to share; Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Pork, Banh Mi with Pork Skin and Sausage, Chicken Rice Noodle Soup and […]

Duration: 00:16:28

Cape Winelands Overview

While on holiday in South Africa, I made a visit to the wine region in the Western Cape Province. The first stop was Cape Town, and then an area called Hemel en Aarde followed by Franschhoek and then Wellington. This podcast gives a short overview of the restaurants I visited during the trip. If you […]

Duration: 00:15:23


My holiday in South Africa comes to a close with a visit to Afro-boer, a restaurant in the outskirts of Pretoria. Join Hennie Fisher and I as we talk South African cuisine with Michelle and hear how she melds the many cultures of South Africa into a unique dining experience. Visit the Afro-boer website at […]

Duration: 00:24:05

Corlea Fourie Interview

In a previous podcast I spoke to Carla Bosman of the Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington. That same day, I had a unique opportunity to talk to the wine maker at Bosman, Corlea Fourie when we talked about her wine making philosophy, favourite cultivars and the South African wine making industry. Visit the Bosman Family […]

Duration: 00:29:13

Bosman Family Vineyards

As you know, I am on holiday in South Africa and there are many excellent vineyards! One of my favourite vineyards is the Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington. I had a lovely visit with Carla Bosman which resulted in this very special podcast. Also watch out for part 2 where I talk to the winemaker, […]

Duration: 00:27:15

Restaurant Mosaic

I am on holiday in South Africa and there are many excellent restaurants and fabulous vineyards! Restaurant Mosaic is a beautiful restaurant located in the Crocodile River Valley in the lush Francolin Conservancy. the chef is Chantel Dartnall who has been South Africa’s Chef of the Year for several years. We enjoyed a Riesling tasting […]

Duration: 00:30:01

Riesling Tasting

I am on holiday in South Africa and there are many excellent restaurants and fabulous vineyards! Restaurant Mosaic is a beautiful restaurant located in the Crocodile River Valley in the lush Francolin Conservancy. the chef is Chantel Dartnall who has been South Africa’s Chef of the Year for several years. We enjoyed a Riesling tasting […]

Duration: 00:24:35


On January 11 Tim and I had a lovely meal at Citronnelle in Lancaster PA. On this particular evening it was a fixed menu with food from Ireland. We started with Boxty which is smoked salmon, dill, herbed sour cream. Our entree was Dublin Coddle which is bangers, bacon, potatoes, onions and parsley. It was […]

Duration: 00:19:14

Cheese from Lancaster County

This week Tim and I visited Liz Martin at Ironstone Spring Farms and where we tasted cheese from Lancaster County paired with wines from around the world. We started with three goat’s milk cheeses from Misty Creek Goat Dairy in Leola PA which were paired with a Simonnet-Febvre Chablis Premier Cru. The second flight of […]

Duration: 00:21:20

Himalayan Curry and Grill

Tim and I had a delightful meal at the Himalayan Curry and Grill in Lancaster. We started with Bara (Wo) which is basically a pan fried patty, made of lentils, used in rituals and/or festivals, also served as snack in Nepal. We also had chicken Momo which are homemade steamed dumplings filled with ground chicken, […]

Duration: 00:22:46

Sydney Tavern

During a recent excursion to Adam’s County in search of cider, Tim and I took a lunch break at Sydney Tavern in East Berlin. We weren’t initially intending to do a podcast but simply enjoy a relaxed lunch. However, the food and service was so noteworthy, we just had to let you know about it. […]

Duration: 00:11:39

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