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Respect the Process

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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.

Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.
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Los Angeles, CA


Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.




Filmmaker Dulanie Ellis Discusses Her Docu “Ground Operations” About U.S. Veterans Becoming Farmers.

Filmmaker Dulanie Ellis joins me for a spontaneous chat about her award-winning documentary “Ground Operations”. It’s an awesome story on the growing network of combat veterans who are transitioning into careers as sustainable farmers, ranchers and artisan food producers. Perfect for Veterans Day! In fact, make it a double feature with “I Am Battle Comic” this weekend. Here’s the trailer: Enjoy.…

Duration: 00:47:15

I Get Woke To Sexual Harassment On-Set By Filmmaker Destri Martino.

Talented Director/Producer Destri Martino founded The Director List, a database of female directors, when she realized there were many qualified, working women directors but none were getting the big opportunities. Check out the site and help build the awareness. Destri and I go way back. She worked as my (overqualified) Director’s Assistant on two feature films, one for Miramax under…

Duration: 01:13:40

Busy Commercial Filmmaker Carlos Gutierrez Shares His Bag Of Tricks.

Filmmaker Carlos Gutierrez is always working and he took time to skype with me and graciously share his filmmaking secrets, both on and off set. His has a fine film pedigree you can read here. Enjoy his reel at after the show! Here’s a wonderful film he made for Chevy, featuring Patrick Decile from Best Picture Winner “Moonlight”. Thanks,…

Duration: 01:19:52

My Chat With Commercial Directing Hall Of Famer, Filmmaker Kinka Usher.

There may not be an actual Commercial Directing Hall of Fame, but when there is, Director Kinka Usher will be an inaugural inductee. Kinka won the coveted Directors Guild of America award for his Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials twice, and he has more Cannes Lions that you can fit on the dining room table. Usher directed his first commercial…

Duration: 01:18:12

Cinematographer Mike Svitak On Shooting Commercials vs. Movies.

Cinematographer Mike Svitak and I have shot more cars and comedy in the last 13 months than most filmmakers do in their entire career. In this episode, we chat about all that, as well as his movie making experiences. And his new film, “6 Below” challenged him to shoot in the most extreme conditions. You will love this talk, I…

Duration: 01:19:27

Comedian/Filmmaker Henry Phillips Talks Showtime’s “Punching Henry” and Baked Spaghetti.

Comedian and Filmmaker Henry Phillips is one of my favorite comics on the circuit. His specials and live shows are not to be missed. Nor are his two semi-biographical cult comedy films: “Punching the Clown” and the sequel “Punching Henry”, now on Showtime. He has also made acting appearances on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” (4 episodes) and Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”.…

Duration: 01:13:15

From Tucson To Beijing With Filmmaker Nickolas Duarte.

Filmmaker Nickolas Duarte directs commercials and has a new web series he sold to Warner Brothers that he can almost talk about. He teases us in this episode. Through his Tuscon, Arizona-based Crown Chimp, he has plotted a course for success. Nick shares his methods that help him set and achieve his goals, techniques that we all can use. I…

Duration: 01:17:12

Podcast Producer Shawn Marek’s Top 5 Filmmaking Podcasts.

Shawn Marek is a producer of many a podcast, so he stopped by the RTP Studios to tell us his favorite filmmaking shows. He’s producing a live show in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Improv. It’s Thursday, October 5th, 2017 called “LA Podfest Preview Night” so get tickets now! Shawn and his lovely wife Jen Stansfield host a podcast themselves,…

Duration: 01:29:07

“Transparent” Cinematographer Jim Frohna Shares His Intimate Filmmaking Process.

Cinematographer Jim Frohna has shot every episode of Amazon’s hit show “Transparent”, infusing each scene with an intimacy between the characters and the camera. In a sense, he is like the unseen member of the Pfefferman family. Jim has directed the show as well, so you know we chat about that experience too. Plenty of tech talk for ya’ll, but…

Duration: 01:21:30

Mastering Your Craft With Celebrity Makeup Artist Aliesh Pierce.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Aliesh Pierce and I have done dozens of shoots together. We share a strong work ethic that mandates mastery of craft, and helping others. For example, when HMI lighting came all the rage, Aliesh bought her own to see the effects on her makeup techniques. And then she did her own tests when the digital camera revolution…

Duration: 01:13:19

Director Ben Giroux Pulls 60 Millions Views with ‘Back To The 90’s’ Video.

Filmmaker Ben Giroux is a comedic actor/director/producer/rapper/writer and the creator of the viral music video phenomenon BACK TO THE 90s. Giroux’s music video collaborations with indie hip-hop artist Jensen Reed have amassed over 60 million views globally, resulting in endorsements from The Backstreet Boys and multiple weeks climbing the Billboard charts. Giroux currently stars as Mikey Munroe in Nickelodeon’s animated…

Duration: 01:09:45

How To Break Into Hollywood Like Director Of Photography Michael Svitak.

Cinematographer Michael Svitak and I have been on quite a run lately, shooting spots for seven major automobile makers in the last year. Michael begged me not to put yet another director of photography episode up so soon so I’m going wait, and give ya’ll this teaser. A fascinating true tale of how a young Mike talked his way onto…

Duration: 00:17:04

Former Combat Photog Blake Stilwell Cranks Out Quality Digital Content At

Blake Stilwell has an official, impressive title of Sr. Director of Digital Video Content at, but I call him a badass. He’s got degrees in design, television & film, public relations and international relations. Blake is a former U.S. Air Force combat cameraman and Iraq War veteran who spent time as a field photographer and communications officer in the…

Duration: 01:23:59

Everything From Visual Aesthetics To Tech Talk With Cinematographer David Claessen.

Cinematographer David Claessen is a dear friend and collaborator. We finally got to talk about his fabled journey into cinematography. From his features films, to music videos, to the many high end spots he’s done, we cover into it all. Despite starting and loving film, David has embraced the digital world, applying his art and craft to whatever new medium…

Duration: 02:11:12

How To Create The Perfect World To Sell A Widget With Cinematographer Rich Schaefer.

I’ve been dying to talk with cinematographer Rich Schaefer for months ever since RTP guests Director Jeff Gordon and Director Kip Hewitt raved about him and his work. We dive deep into lenses, f stops and all the tech talk you can stomach… and we also cover the fantastic ways Rich preps and collaborates with the entire team to create…

Duration: 01:34:25

How To Avoid Filmmaker Burnout.

A good filmmaker friend, who like me is always shooting and always pitching for the next gig, asked me how I avoid burning out. My answer is simple.. shoot and edit more. But what if you are getting burnt from trying, hitting a wall because you are not shooting or pitching enough? Don’t give up… do this. Listen. If you’re…

Duration: 00:08:12

Cinematographer Nathan Wilson Says Fix It In Prep.

Cinematographer Nathan Wilson primarily shoots feature films, but still does plenty of spots and promos. So we compare and contrast the workings of them all. Nathan shares his philosophy “fix it in prep”, a mantra we should all embrace. You’ll enjoy his tips on how the DP and the Director can eliminate many potential pitfalls before the camera even rolls.…

Duration: 01:18:50

Filmmaker Damian Fitzsimmons Is Living The Dream With Brave Man Media.

My friend Damian Fitzsimmons is a filmmaker, creative director and company owner but he really just enjoys telling stories. Born in Liverpool and now in South Florida by way of NYC, he started Brave Man Media and has been working non stop ever since. Brave Man, as I call it, is a full service shoppe and we discuss what that…

Duration: 01:33:46

The Rebirth Of Commercial Director Jeff Gordon.

Filmmaker Jeff Gordon has just unleashed new spots for his longtime client, Mothers, makers of quality car polishes and waxes. And lucky for us, he gives us a detailed first-hand account of that entire journey. Soup to nuts. The first time Jeff visited the pod-studio, we chatted about directing chimps and babies. A great episode in the archives or…

Duration: 01:05:39

Contagious LA’s Co Producer Jordan Flack On Working With Directors.

Jordan Flack and I met at the Source screening of short films in the Spring, and we hit it off like two guys named Jordan should. We discuss how he is working alongside filmmakers to set them up for a successful production. Jordan is always looking for any new, great opportunity for his directors, the kind of person you want…

Duration: 01:15:15

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