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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.




How To Break Into Hollywood Like Director Of Photography Michael Svitak.

Cinematographer Michael Svitak and I have been on quite a run lately, shooting spots for seven major automobile makers in the last year. Michael begged me not to put yet another director of photography episode up so soon so I’m going wait, and give ya’ll this teaser. A fascinating true tale of how a young Mike talked his way onto…

Duration: 00:17:04

Former Combat Photog Blake Stilwell Cranks Out Quality Digital Content At WeAreTheMight.com.

Blake Stilwell has an official, impressive title of Sr. Director of Digital Video Content at WeAreTheMIghty.com, but I call him a badass. He’s got degrees in design, television & film, public relations and international relations. Blake is a former U.S. Air Force combat cameraman and Iraq War veteran who spent time as a field photographer and communications officer in the…

Duration: 01:23:59

Everything From Visual Aesthetics To Tech Talk With Cinematographer David Claessen.

Cinematographer David Claessen is a dear friend and collaborator. We finally got to talk about his fabled journey into cinematography. From his features films, to music videos, to the many high end spots he’s done, we cover into it all. Despite starting and loving film, David has embraced the digital world, applying his art and craft to whatever new medium…

Duration: 02:11:12

How To Create The Perfect World To Sell A Widget With Cinematographer Rich Schaefer.

I’ve been dying to talk with cinematographer Rich Schaefer for months ever since RTP guests Director Jeff Gordon and Director Kip Hewitt raved about him and his work. We dive deep into lenses, f stops and all the tech talk you can stomach… and we also cover the fantastic ways Rich preps and collaborates with the entire team to create…

Duration: 01:34:25

How To Avoid Filmmaker Burnout.

A good filmmaker friend, who like me is always shooting and always pitching for the next gig, asked me how I avoid burning out. My answer is simple.. shoot and edit more. But what if you are getting burnt from trying, hitting a wall because you are not shooting or pitching enough? Don’t give up… do this. Listen. If you’re…

Duration: 00:08:12

Cinematographer Nathan Wilson Says Fix It In Prep.

Cinematographer Nathan Wilson primarily shoots feature films, but still does plenty of spots and promos. So we compare and contrast the workings of them all. Nathan shares his philosophy “fix it in prep”, a mantra we should all embrace. You’ll enjoy his tips on how the DP and the Director can eliminate many potential pitfalls before the camera even rolls.…

Duration: 01:18:50

Filmmaker Damian Fitzsimmons Is Living The Dream With Brave Man Media.

My friend Damian Fitzsimmons is a filmmaker, creative director and company owner but he really just enjoys telling stories. Born in Liverpool and now in South Florida by way of NYC, he started Brave Man Media and has been working non stop ever since. Brave Man, as I call it, is a full service shoppe and we discuss what that…

Duration: 01:33:46

The Rebirth Of Commercial Director Jeff Gordon.

Filmmaker Jeff Gordon has just unleashed new spots for his longtime client, Mothers, makers of quality car polishes and waxes. And lucky for us, he gives us a detailed first-hand account of that entire journey. Soup to nuts. The first time Jeff visited the pod-studio, we chatted about directing chimps and babies. A great episode in the jordanbrady.com archives or…

Duration: 01:05:39

Contagious LA’s Co Producer Jordan Flack On Working With Directors.

Jordan Flack and I met at the Source screening of short films in the Spring, and we hit it off like two guys named Jordan should. We discuss how he is working alongside filmmakers to set them up for a successful production. Jordan is always looking for any new, great opportunity for his directors, the kind of person you want…

Duration: 01:15:15

Two Directors, One Interview w Filmmakers Kurt Schneider & Keenan Wetzel.

Talented filmmakers Kurt Schneider and Keenan Wetzel are two distinct filmmakers thriving in the fabulous city of Detroit. When these two college pals recently visited Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance to interview them. We discuss the benefits of fostering a directing career outside of New York or Los Angeles, doing the work, respecting the process and so much…

Duration: 01:12:29

Pioneering VR Filmmaker Pierre Friquet Is A Virtual Reality Juggernaut.

Virtual reality aka VR is the buzzword du jour, but filmmaker Pierre Friquet has been immersed in it since 2010. He’s directed more than a dozen VR fictional stories, documentaries, music videos, dome and interactive experiences. So we hopped on the Skype and chatted about it all. Pierre has won awards for this original VR fiction, JETLAG, including best live-action…

Duration: 00:55:39

How To Be Product Specialists With WoodShop Studio’s EP of Post Production Linda Jackson.

The highly creative team at WoodShop Studios takes a holistic approach to servicing their execution of commercials. So much that they’ve brought in the delightful Linda Jackson as Executive Producer of Post Production, a position not many production companies require. Linda’s experience and leadership inform the way they approach the creative from the start. We discuss how they concept, dissect…

Duration: 00:50:37

How To Get Real Emotions Into Branded Films With Director Jeannette Godoy.

Filmmaker Jeannette Godoy recently crafted 10 short films for Home Helpers, profiling 10 outstanding caregivers, each nominated for Caregiver of the Year. To do so, she and her documentary crew crisscrossed these United States in two action-packed trips. Jeannette shares her diligent prep secrets and shooting techniques. Moreover, she divulges her secret to getting real people to relax on camera.…

Duration: 01:01:46

The Key To A Successful Career In Filmmaking: Don’t Be A Dick.

Happy 200th episode! Thanks for your loyal listenership. After reflecting on all the wonderful chats we’ve shared, this is just me advising you to make positivity your default position in life and on set. We are blessed to be filmmakers, so appreciate that. We are solution oriented, decisive people. Creativity is best manifested through positivity, so… don’t be a dick.…

Duration: 00:11:24

Comedian Jeff Capri Shares His Feelings About Performing For Our U.S. Military Overseas.

Comedian Jeff Capri, one of my dear comedy brothers from “I Am Battle Comic”, tells us about doing shows for our US Troops. He’s LOL hilarious and has traveled the world, so we chat about how shows changed since the war began after 9/11 and the important relief the comedy shows give our men and women who serve. Jeff is…

Duration: 01:20:41

How “I Am Battle Comic” Theatrical Premiere Raised Money For MilitaryFamily.org.

The World Premiere of “I Am Battle Comic” was a smashing success, thanks to the fine citizens of Detroit. Especially the advertising community, as creatives and producers came out in droves. Huge shout out to Marc Henretta of Jeep, Sterling Doak of Fender and my longtime friend Chuck Meehan of Doner for moderating the Q&A. Midday the great review came…

Duration: 00:20:20

How To Curate A Showcase Of Short FIlms With Source’s Jamie Madge.

Jamie Madge is the Worldwide Editor of the fantastic website SourceEcreative, what we now just call the Source. Jamie puts together a showcase of short films that he carefully curates to give the crowd a variety of emotions. Then we takes the show around the world. Literally. He likens it to a mixtape, because he has us, the audience, in…

Duration: 01:21:11

The Importance Of Character Development With Cortez Bros’ Bernadette Rivero.

Cortez Brothers‘ Co Founder and President Bernadette Rivero can’t stress enough how important it is to flesh out your characters. No matter if it’s for a feature film or a :15 second spot, the well-defined character will always make the story shine. She’s even moonlighted as a ghostwriter for hundreds of writers and directors. So have a listen and share…

Duration: 00:59:45

First Time Directing Festival Fav “Interior NIght” With Writer/Director Al Watt.

Like myself, Alan “Al” Watt started as a stand-up comic, headlining clubs throughout North America, and performing on many TV shows. He’s won awards for writing including France’s Prix Printemps 2004 (best foreign novel) for Diamond Dogs, and now Al has his debut feature film, “Interior Night” lighting up the film festival circuit. We chat writing (he also teaches screenwriting),…

Duration: 01:16:06

I’m Giving Away 2 VIP Tickets For Val Kilmer’s “Cinema Twain” Live Tour.

I saw Val Kilmer’s mind-blowing one man show “Citizen Twain” live in Los Angeles, and it blew my mind. Hence the phrase. We know Mr. Kilmer immerses himself in his characters (e.g. Jim Morrison, Doc Holliday), and this show had you forget Val and believe you were watching Mark Twain do a one man show. At the end of the…

Duration: 00:03:39

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