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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.

Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.
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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.






Episode 20 MARRIAGE: STOP CONFLICT " I Wish..."

Do you ever wish you could communicate with your spouse, exactly what your heart wants? How can you be heard without WW3 starting? This episode is all about doing that! Listen in as Gil and Brenda share with you how to speak in loving and clear ways with your spouse. You will have peace, clarity and less miscommunication (ie: conflict) to your marriage. #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother #stepfather #stepparent #stepparenting #stepchild...


Episode 19 STEPFAMILY CoParenting and Custody

Gil and Brenda interview Willie and Rachel Scott with Better Than Blended. How do you handle a messy custody battle? How do support your spouse? How can it affect your marriage? What’s the biggest challenge for the kids? Do you really need to be able to bite your tongue?The Scotts share valuable tools to help you (or someone you know) through this “icky” part of the stepfamily adventure. If you would like to learn more about Willie and Rachel and Better Than Blended, please contact them...


Episode 18 How to Stepparent a Grieving Stepchild

Do you think your kids are grieving? You may be surprised to hear the answer. Because we(the adults) are happy to have found love again, doesn't mean that our kids feel the same way! The stepfamily journey can be very difficult. Part of that journey that no one likes to talk about is the subject of grief…especially with our kids. Gil and Brenda interviewed Diane Fromme, author of Stepparenting the Grieving Child. Diane brings practical tools and insights that can help this part of your...


Episode 17 STEP PARENTING Criticize or Compliment?

Boy, is this a Stepfamily hot button! Gil and Brenda ask each other, “How do you feel when I criticize your kids?” The mama/papa bear can easily come out in these conversations! Defenses come up, words are said that are not meant, and the wall that you have built to come behind and protect you and your marriage is now between you. On the flip side, “How do you feel when I compliment your kids?” Ahhh, connection happens, empathy is shared, and as a parent, you feel like you are doing a...


Episode 16 MARRIAGE 5 Reasons to Avoid a Counselor

Gil and Brenda had attended a weekend retreat for Counselors. The subject, EFT, Emotional Focused Therapy and Inter-Subjectivity. They had the opportunity to interview two Counselors, Fay DeMeyer and Jeremiah Winston. It was a lively discussion on the counseling profession! Sometimes we need a little check-up for a check-in. How are we doing as individuals? This will directly impact how we interact with our spouse, family, and others. If we haven't dealt with our “stuff” it will tend to...


Episode 15 MARRIAGE 8 Communication Skills to Increase Intimacy

Who would not want to increase intimacy in their marriage? We’re not talking about physical intimacy here. Although, what Gil and Brenda are sharing today will directly affect what goes on in the bedroom. As they have said before, it’s not only about communicating, it’s about connecting. You probably have heard some of these 8 skills before. Yet it’s so easy to forget about them when “life” happens. If you would like a copy of the list, just contact the Stuarts at...


Episode 14 2018 Upcoming Events for R & R!

What are Gil and Brenda up to in this New Year? This is a quick check in from them. They would love to be able to meet you at one of their events. Please connect with them via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What’s your story? How can they encourage you, your marriage and your family? Thanks so much for following and listening in! #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother #stepfather #stepparent #stepparenting #stepchild #blendedfamily...


Episode 13 STEPFAMILY Post Holiday Joy or Damage Control?

Soo, how did it go? Did you survive or thrive?Gil and Brenda take a minute to reflect on this Holiday season. What are the "5 Top Questions You Can Ask Yourself " as you reflect on this season. What worked? What didn’t? This is a great conversation to have with your spouse, your kids, and your stepkids. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself at #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad...


Episode 12 STEPFAMILY Triple F Night

This episode will encourage you on your stepfamily adventure! Wouldn’t it be great if all your kids were excited as you are about your family? Well, sometimes kids in a stepfamily need a little help, Triple F Night: Forced Family Fun! Hear from Gil and Brenda how they created this term and how it played out in their family! It was a little rough at first, but the kids finally bought into it! Please let Gil and Brenda know your Triple F Night stories at...


Episode 11 Stop Nagging!

Hmmm, is this podcast for the men or the woman out there? Gil came home from a few counseling sessions and said: “After the day I’ve had, we gotta do a podcast!” Uh oh, what are you in for? Talking about cantelopes verses honeydew, does nagging really help and what is the emotion behind it. All relationships will benefit from this one! Hang on! #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother #stepfather #stepparent #stepparenting #stepchild...


Episode 10 CoParenting with Tammy & Jay Daughtry

Join Gil and Brenda as they interview guests Tammy and Jay Daughtry, founders of CoParenting International. What is your relationship like with your child’s other bio parent? Could it be better? This relationship can be very difficult to navigate. Bottom line though, what is in the best interest of your child. Do you have a 3 am friend? Listen in and see what nuggets of wisdom you can apply to your family today! Thank you, Tammy and Jay, for being on the front lines to help...


Episode 9 The Holidays Part 2

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day. Whew, there can be a lot going on during the holidays. What’s really going on under the surface? What are YOUR expectations? How are they impacting those around you? Where do the grandparents and ex-inlaws fit into your holiday plans? Or do they? As far as the holidays that involve gift giving, what does that look like for your family? Are your kids/stepkids able to take their gifts to the “other home?”. Listen in as Gil...


Episode 8 The Holidays Part 1

Thanksgiving time! Frozen turkey football, yams or mashed potatoes, whole berry cranberry sauce or jellied? Wow, this holiday can be really loaded…as any holiday can be! What is YOUR attitude during this holiday season? You may be experiencing the unfairness of your divorce/loss of spouse/loss of a dream. How is YOUR attitude affecting the kids…all of them? Have you talked about which holiday traditions to keep and/or which ones you may need to let go of? How have you been intentional in...


Dating Info for ALL Marriages!

Dating This podcast is for ALL Marriage! You've heard it and connecting is so important for your relationship! Life is crazy sometimes, we get it. Even more reason to make sure you are in a good place with your partner. What is the science behind dating? Why is it so important? What impact does it have on our relationships? Gil and Brenda will share statistics, tips tools, and tingles. Hang on, this is going to be a good one! Now, go on a date! #RestoredandRemarried...


1 The Wall

Have you ever experienced having a wall between your partner? Miscommunication, assumptions, conflicts and unmet expectations cause division, which is like a wall. Gil and Brenda will help you reframe the wall, so it will not divide but bring unity into your relationship. Strengthen your marriage and add depth and connection to your marriage today! And yes, there’s homework, GREAT homework! #safemarriage #protectmymarriage #protectourmarriage #marriagecommunication...


Those People

Which “camp” are you in? Gil and Brenda will tackle some common situations that stepfamilies experience. “You’re not my Dad/Mom.” “I can do whatever I want at my Mom’s house.” “Your rules are bad here, you are so mean.” Sound familiar? In today’s episode, you will learn that you are not alone. Your kiddos may be still in the home or living on their own now. Age can work for you or against you when it comes to the dynamics with a stepchild. Age doesn’t seem to separate the...


4 Catch Phrases part 2

Catch Phrases Part 2 Here we go with 4 more terms to share: Foxholes, Phantoms, Short Accounts and Unconscious Undertoes. Gil and Brenda share how using these terms have healed past hurts, helped in the area of forgiveness and has built trust in their relationship. Bring clarity and understanding to your relationship by using these terms. Gil and Brenda encourage you to make up your own! Using this communication shortcut has saved them hours of misunderstanding and assumptions. Check out...


5 1+1=3

1 + 1 = 3 Intersubjectivity. Say what? Listen to how this applies to your marriage. Gil and Brenda will talk about Apple Martinis, Fred, Iris and the Beachfront. Your marriage has its own personality. How’s “it” doing? Learn how to check in with each other and improve the health of your marriage. When we both are intentional in our marriage amazing things will happen. And, we get our needs met. Crazy how that happens. The best gift we can give our kids and society is a marriage that...



Join Gil and Brenda Stuart as they share their “dirt under the fingernails” experience in a stepfamily. Counselor and Coach, authors and speakers, they share practical tools so you can have a remarriage that ROCKS! No matter the age of your kids (if you have any) the best gift you can give them is a strong marriage. With Gil and Brenda, you get both the male and female perspective in marriage. As you listen to them, sparks will fly, laughter and tears will happen, but you’ll walk away...


3 Catch Phrases Part 1

Gil and Brenda share terms and phrases that have helped them reduce conflict in their marriage. Sneaker Waves, Bare Wires, Open Doors and Old Tapes/New Tapes are terms you can start using in your relationship right now! Learn how you can apply these to not only help with communication but to bring connected-ness between you two! Do you know what the Latin term for courage is? Listen in. Check out their website for upcoming speaking engagements, Blog, Media interviews and Small Group...


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