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“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” (EP.11)

(Podcast teaser. Please go to the podcast for more.) Yes. There is no other answer. Pause for two definitions: “Brother” means any human on the planet other than you. All of our brothers and sisters everywhere. In Genesis, God asked Cain where his slain brother, Abel, was. Cain responded, “I know not; am I my brother’s keeper?” God’s response was telling, “What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” Perhaps unwittingly, Cain was asking a question...


Choosing up Sides (EP.10)

(Podcast Teaser. Please listen to the podcast for more.) We must learn to choose and participate in political and economic groups far differently than how we choose and participate in playing games and being fans of sports teams. It is more than fine to use emotion, friends and family connections and geography to select which teams we support. And how fervently we do so. It is not okay–short-sighted and dangerous in fact–to use the same process with politics, economics and key issues of the...


Common Goals (EP.09)

(Podcast Teaser. Please listen to the podcast for more.) Common Goals. I describe myself as a man seeking common goals. (How’s that for a party name?) I am registered as Unaffiliated in CO; there are more of those than either Republicans or Democrats here. Don’t most of us share the same common, bedrock goals? I don’t mean desires that many share like wanting this party or this candidate to win (or the other party or person to lose), I mean the core, meaningful, underlying goals that most of...


Politically Homeless (EP.08)

I started my political life thinking that I was a Democrat. After all, they are the ones who want to help people. Right? Then I thought I was a Republican. They are the responsible ones. Right? I really thought that I knew who I was politically when I heard Jimmy Carter say that he was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Ah. Perfect. For many years, I was happy with describing myself the way then candidate and President Carter described himself. But as the political landscape has...


Free or Equal (EP.07)

(Podcast Teaser. Please listen to the podcast for more.) “Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. If they are equal, they are not free.” Aleksandr Solzehenitsyn. Clearly true on the face of it. In addition to differing capacities at birth, God’s choice, we develop and grow at different rates throughout life; our choice. Solzehenitsyn is talking about the inevitability of unequal outcomes in a free society. Clear on the face of it. Let’s also...


Peregrine Creek–My Walden Pond (EP.06)

Podcast Summary In this podcast, my primary intention is for us to get to know each other better. Quoting Henry David Thoreau from Walden-Life In the Woods, “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Please note that Thoreau did not ask for his agenda to win out, to be right–or make others wrong. He asked for truth. Truth is where everything needs to start (but not end). My Walden pond is Peregrine Creek, right on my property. My Life In the Woods starts about 70 yards from...


Gun Control (EP.05)

In typical Results With Reason style, we’ll start with a hoped-for common goal: Barring the sale of firearms to (and confiscating from) those who have shown tendencies, red flags, that might indicate they would abuse guns, while still allowing law-abiding citizens to enjoy the safe use of well-defined firearms. We are not starting from scratch; we have thousands–tens of thousands–of gun control laws on the book. Step one is to better enforce the laws we have now. More attention to...


L. L. Bean and School Shootings (EP.04)

Dealing with evils like school shootings requires both a short-term approach, and a long-term approach. To stop the next shooter(s), the most immediate action we must take is to arm and train personnel–teachers and staff. The adults who are going to our schools each and every day, including today, tomorrow and every school day. They will need to be supplemented and supported by full-time professionals, but those will take longer to identify, recruit and train; qualified, or even prospective,...


Passing Our Debts To Our Children (EP.03)

Our national debt of $21 Trillion–and rising rapidly–will be paid by our kids and grandkids. The much talked about 1% and the corporations will not be the ones picking up the tab; our heirs will get the check. Quick math shows that the about owed by each of one us, man, woman and child, is $60K. A family of 5 currently owes $300K. And we are the ones creating this debt. Governments, corporations and, yes, even the 1% are made up of nothing but individuals. Individuals are the only entities...


Due Process and “He Said, She Said” (EP.02)

Our nation and communities–in some cases families–are being pulled apart–unnecessarily. Gender, instead of simply being a natural part of our makeup, and a delight from time-to-time, is now one of the many artificially created fault lines. The play on words is intended here. Fault lines in nature can create devastating earthquakes. Finding fault simply and only along gender lines can create equal disasters with us as people. Today’s podcast examines how we are taking the wonder and delight...


Charter Schools Make Public Schools Better (EP.01)

“The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.” Keewations (Inuit) proverb. One of the signature environmental books of the 70’s was “Never Cry Wolf” by Farley Mowat (how’s that for a name?). A wonderful book with many intriguing, fun, and memorable anecdotes, with the core message being that wolves had been getting a bad rap. Until the publication of Mowat’s book, wolves were broadly seen as dangerous predators, with few – if any – redeeming characteristics...


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