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Robin Hood :: Retro Rewind Podcast #127

Oo de lally, oo de lally, golly what a podcast when the RRP Crew tackles the animated version of Robin Hood. Listen to find out if we are still out-foxed by its greatness, or like Prince John, is a phony. -

Duration: 01:09:53

UHF :: Retro Rewind Podcast #126

Your intrepid RRP Crew is joined by fellow CGC podcaster Nathan James Norman to discuss Weird Al's UHF. Does UHF still have it all (as advertised) or should it be taken off the air; listen and find out what we think. -

Duration: 01:12:47

The Transformers: The Movie :: Retro Rewind Podcast #125

On this voyage for the RRP crew, we try to unlock the matrix and unravel the mystery of the monster planet Unicron. Listen to our review and find out if there is still more than meets the eye to this version of Transformers. -

Duration: 01:15:02

Blade Runner :: Retro Rewind Podcast #124

The RRP crew is joined by a couple of devoted geeks to review the final cut version of Blade Runner, and give it a final rating. Listen to hear if this Ridley Scott film still holds up today. -

Duration: 01:37:59

The Sword in the Stone :: Retro Rewind Podcast #123

It's a wibbly wobbly, hippity hoppity, timey wimey outing for the RRP crew with new hand Mark Morris, as we discuss the animated prequel to Excalibur—The Sword in the Stone. Listen to find out what we thought of this Disney film. -

Duration: 01:21:22

Tron :: Retro Rewind Podcast #122

We fight for the listener, programmed to review the movie Tron. We discuss the bits that hold up today and what aspects need to be derezzed. Enjoy! -

Duration: 01:21:15

Remember the Titans :: Retro Rewind Podcast #121

In this episode your faithful Retro Rewind crew, accompanied by Chief Nate Henderson, watch a group of black and white high school students become a team as they put winning the game of football ahead of eachothers' skin color...I guess if that's what it takes ;) -

Duration: 01:15:27

Newsies :: Retro Rewind Podcast #120

Not sure we need a good assassination, an earthquake, or a war, but we do travel back to the 90s to (19th and 20th century) to review the Disney movie Newsies. Kristy Ruiz is back, so listen as we discuss this musical. -

Duration: 01:29:52

The Emperor's New Groove :: Retro Rewind Podcast #119

For this episode we go back to a time when the ancient Incas were ruled by a narcissist who became a llama, a llama who became compassionate, and regained an empire. What else would you expect from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove? Listen and find out. -

Duration: 00:55:41

Last Action Hero :: Retro Rewind Podcast #118

For this surprise episode we travel back to the 90s to witness how the ultimate action star gets revenge for his second cousin's murder. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Last Action Hero...and you are about to listen to apodcast about it. -

Duration: 00:58:17

Contra 3: The Alien Wars :: Retro Rewind Podcast #117

We face Red Falcon's alien hordes as a 3-player-co-op-podcast. But will it be too difficult for us to complete, or will we beat all six stages? Listen to our Contra 3 podcast! -

Duration: 00:56:15

Toy Story :: Retro Rewind Podcast #116

We vie for being our listeners' favorite podcast. But are we your Woody or your Buzz Lightyear? Listen to our discussion of Toy Story with guest Chris Cowan. -

Duration: 01:07:15

The Lion King :: Retro Rewind Podcast #114

The circle of life comes to you in podcast form, this episode. Be prepared as the RRP crew pride themselves on saying what we liked and disliked about Disney's The Lion King, with new guest Blaine Grimes. -

Duration: 01:35:24

Top Gun :: Retro Rewind Podcast #115

On our way to covering the listener voted movie Toy Story, we were unexpectedly hit out of the timestream. But thanks to our Alert 5 DeLorean pilot Kate Ruiz, we were able to get out of the danger zone, and review Top Gun. -

Duration: 01:21:19

The Flash TV Pilot :: Retro Rewind Podcast #113

We crossed-over with the Victims and Villains Podcast, and flashed-back to discuss a 90s TV show pilot. Listen and enjoy our run-down of The Flash. -

Duration: 01:02:53

Hook :: Retro Rewind Podcast #112

We calibrate the reflux capacitor for the second star to the right, and head out straight on till we reach 1991's Hook. We discuss if this Spielberg take on the Peter Pan mythos is worth watching today. -

Duration: 01:14:29

X-Men :: Retro Rewind Podcast #111

The RRP crew face off against The Brotherhood of Mutant Feelin' Film-ers...or something like that. The awesome guys from the Feelin' Film podcast joined us to talk 2000's X-Men and discuss if it still gets us X-cited or we want to see it go X-tinct. -

Duration: 01:42:48

Aladdin :: Retro Rewind Podcast #110

Will ONE HUNDRED TEN EPISODES give you such a crick in the neck? It could, especially if Disney's Aladdin doesn't hold up, but nevertheless we wish you will listen and find out. -

Duration: 01:28:02

SpaceCamp :: Retro Rewind Podcast #109

Since our fuel regulator mishap in episode 100, we have made sure to have plenty of extra O2 on our ship. Space shuttle Atlantis was not so prepared when some kids took flight in it. Does the movie about their adventure hold up, listen to what we think.

Duration: 01:08:47

Mortal Kombat :: Retro Rewind Podcast #108

The imperial court of immortals invites you to listen to the RRP crew’s episode on the tournament MORTAL KOMBAT. Quitos Ruiz joins us once again to fight with us over how well this 90s game holds up.

Duration: 00:54:49

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