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Episode 36 : Radioactive Dreams, The Joy of Painting & Sectaurs

Disco Mutants, Bob Ross and Time Travel segue into a strong Atari finish. This episode: MovieSquat (3m:31s) Radioactive Dreams + Galaxy of Terror = I Dream of Disco Mutants TubeSquat (22m:27s) The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross + Voyagers! = The Joy of Time Travel ToonSquat (43m:09s) The Jetsons + Sectaurs = Spacely Symbion Sprockets GameSquat (1h:00m:40s) Warbirds (Lynx) + Tape Worm (2600) = War Worm vs. Beaky Birds @retrosquat Music/SFX:...

Duration: 01:18:37

Episode 35 : Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Gobots & Deadly Towers

Gobots, Brad Pitt and Hedge trimmers a-plenty! Sit down, turn up the volume and let's get froggy. This episode: MovieSquat (1m:05s) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 + Across the Tracks = The Connecticut Hedge Trimmer Incident TubeSquat (19m:37s) Ohara + Blue Skies = Blue Skies for Lt. Ohara ToonSquat (27m:37s) The Power Team + Challenge of the Gobots = The New Gobots GameSquat (43m:00s) Deadly Towers (NES) + James Pond 3 (Genesis) = Froggy Bottom: You Only Croak...

Duration: 01:00:11

Episode 34 : Meteor Man, Robotech, and Defender II

You're invited to a wedding! Please be aware that attending this wedding will be a superhero, giant robots, vagrant musicians and The Law. Who's your plus one? This episode: Movies (1m:23s) Meteor Man + My Brother's Wedding = Meteor Man 2: My Brother's Wedding TV Shows (20m:55s) Hunter + the Law & Harry McGraw = The Law, McCall, McGraw & Rick Cartoons (34m:35s) Meatballs and Spaghetti + Robotech = Robotech Mobile Home Video Games (55m:38s) Defender II (NES) + Phelios (Genesis) =...

Duration: 01:12:45

Episode 33: Mad Max, Coach, Hello Kitty and Fievel

Kip Winger as Mad Max? Brisco County the Fifth, The Littles and an angry Fievel round out the Squat this week! This episode: Movies (6m:48s) Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome + The Verdict = The People v Max Rockatansky TV Shows (25m:52s) The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. + Coach = Coach County Cartoons (42m:21s) The Littles + Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater = Hello Kitty's Littles Tales Video Games (59m:01s) An American Tale: Fievel Goes West (Super NES) + Doomsday Warrior (Super NES) =...

Duration: 01:11:05

Episode 32: Rise of the Halloween

Boo! Guess who has a treat for you this week! From Beyond, we visit The Munsters in Eerie, Indiana and stop by a Haunted House in Castlevania. Clowns and trolls and Deadly Spawn also show up. Time to Squat, Halloween style! LISTEN HERE This episode: Movies (8m:14s) From Beyond + The Deadly Spawn = Pineal Pupation TV Shows (23m:57s) Eerie, Indiana + The Munsters = 1313 Eerie Lane Cartoons (36m:58s) Little Clowns of Happy Town + Trollkins = Happy Clowns of Trolltown Video Games...

Duration: 01:04:53

Episode 31: Once Bitten, Monchhichis, Newhart & Yoshi's Cookie

Pop a Squat and listen to tales of vampires who look like Jim Carrey, monchich- monchhichhi- impossibly named monkeys and dreams of Newhart. Oh, we also set every Yoshi on fire. You know, for science. LISTEN HERE This episode: Movies (2m:11s) Once Bitten + Gotcha! = Gotcha Bit! TV Shows (17m:48s) Newhart + The Cosby Show = The Cosby/Newhart Show Cartoons (23m:41s) The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh + Monchhichis = A Monchhichi in Pooh Corner Video Games (32m:22s) Yoshi's Cookie...

Duration: 00:47:18

Episode 30: MacGyver, Space Invaders and Heavy Metal

This week on The Squat: We did it! This marks the first time Ken and Kris randomly chose the same thing. But which one was it? Listen or watch to find out… or look at the show notes. It's your life, do what you want. Also, we have MacGyver, Space Invaders and Heavy Metal. LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE This episode: Movies 5m:39s Heavy Metal + Class = New Wave: A Heavy Metal Short TV Shows 22m:10s Pictionary + MacGyver = MacGyver That! Cartoons 33m:20s Fraggle Rock + Fraggle Rock = Fraggle...

Duration: 00:52:00

Episode 28: Indiana Jones, Yan Can Cook, Popeye and some Cosmic Commuting

This week on The Squat: More Indiana Jones, Yan Can Cook, Popeye and some Cosmic Commuting. Pretty crazy, huh? LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE This episode: Movies 0m:55s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade + Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey = Homeward Bound to Indiana, Jones TV Shows 8m:40s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous + Yan Can Cook = Lifestyles of Yan: Yan Can Live Cartoons 21m:08s The Popeye and Olive Show + Drak Pack = Drak Pack II Video Games 29m:06s Cosmic Commuter + The...

Duration: 00:40:34

Episode 27: Puppet Master, Baywatch, Space Ace and Zanac

This week on The Squat: Killer puppets, killer lifeguards, killer space aces and Zanac. We've got the quite the spectrum here, but does any of it work? Guess we'll find out. LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE This episode: Movies 3m:01s Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge + The Night We Never Met = Toulon's Flat TV Shows 17m:44s Baywatch + Reading Rainbow = Baywatch: Save the Date Cartoons 29m:29s Space Ace + Potato Head Kids = Space Tots Video Games 37m:38s Zanac (Nes) + Solar Jetman (Nes) =...

Duration: 00:54:29

Episode 26: Mr. Wizard, Pink Panther, Speed Racer and Greased Lightning

This week on The Squat: We go to Sweet Valley High and Hero High, say hello to Mr.Wizard and make up a new, mythical creature while battling Slimes. All in a day's work here at The Squat HQ. LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE This episode: Movies 3m:06s Of Unknown Origin + Greased Lightning = Lightninged Grease TV Shows 17m:02s Sweet Valley High + Mr. Wizard's World = Mrs. Wizards Cartoons 21m:29s Pink Panther and Sons + Hero High = Night of the Leoguar Video Games 30m:29s Speed Racer (Snes) +...

Duration: 00:41:13

Episode 25: Airwolf, Mister T, Lost Vikings and Ordinary Magic

This week on The Squat: Airwolf, Mister T, Lost Vikings and Ordinary Magic. What on earth could we possible do with these? Well, give a listen to find out! (or watch it on Youtube) LISTEN HERE WATCH EP HERE This episode: Movies 2m:17s Cracking Up + Ordinary Magic = Magic Crack TV Shows 9m:52s Airwolf + Flo = Flowolf Cartoons 19m:00s Captain N: The Game Master + Mister T = Mister T 'n Cap'n N Video Games 30m:36s The Lost Vikings (Snes) + AmeriDarts (Arcade) = Lost Viking Darts Watch...

Duration: 00:40:33

Episode 24: A Little Princess, Thundarr, Street Hawk, and MLB

This week on The Squat: A Little Princess, Thundarr the Barbarian, Street Hawk, and MLB. What will they be combined with? Listen and find out! (or just read the show notes) LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE This episode: Movies 3m:18s The Morning After + A Little Princess = A Prince's Mourning Morning TV Shows 17m:47s Street Hawk + The Young Riders = Trail Riders Cartoons 36m:34s Thundarr the Barbarian + Pole Position = Pole Position 2 feat. Thundarr Video Games 46m:58s Major League Baseball...

Duration: 01:02:42

Episode 22: Indiana Jones and the Silpheed of

Weird, wacky combos this time. Werewolves and a Private Eye, two types of rangers, we learn some stuff and also Indiana Jones. What more could you want? Enjoy! LISTEN HERE WATCH VIDEO HERE This episode: Movies 2m:15s V.I. Warshawski + Howling VI - The Freaks = V.I. Whailshawski TV Shows 9m:27s Encyclopedia + I Dream of Jeannie = We Wish Nelson Cartoons 20m:07s The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers + The Lone Ranger = The Adventures of Team Ranger Video Games 26m:46s Indiana Jones and...

Duration: 00:41:13