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RevThink consultant to #agency, #studio and #productioncompany firms. Impossible Pictures founder, sharing all my secrets. 'Creative is easy. Business is hard.'






Ep 031 PromaxBDA Roundtable

In our first annual PromaxBDA Roundtable Podcast, Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger have a conversation with five amazing guests: Alberto Scirocco, Josh Norton, PJ Richardson, Lorey Zlotnick and Patalia Tate. Back in June in Los Angeles at the Conference, Tim and Joel thought it would be really great to take advantage of everyone being in one place at one time during the year and grab a few of their RevThink clients and create a round-table conversation So they brought together the owners of...

Duration: 01:16:26

Ep 029 Patrick Jager - Getting Into Content Development

Patrick Jager is a content consultant at RevThink. In this episode, Joel Pilger and Patrick talk about getting into Content development. Patrick has been in the content game for decades and shares his thoughts on how the marketplace is shifting and what that means for small studios looking at getting into content development.

Duration: 00:29:24

Ep 027 Caitlin Hornshaw and Ashley Tolusic - Awards

Caitlin Hornshaw and Ashley Tolusic from Brave Dog join the show to discuss awards. Brave Dog is a company that specializes in helping companies navigate the awards process. On the RevThinking podcast, RevThink's Joel Pilger interviews Caitlin and Ashley to hear how companies can not only gain a better chance at winning awards but also how to leverage them for repeat business.

Duration: 00:37:43

Ep 026 Steve Kazanjian - Creative Entrepreneurs at PromaxBDA

Steve Kazanjian is President & CEO at PromaxBDA, the global community of marketers and creatives in the media & entertainment industry. In this episode, Joel Pilger interviews Steve for his perspective on the association's history and evolution through the years. Steve also shares his heart for the creative agencies and the association's partnership with RevThink to form the Creative Entrepreneurs program.

Duration: 00:49:59

Ep 026 Ryan Bramwell At Spillt - Seasons of the Creative Firm

The first of a series, this podcast explores the Seasons of the Creative Firm with special guest Ryan Bramwell at motion design agency Spillt. In this first episode, we celebrate Spillt's 10th year anniversary and gain insight into the Seasons based on Ryan's perspectives on launching his firm, growing it through the years, and the tough decisions he has made along the way.

Duration: 00:34:28

Ep 024 Creative Entrepreneurs Conference On Marketing And Positioning

Ep 024 Creative Entrepreneurs Conference On Marketing And Positioning by Joel Pilger

Duration: 00:18:27

Ep 023 Tim Thompson - The Production Report

Continuing our series "The Six Reports Every Studio Should Be Running," Joel Pilger interviews Tim Thompson about The Production Report. What does a weekly production report – and corresponding meeting – look like at a motion design and/or production studio? The conversation also gets into the critical role that Production – and Producers – play inside every one of our creative firms.

Duration: 00:28:49

Ep 021 Patrick Jager - Reverse Engineering Content

In this episode Joel Pilger interviews Patrick Jager on the topic of how content is changing… and where the opportunities are for content creators. * These days more and more about “content studios” being built inside major corporations. But what is a “content studio”? * You’ve heard it said that “content is king” but Patrick argues that’s actually wrong. Instead he believes “content is currency.” * This leads into a discussion about the big idea: that great content development is a...

Duration: 00:24:43

Ep 016 Tim Thompson - The 6 Reports - Sales

Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger discuss how these 6 Reports – if run weekly – help studios large and small solve issues proactively. They key is to create tools that are so easy that you always have accurate information, thereby providing you with time to implement solutions before problems get out of control.

Ep 014 Joel Pilger - Why Small Studios Struggle

Running a small (well below $1 million in annual revenue) studio is utterly exhausting. But there are two key habits proven to consistently move small firms forward. In this episode, RevThink consultant Joel Pilger discusses the hardships facing small production companies and motion design studios, and how they can grow into the next season.