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TRP 244-The Revolution Podcast Episode 244-Exclusive David Rambo Interview

In episode 244 of The Revolution Podcast we are excited to bring you our exclusive interview with co-executive producer and writer of NBC's Revolution, David Rambo. We spoke with David the day after the Revolution series finale aired on NBC. David shared his story about how he got into writing and what the writing process is like for him. He also shares some fun moments from the Revolution writers room, and how other works from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and The Twilight Zone influenced...

TRP 242-The Revolution Podcast Episode 242-Declaration of Independence Revi

In episode 242 of The Revolution Podcast we review the series finale of NBC's Revolution entitled, "Declaration of Independence." Since this episode was written as a season finale and not as a series finale, we look at it from both perspectives, giving it latitude for not being a proper series finale. We discuss the points of the story that had a sense of resolution such as the relationships with Miles, Charlie, and Rachel. We also talk about the seeming end to the Patriot storyline and...

Revolution 2×22 Declaration of Independence First Impressions

The Revolution series finale entitled, "Declaration of Independence" aired on May 21, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on "Declaration of Independence." It was a good episode and would have made a fantastic season finale. The episode looked like it would give us some resolution, but then the development in the last few minutes changed all of that and left us with almost no resolution. Bass has been a very interesting character all season just when we thought we couldn't trust him and...

SILY Episode 47-You Want Change With That?

Tomorrow will be the end of an era. On Wednesday, May 21, 2014, the final episode of Revolution will air on NBC. Once it ends and we record our podcasts on Thursday night, it will mark the first time since we started podcasting in 2008 that Golden Spiral Media will not have a podcast about a currently airing TV show. Yes, we’ll still have our LOST podcast, and Triplecast is coming back in the next couple of weeks, but it’s a distinction that’s worth noting. It’s worth noting because we...

TRP 241-The Revolution Podcast Episode 241-Feedback For Memorial Day

In episode 241 of The Revolution Podcast we share the listener feedback we received for the penultimate episode of NBC's Revolution entitled, "Memorial Day" which aired on May 14, 2014. We hear some great thoughts and theories about how the show might end and which portions of the story will have some sort of closure. We also hear thoughts about the necklace that Truman gave Marion, the relationship growth between Charlie and Miles, the flawed plans of the Patriots, and Miles' new...

TRP 240-The Revolution Podcast Episode 240-Memorial Day Review

In episode 240 of The Revolution Podcast we review the penultimate episode of NBC's Revolution called "Memorial Day" which aired on May 14, 2014. In our review of the episode we discuss Rachel's discovery of the nano's limitations and whether or not they are true limitations that could be exploited. We also talk about the train heist and the new alliance between Connor and Tom. We also discuss the shock at seeing President Davis and General Carver together, the death of Marion, and whether...

TRP 239-The Revolution Podcast Episode 239-Feedback For Tomorrowland

In episode 239 of The Revolution Podcast we share listener feedback and theories that we received about season 2 episode 20 of NBC's Revolution, "Tomorrowland." Most listeners felt like this episode was really good as it positioned several characters and plot pieces to what looks to be a very exciting final two episodes of the season. We hear insight on the yellow cross mustard gas, Tom's desperation and killing of Shaw, and whether or not Tom and Bass are redeemable at this point. We also...

TRP 238-The Revolution Podcast Episode 238-Tomorrowland Review

In episode 238 of The Revolution Podcast we review season 2 episode 20 of NBC's Revolution entitled, "Tomorrowland." We discuss nano-Priscilla's continued manipulation of humans and misunderstanding of humanity. We also discuss the Patriot's use of mustard gas and the division it has caused between Miles and Monroe. We talk about what the ramifications might be of having Miles and Monroe split up, the use of the mercenaries, and how Tom Neville might also change the plans of Miles and...

Revolution 2×20 Tomorrowland First Impressions

Revolution season 2 episode 20 entitled, “Tomorrowland” aired on May 7, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on "Tomorrowland.” We saw a definite change in attitude with Miles this week as he clearly aligned himself with Rachel and told her that he wants to be like her and create a better future with her and Charlie. Just when nanoPriscilla couldn't get any creepier, she tells Aaron that she plans on modifying the limbic system so that people will feel like they're happy. Tom and Monroe...

TRP 237-The Revolution Podcast Episode 237-Feedback For $#!& Happens

In episode 237 of The Revolution Podcast we share some of the listener feedback we received for season 2 episode 19 of NBC's Revolution entitled, "$#! Happens." Most of the listeners felt like the episode delivered excellent writing and incredible acting, but fell a little short on the action. Some listeners wanted more action, while others were fine with the lack of action since it was made up for by character development. We hear some varying opinions on Rachel and Bass, thoughts on what...

TRP 236-The Revolution Podcast Episode 236-$#!& Happens Review

In episode 236 of The Revolution Podcast we review season 2 episode 19 of NBC's Revolution entitled, "$#! Happens." During out discussion of the episode we share our thoughts on the revelation of what was in the shack that Miles burned down in the season 2 premiere episode and if was a good pay off. We also talk about the development of the nanites and how they are treating Aaron. Most of this episode had Miles by himself trapped in a basement and we discuss how this experience might have...

Revolution 2×19 $#!& Happens First Impressions

Revolution season 2 episode 19 entitled, "$#! Happens" aired on April 30, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on "$#! Happens." I loved the scenes with Charlie and Tom. Tracy Spiridakos and Giancarlo Esposito both did a fantastic job and I was surprised at moving it was. We finally got the mystery solved of what was in the box, the shack, that Miles burned at the beginning of the season. It was a better reveal that I imagined and I wonder if Aaron and Miles will ever know that each holds...

TRP 235-The Revolution Podcast Episode 235-Feedback For Austin City Limits

In episode 235 of The Revolution Podcast we share the fan feedback we received for season 2, episode 18 of Revolution entitled, "Austin City Limits." We hear a lot of great thoughts and insights about the death of Jason and how it was a death that was earned by the great character arc that the writers gave Jason Neville. We also hear some theories on what will happen now that Jason is dead. Most listeners are more intrigued by the nanites than ever before as each episode paints the nanites...

TRP 234-The Revolution Podcast Episode 234-Austin City Limits Review

In episode 234 of The Revolution Podcast we review season 2 episode 18 NBC's Revolution entitled, "Austin City Limits." SPOILER WARNING if you have not yet seen this episode. In our review we discuss this very powerful and emotional episode and the various developments with the characters. We discuss the death of Jason and great acting done by JD Pardo and Tracy Spiridakos, the directing and musical score of the episode, and the impact that Jason's death will have on Tom, Charlie, and the...

Revolution 2×18 Austin City Limits First Impressions

Revolution season 2 episode 18 entitled, "Austin City Limits" aired on April 2, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on "Austin City Limits." This episode had a lot of hype due to the promotions that NBC ran about it after the previous episode aired and during the days leading up to this episode. It would have been easy to be disappointed if this episode didn't live up to the hype, but that was not the case. "Austin City Limits" was great! I am even more intrigued about Priscilla and what...

TRP 233-The Revolution Podcast Episode 233-Feedback For Why We Fight

In episode 233 of The Revolution Podcast we share the listener feedback we received for the 17th episode of Revolution season 2 entitled, "Why We Fight." The episode was generally considered one of the darkest of the series so far and most Revolution fans liked it. We received an interesting theory from Jenn about the Patriots and the possible role that the nanites have in their actions. Read More...

TRP 232-The Revolution Podcast Episode 232-Why We Fight Review

In episode 232 of The Revolution Podcast we review 17th episode of Revolution season 2 entitled, "Why We Fight." We talk about all of the character development in this episode, the changing moral stance of Rachel, Gene's philosophical approach to Miles, Monroe's dark path, Charlie's lack of hope, and the possibility that Connor will choose a different path than his dad. We also talk about the developments with Tom, Jason, Doyle, and Truman. We speculate on what Tom will do with Jason, what...

Revolution 2×17 Why We Fight First Impressions

Revolution season 2 episode 17 entitled, "Why We Fight" aired on March 19, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on "Why We Fight." The theme of the characters discussing and deciding why they fight began in "Exposition Boulevard" and carried over in a major way in "Why We Fight." I liked that Rachel apologized to Charlie. She does not like the woman that Charlie has become and she realizes that she must take a lot of the responsibility for it. She abandoned Charlie and wasn't around to help...

TRP 231-The Revolution Podcast Episode 231-Feedback For Exposition Boulevar

In episode 231 of The Revolution Podcast we share the listener feedback and theories we received for "Exposition Boulevard." We hear some very interesting and thought provoking theories about Aaron and Priscilla and the symbolism of them eating apples. We also hear some good insight about President Davis' son and how he might be a clue about the nanites intentions. Once again, stunt coordinator, Jeff Wolfe, received high praise for his work in this episode, specifically with the battle...

TRP 230-The Revolution Podcast Episode 230-Exposition Boulevard Review

In episode 230 of The Revolution Podcast we discuss the []
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