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Rewind / Review is a podcast where your hosts, Katie and Lauren, watch and discuss the unique and defining movies of their guests' childhoods.

Rewind / Review is a podcast where your hosts, Katie and Lauren, watch and discuss the unique and defining movies of their guests' childhoods.
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Rewind / Review is a podcast where your hosts, Katie and Lauren, watch and discuss the unique and defining movies of their guests' childhoods.




Ep.30 - Anjelica, Queen of The Witches w/ Emilia Contreras

Welcome to Episode 30! Our friend Emilia is back, introducing to us the horrifying and magical movie, ‘The Witches’. We loved talking about the similarities between these terrifying witches and Skeksis in 'The Dark Crystal', the cuteness of the puppet mice, and our love of the ever-enchanting Angelica Huston.

Duration: 01:56:08

Ep.29 - I am Kazaam! (or is it Shazaam?) w/ Brady Williams-Nelson

We’re joined by our good friend Brady to talk about the rapping-genie gem, ‘Kazaam’! Find out whether the movie is more memorable due to Shaq’s rap skills or the fact that this classic is often confused with the fictional Sinbad flick, ‘Shazaam’.

Duration: 01:35:13

Ep.28 - The Family Episode

For the first episode of 2018, Lauren and Katie talk with their families about movies, growing up, and the holidays.

Duration: 01:48:37

Ep.27 - L&K Christmas: For the Love of Turtlenecks

We’re finishing 2017 with this holiday special! Lauren and Katie talk about their favorite festive films, and their love of the holidays.

Duration: 01:18:25

Ep.26 -The Santa Clause: Shaken, Not Stirred w/Elliot Matson

In preparation for the holidays, we take an in-depth look at one of our favorite holiday franchises, ‘The Santa Clause’. Our friend Elliot from the podcast 'These Parts' helps us determine the best and worst moments in this series, and we slowly begin to question the logistics of the Santa mythos. These Parts:

Duration: 01:37:45

Ep.25 - Pretty Woman: Take Care of You w/Gloria Cruz

25 and thriving! Gloria gives us the opportunity to discuss ‘Pretty Woman’ in this episode, which was a true joy. We had a lot to say about the thematic elements of this film, the way that women and men are portrayed, and our undying love for the one and *only* Julia Roberts.

Duration: 01:50:02

Ep.24 - DuckTales the Movie: Lost Lamps and Embarrassing Stories w/ Spencer Moyle

Get ready for some rowdy adventures, y’all. Our lovely friend Spencer made us homemade pizza, and joined us to talk all about ‘DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp’ in Episode 24. We get into the craziness of dreams, our most embarrassing grade school stories, and the strange similarities between this Disney movie and so many other classics.

Duration: 01:30:28

Ep.23 - L&K Themies: They Say It's Our Birthdays

Happy Birthday(s), Lauren and Katie! Matt joins us in celebrating our birthdays and our friendship in this special birthday week episode. We discuss cherished and forgotten movies from our youths and remember the best (and worst) birthdays growing up.

Duration: 01:09:15

Ep.22 - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Eat All the Biscuits w/ Jessica Tidrick

Long-time listener and master-baker Jessica is on the show for this episode! We discuss ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’, and the genius of the Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder partnership. Oprah, llamas, a weird Kevin Spacey, Marie Antoinette, and many more star in this fresh episode.

Duration: 01:44:13

Ep.21 - Far From Home: Dogs are People Too w/ Emilia Contreras and Cosita

Our friend Emilia and her adorable pup Cosita co-star in this episode discussing, ‘Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog’. We all agreed that this movie is an emotional rollercoaster and a delight, showcasing a tiny Jesse Bradford and the most loyal dog on earth.

Duration: 01:23:48

Ep.20 - Secrets and Gardens and Spores, Oh My w/ Olivia Peterschmidt

In our 20th episode, we get to know Olivia and the 1993 movie, ‘The Secret Garden’! Our irritation by the bratty Colin Craven is only topped by our love for the cantankerous Dame Maggie Smith. Enjoy our take on this childhood tale, favorite boy bands, bad gifts, and much more.

Duration: 01:22:42

Ep.19 - The Last Unicorn and Pretentious Kneecaps w/ Tom Brown

Tom is back with another fantastic childhood movie, ‘The Last Unicorn’! We discuss all the good and (potentially) problematic aspects of the movie, all while sipping on Amalthea’s Tears...and singing the most epic theme song of all time.

Duration: 01:39:26

Ep. 17 - Halloween Scares Us Speechless w/Matt And Shayan

In our final Halloween-themed episode of the year we ~trick~ two known scaredy cats and second-time guests, Matt and Shayan, into watching the John Carpenter classic “Halloween”-- and it’s quite a ~treat~. Listen to our real-time screams, our post-viewing discussion about other movies that scare each of us, and our love of the young Jamie Lee Curtis!

Duration: 00:40:48

Ep.17 - L&K Themies: Spookier Scarier Halloween Pt.2

For Pt. 2 of our spooktacular Halloween themed episodes, we brave the horror and thriller genres to rank our top scary movies. Demonic possessions, alien abductions, ghosties, weird children...they all haunt our dreams and make an appearance in our favorites!

Duration: 01:11:57

Ep.16 - L&K Themies: Spooky Scary Halloween Pt.1

In Part 1 of our themed October episodes, we get pumped for Halloween and Autumn by talking about some of our favorite spooky scary movies! While Tim Burton is practically a guest star in this episode, we also talk about all of our other favorite Halloween classics that we can't wait to rewatch while carving pumpkins and sipping on apple cider.

Duration: 01:18:35

Ep.15 -We Want a Blank Check w/ Joey

As fall begins, we sit down with Joey to watch his childhood favorite, 'Blank Check'. Joey tries his first Cow Tale, and we all imagine what it would be like to have $1 million fall into our laps.

Duration: 01:19:21

Ep. 14 - Zeus And Roxanne Get Maytagged Hardcore W/ Kaylee

Kaylee joins us to talk about the fantastically silly movie, ‘Zeus and Roxanne’. While we discuss the wonders of the 99 cent store, we also talk through this poetic plot of a dog and dolphin finding true love. Pleather pants may or may not be included.

Duration: 01:28:21

Ep.13 - L&K Themies: The Day After Disaster Movies

In our second themed episode, we sit down with our snacks and discuss Katie’s favorite movie genre, End of the World movies. We uncover our deep-seeded fears of apocalypse scenarios while snacking on popcorn and canned wine. It’s worth a listen!

Duration: 00:50:57

Ep.12 - Rocky Loves 3 Ninjas w/ Taylor Wichrowski

Welcome to Episode 12! Our friend Taylor came all the way from Chicago to record this lovely episode. We’re excited to talk about ‘3 Ninjas’, especially after discussing ‘Surf Ninjas’ with Shayan in Episode 5. There’s a feast of snacks, a few sighs, and a great deal of commentary about this great 90’s movie.

Duration: 01:30:52

Ep.11 - Bedknobs and Witch Bachelorettes w/ Kat

Episode 11, coming in hot! We talk with the lovely Kat about ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’, the 1971 classic starring Angela Lansbury, while sipping Cosmic Creepers cocktails. We even have time to throw in some discussion of witchy Dames, Buzzfeed quizzes, subtle British shade, Lunchables, and mince meat pie.

Duration: 01:36:21

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