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Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.

Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.
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London, United Kingdom


Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.






RHLSTP 149 - Ed Byrne

RHLSTP #149: Ed Byrne - Lost Leather Jacket. Rich is getting used to living in the countryside and the action movie that is attempting to get the train home. His guest has painful memories of the show he is best known for, it's Sudoku king, Ed Byrne. Richard is happy because there's lots of chances to discuss celebrity quiz shows, but luckily he's not going to dwell on his own successes or failures (whichever they might have been). They also discuss prestigious acting awards; the decline...

Duration: 01:08:02

RHLSTP 148 - Robert Webb

RHLSTP #148: Robert Webb - The Ideal Age To Die. Richard is still prickling with mortification after an encounter with Michael Portillo, as if turning 50 and moving house wasn't enough, but he has still found time to read his guest's fantastic new book "How Not To Grow Up", I mean "How Not To Be a Boy", Robert Webb. They chat about their mutual inability to draw 8s; and hours (and relationships) lost to Civilisation II; the way tragedy (or not) can shape a comedian; where you would seek...

Duration: 01:11:34

RHLSTP 147 - Arthur Smith

RHLSTP #147: Arthur Smith - Rage and Balloon: Rich tries to find someone older than him in the audience, as he tries to squeeze some joy out of the last few hours of his forties. His guest is older and sager than he and has been doing the Edinburgh Fringe for a full decade longer, it's the self-proclaimed Mayor of Balham, Arthur Smith. They discuss smashing bottles over people's heads, worst and most uriny heckles, the honours system, near death experiences, brushes with the law, Are You...

Duration: 00:54:33

RHLSTP 146 - Limmy

RHLSTP #146: Limmy - Monopoly Penguin. Rich is on the cusp of a couple of massive life changes, but he won't let ageing and moving get in the way of asking comedians strange questions in an attempt to make them reveal intimate truths. Today he talks to a man with inventive ideas for revenge and murder, Limmy. They discuss being concreted into the pavement, manspreading, swearing xylophones, fake whatsapps, undescended testicles, sea lion genitals, how to save money when touring, the joy of...

Duration: 01:09:37

RHLSTP 145 - Julian Clary

RHLSTP #145: Julian Clary - Fist of Fun. Richard is still bugging last week's audience about Lego Batman - it's amazing they keep coming back. His guest is Gillian Pieface, or as she is sometimes known, Julian Clary. They chat about how the Universe lets you know it's time for a break, psychic teeth, burning pianos, perverted monks, the inability to escape innuendo, living next door to hyenas, having a head full of skin, the Tracey family and Aquamarina, Piers Morgan, cocaines, Brian...

Duration: 00:58:14

RHLSTP 144 - Katy Brand

RHLSTP #144: Katy Brand - Catering for the Dead. Richard hasn't eaten enough in a last-ditch attempt to lose weight before he turns 50, but no time for stomach rumbles because his guest is professional Margaret Thatcher impersonator and teenage evangelical Christian, Katy Brand. Questions, emergency and non-emergency are asked, like how does Brian Blessed feel about hobgoblins? Where do demons go when they have been dispossessed? Are Medusa and Emily Bronte the only women in history? When...

Duration: 01:08:34

RHLSTP 143 - Dan Skinner

RHLSTP #143: Dan Skinner - Tape in a Bag. Richard has his least successful attempt to meet his audience of all time, but no matter, he has a great guest on hand in the form of Angelos Epithemiou creator, Dan Skinner. They chat about how the character came to life, the audacious way in which he inadvertently auditioned for Shooting Stars, how he failed to get a part in Richard's sitcom, the story of why Jim Broadbent appeared in Around The World In Eighty Days, working with Ken Campbell and...

Duration: 01:11:51

RHEFP 4 - John Robins and Ahir Shah

RHEFP 2017 #4: John Robins and Ahir Shah - Suck Each Other Off A Bit. Richard reveals the hypocrisy of his parenting techniques and reminisces about the death of Lady Di. His first guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee Ahir Shah - they chat about Brexit, how looking into the sun proves your strength and wisdom and the older generations disregard for metaphorical ladders. His second guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee, Jon Robbins (sorry) John Robins. They talk about break ups, being...

Duration: 01:05:09

RHEFP 3 - Iain Stirling and Jason Manford

RHEFP 2017 #3: Iain Stirling and Jason Manford - The Main Thing Is Ricky Gervais Didn't Win. Rich is mortified about having accidentally crashed someone else's show and is thinking of becoming someone who pays to sit in a hairdressers. But the good news is that Colin is back to remind his guests of times that things have gone wrong for them. Rich's first guest personally knows many of the people that Rich not-so-secretly lusts over at CBeebies - it's Iain Stirling. They chat about working...

Duration: 01:03:27

RHEFP 2 - James Acaster

RHEFP 2017 #2: James Acaster - Three Nights in Peterborough. Richard is so close to becoming the Radio Times Comedy Champion that he can almost taste it, which will just make his ultimate failure all the more painful and thus amusing, but luckily he almost shat his pants on a children's roundabout. HIs guest went one step further than that, it's the wonderful comedy genius James Acaster. They discuss how hot chocolate is not a flavour, sky diving in slip-ons, the dangers of eating chicken...

Duration: 00:59:50

RHEFP 1 - Doug Anthony All Stars

RHEFP 2017 #1: The Doug Anthony All Stars - The Boy Who Cried Batman. The King has returned and he's at the spooky New Theatre Grand Hall where the Masons get up to all sorts of mysterious time-travelling. And Richard is very excited to be welcoming comedy legends the Doug Anthony All Stars, Paul, Tim and Paul. There's lots of chat about the Edinburgh Fringe of the eighties, the point where comedy and tragedy meet, what happens when you become the carer for your comedy partner, what...

Duration: 01:04:17

RHLSTP 142 - Brendon Burns & Craig Quartermaine

RHLSTP #142: Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine - Race Off. Richard contemplates the now trickier commute to work that he has thanks to being forced to move to the country because he is 50, before introducing veteran comedian Brendon Burns and a man with only one credit, Craig Quartermaine. It's a more contemplative RHLSTP than usual, as the two Australians discuss the racial issues that many of their countrymen refuse to confront and how comedy can deal with questions of race...

Duration: 01:12:20

Great Yorkshire Fringe special: Rahul Kohli and Martin Barrass

Bonus RHLSTP at the Great Yorkshire Fringe: Rahul Kohli and Martin Barrass - Dead Mannequin People. Here's a little bonus podcast for you, recorded at the end of July at the Great Yorkshire Fringe. Rich first welcomes a man half his age, with three times as many Fringe shows as him, it's Rahul Kohli, but not the one from iZombie. They chat about Newcastle, how Princess Beatrice is even worse than her dad, the man who modelled for the statue of Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery and where...

Duration: 00:59:57

RHLSTP 141 - David Baddiel

RHLSTP #141: David Baddiel -What is the Biggest Ant?. Richard is pondering what it must be like to buy a flat in BBC TV Centre, and appreciating his daughter's grasp of money. It's a reunion this week with a man he once shared a bed and a tiramisu with in a Presidential Suite, David Baddiel. They talk about double act reunions, the ethics of writing about your family secrets for comedy, the perils of getting older and needing comfort breaks, cat bum coffee, why all comedians are writing...

Duration: 01:10:09

RHLSTP 140 - Andrew Collins

RHLSTP #140: Andrew Collins - Frog Tape. Richard is over excited to find people 2/5ths of his age in the front row and tries to forget he is on the verge of his sixth decade. He's gone against the advice of last week's podcast and had a drink, and so has his guest, it's Classic FM's Andrew Collin(g)s. It's the first time the pair have spoken in over 60 months and it would be foolish to deny that there might be come tensions bubbling beneath (and all over) the surface, but there's still...

Duration: 01:30:23

RHLSTP 139 - Zoe Lyons

RHLSTP #139: Zoe Lyons - The Camaraderie of the Jam Factory. Richard attempts to work out how a waitress in a pizza restaurant with a limited menu might be surprised by every order, before introducing former competent waitress and fudge packer, Zoe Lyons. The chat encompasses Alan Titchmarsh based humiliation, Cherie Blair, the bluntness of the Dutch, almost being the first person to die on reality TV, and performing to Australian miners. Plus travelogues to Alaska and Indiana, Voyager and...

Duration: 01:09:00

RHLSTP 138 - Adam Buxton

RHLSTP #138: Adam Buxton - How Short Are You That You Can Not Reach? Richard has been gifted an almost free Twirl by the Universe. But has he been moral, immoral or amoral? To help us find out, the first ever three times returning guest on the podcast and multi-award winning podcaster, Adam Buxton. The pair discuss middle-aged confrontations and why the staff at WH Smiths in Cambridge station are maybe overzealous, how Adam appeared like a guardian angel when Richard was in trouble and...

Duration: 01:16:20

RHLSTP 137 - Jessica Knappett

RHLSTP #137: Jessica Knappett - Air Mattress. Richard is worried that he smells of cat wee, but he can't let that slow him down, he is chatting to the star of his as un-yet commissioned sitcom (but it will be commissioned in some universe somewhere), Jessica Knappett. Under discussion are the horrors of birth and death, the unfortunate associations that belong to the town of Bingley; what one is supposed to be getting out of a massage; the sweet, sweet taste of very long-term showbiz based...

Duration: 01:10:03

RHLSTP 136 - Joe Thomas

RHLSTP #136: Joe Thomas - Pasta-based diet. Richard is excited about becoming a father for the second time, but not to witnessing the birth. His guest is, like him, a son of teachers and has a 2:1 degree in history and grew up in a town that begins with the letters Che, it's Joe Thomas. Thomas shows Herring what his life might have been if only he'd been in a hit show, whereas Herring serves as a dire warning for where Thomas could end up if things go wrong for him. They chat about how Joe...

Duration: 01:10:49

RHLSTP 135 - Paul Merton

RHLSTP #135: Paul Merton - Waiting For Crawford. It's back for an eleventh series - who keeps commissioning this? - and Richard's new emergency questions are coming true as he's fresh from irking a postman. His guest is someone who he used to only be able to speak to in drunken awe at early 1990s BBC Radio Light Entertainment parties, Paul Merton. They discuss their similarly comedy-nerdy teenage years, the early days of the alternative comedy circuit where Alexei Sayle's stream of...

Duration: 01:09:50

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