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Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.

Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.
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London, United Kingdom


Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.






RHLSTP 166 - Adam Kay

RHLSTP #166: Adam Kay - Degloved Penis. This week's guest is doctor turned comedian turned best-selling author Adam Kay. They discuss his hilarious, harrowing and politically important book - This Is Going To Hurt, - witnessing death and birth and sexual misdemeanours at close quarters, the ethics of paying for parking, the past, present and future of the NHS, the stories that were too grotesque for the book, Prince Phillip's love for Tom Lehrer, performing comedy...


RHLSTP 165 - Kathy Burke

RHLSTP #165: Kathy Burke - I Don't Do Blow Jobs. Richard's living in a house of horrors and has heard a ghost, so he's glad to be back in the safety of lovely, undangerous London to find out if Kathy Burke is as cool and amazing in real life as you really hope that she is. She's cooler than the coolest cool kids. They chat about the many paths taken from Educating Marmalade, where you might unknowingly have first encountered Kathy, when Perry met the Manics, who is best Harry Enfield or...


RHLSTP 164 - Dave Gorman

RHLSTP #164: Dave Gorman - Nigel Havers-based Injustice. Richard celebrates 10 years of podcasting by blowing your comfortable views of the film Toy Story apart like Spike with a firework. His guest has come prepared in an attempt to Louis Theroux Herring, but he isn't Louis Theroux, he is Dave Gorman. They discuss why Dave stepped down as team captain on the panel show What The Dickens?; how to get the Happy Feet knock off Tappy Toes at a knockdown price; how Dave and the...


RHLSTP 163 - Paul Chowdhry

RHLSTP #163: Paul Chowdhry - Brian Glover's Walkman. Richard is mourning the non-existent victims of the Oxford Circus incident and the personal connection he had to them, but life goes on for all of us not killed in that delusional event and so it's time to welcome a man with the second best moustache in comedy, it's Paul Chowdhry. They chat about making movies with Tim from The Office, John Malkovich and Jim Davidson, sadness versus depression, how Paul filled Wembley arena despite a...


RHLSTP 162 - Katy Wix

RHLSTP #162: Katy Wix - Burned Bunting. Richard hits comedy gold and finds the person with the perfect job to riff about for as long as an hour if he wishes, but he doesn't wish to, as he has the multi-talented comedian, writer and actor Katy Wix to chat with. They discuss clammy handshakes, horror car crashes, dragon-based misunderstandings, working with Dick and Dom, Princess Fergiana, Hattie Jacques, meeting Dire Straits, an 11-year-old girl's pebble, the professionalism of the young,...


RHLSTP 161 - Johann Hari

RHLSTP #161: Johann Hari - Cannibal Chicken. The question of ham hands versus suncream armpits has gone international and been introduced to a new generation in the most charming of ways. But hat confusion, decade old Big Brother news and chicken restaurants aside, it's a pretty serious podcast in which journalist Johann Hari discusses his fascinating new book, 'Lost Connections'. Are our views on depression and antidepressants correct or do we need to look at these subjects in a new way?...


RHLSTP 160 - Reginald D Hunter

RHLSTP #160: Reginald D Hunter - An Order of Travelling Monks. Richard is overly proud of himself for having created a new book of Emergency Questions, but luckily there is someone on hand who will give them short shrift, it's the comedian with the soul of a poet, Reginald D Hunter. He discusses the one thing that is better than a shrek when it comes to improving existing franchises; how Reg did and didn't break his leg; how comedic genius can be passed on via the bladder; the ultimate...


RHLSTP 159 - Richard Osman

RHLSTP #159: Richard Osman - Drifter Charger. Rich's daughter has made quite a radical life choice, but hopefully is a reincarnation of someone who will make the family a lot of money (if only we can prove it). This week it's a welcome return for one of the worst guests we've ever had on RHLSTP (and I am saying that because that's what he says about me on Pointless), it's the charmingly offensive giant, Richard Osman. Will Osman realise where he's gone wrong with his TV shows and finally...


RHLSTP 158 - Simon Brodkin

RHLSTP #158: Simon Brodkin - Vagina Cash Machine. Richard has been belittled by a scaffolder, and is plotting his revenge. Perhaps he should send this week's guest after him, it's serial prankster and character comedian Simon Brodkin. We get all the behind-the-scenes info on his recent quest to give Theresa May her P45, plus stories about Blatter, Trump and what the police do if they arrest you but like you. Plus is it OK to ask Christmas Emergency Questions to someone of Jewish heritage?...


RHLSTP 157 - Greg Jenner

RHLSTP #157: Greg Jenner - Portuguese Boy's Urine. Richard seems to think he's the new Frost:Nixon for some reason, but his audience banter suggests he has some way to go. But never mind, he's talking to historian and Horrible Histories expert Greg Jenner. There's something for everyone, as long as you're a fan of Viagra or Leonardo di Vinci. And if not then you can find out about the history of toilets and cantaloupes and penicillin and Papal orgies and William the Conqueror and...


RHLSTP 156 - Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

RHLSTP #156: Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd - Prime Minister of the Central African Republic. Richard's dog is at war with his eyes, but who cares. He has the Prime Minister from an alternate timeline on his podcast, plus a bloke who bought fags from Mrs Merton, it's the unlikely twosome of Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. They discuss the pair's great new podcast Reasons To Be Cheerful, plus the Millstone, the sandwich and David Miliband's shoes. Is losing an election in anyway comparable to a...


RHLSTP 155 - Jan Ravens

RHLSTP #155: Jan Ravens - Just Amazing. Richard is excited after spotting a celebrity at Crewe station, but upset that the celebrity wasn't excited about spotting him. But his guest has snogged that celeb, it's Jan Ravens. There's chat about how to personify a can of drink, blazing a trail for women in comedy, sand yachting, Sunday school teaching, what makes for a creepy entertainer, working with Barry Sheen, how to choose a Mastermind topic, how tape led Richard to a rare TV victory, how...


RHLSTP 154 - John Moloney

RHLSTP #154: John Moloney - Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Richard freewheels about the poor quality of the suit he has had to wear as his nice ones no longer fit him, still giddy from a heady cocktail of tiredness and grief, but he's in for a relaxed and thoughtful hour, with a man who is not afraid to say what he thinks, John Moloney. They chat about Red Wedge, accordions, out-Catholicing Frank Skinner, performing in German and John's bold plans to create 'Dead At The Apollo' a showcase for...


RHLSTP 153 - Rachel Parris

RHLSTP #153: Rachel Parris - Oh Jesus I have Promised. Rich is confused and amazed by horses and apparently alone in being troubled by the lyrics to the new Stereophonics song, but he has a more skilled musician, improviser and ex-Christian rocker on hand to dig him out of his exhausted new-parent hole, it's Rachel Parris. They chat about obscure advertising jingles, how to improvise entire Jane Austen stories, the excitement of sitting on a 'celebrity's' toilet, usurping elderly...


RHLSTP 152 - Armando Iannucci

RHLSTP #152: Armando Iannucci - Deeply Dippy. Richard is surprisingly appalled by what a sex robot inventor is planning for his sex robot and reeling from the brutal combo of no sleep and attending a funeral, but life goes on and it's laughter all the way (until the end when it gets a bit bleak) with left-wing Stalin apologist Armando Iannucci. Armando reveals a surprising friendship with a 1990s pop group and the dark underside of Michael Palin before trying to ascertain who is worst:...


RHLSTP 151 - Ellie Taylor

RHLSTP #151: Ellie Taylor - Catching Clouds. RHLSTP is back and the sky has changed colour and the first of the gang has died, so Richard is a bit unsettled and sad. But on we plough until our own inevitable deaths. The guest today previously worked for Isis, it's Ellie Taylor, who claims to have grown up in Brentwood, but she doesn't know much about it or trampolining. Like you'd expect. They talk about the faces you pull when you're modelling for Matalan, being apparated in a box, the...


RHLSTP 150 - Sara Pascoe

RHLSTP #150: Sara Pascoe - Hello, Still a Feminist? Rich details how he considered stealing a man's identity to become a chartered accountant. Perhaps it would have been for the best. But instead he's back for the 150th official episode of the show that the Cool Kids call RHLSTP with one of his all-time favourite guests, Sara Pascoe. She has written a phenomenal book called Animal which you really should buy for all...


RHLSTP 149 - Ed Byrne

RHLSTP #149: Ed Byrne - Lost Leather Jacket. Rich is getting used to living in the countryside and the action movie that is attempting to get the train home. His guest has painful memories of the show he is best known for, it's Sudoku king, Ed Byrne. Richard is happy because there's lots of chances to discuss celebrity quiz shows, but luckily he's not going to dwell on his own successes or failures (whichever they might have been). They also discuss prestigious acting awards; the decline...


RHLSTP 148 - Robert Webb

RHLSTP #148: Robert Webb - The Ideal Age To Die. Richard is still prickling with mortification after an encounter with Michael Portillo, as if turning 50 and moving house wasn't enough, but he has still found time to read his guest's fantastic new book "How Not To Grow Up", I mean "How Not To Be a Boy", Robert Webb. They chat about their mutual inability to draw 8s; and hours (and relationships) lost to Civilisation II; the way tragedy (or not) can shape a comedian; where you would seek...


RHLSTP 147 - Arthur Smith

RHLSTP #147: Arthur Smith - Rage and Balloon: Rich tries to find someone older than him in the audience, as he tries to squeeze some joy out of the last few hours of his forties. His guest is older and sager than he and has been doing the Edinburgh Fringe for a full decade longer, it's the self-proclaimed Mayor of Balham, Arthur Smith. They discuss smashing bottles over people's heads, worst and most uriny heckles, the honours system, near death experiences, brushes with the law, Are You...


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