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We live in a time of hunger, pestilence, famine and wasps. So let us stick together. Join us, friends; two British men with fists full of emotion and a bucket full of answers. Recoil with us as we tackle the horrors of carpet shops, laugh with us as we skirt the issue of quantum mechanics and join with us as, together, we change the course of human history. For the better.






How to make a podcast (An honest account)

Going out with a bang Rick and Paul reveal sensationally how to make a podcast and share their download figures. You couldn't make it up. A Thrill! I wonder if anyone actually reads these. Hmm, maybe we should offer a prize for the first person to email us to prove they did.

Duration: 01:33:46

How to meet new people

Meeting new people. Probably the trickiest thing to do as an adult that doesn't involve a carburettor. Sure, someone out there is cuddly enough to create Teddy Ruxpin, but Hitler was people too. See? Decidedly choppy waters to navigate. Relax though! Rick and Paul, social masters, are here to guide you through. Plug us in to your ears! A clean comedy podcast.

Duration: 00:20:21

High School

High School. Nobody really understands what it is for. Education? Punishment? A place to sit? It sounds American, but so do many things. We have schools everywhere but they're not like American High Schools. They're best avoided. But wait, that won't work either. We'll all be mindless simpletons playing computer games all day. No, better idea, listen to the podcast and hear a couple of suggestions about making the whole experience better. A comedy podcast.

Duration: 00:21:57


Zoos. Greek God of animal captivity. The cruel incarceration of subservient species, or a jolly fine day out? In the hands of the right people, zoos can surely be a cause for good but everyone remembers Jumanji. Join Rick and Paul for a trip to the zoo, but we warn you, no petting. A clean comedy podcast.

Duration: 00:21:20

Computer Games


Duration: 00:22:49

How To Behave In Public

What would you consider to be the cutest animal? Some of you would say a baby kangaroo, perhaps. Some a spring lamb. Marsupials may well rise to the top of the list, you say Koala, I say King Cobra but there is one, unifying factor typical of our species: most people would tend to agree that most people are awful. We live in polemic times where there seems to be more talk of left and right than on a Sergeant Major-led march. But that is pre-dated by the judgement we all pass on the...

Duration: 00:20:40


Lyrics. China in your hand. What on earth does that mean? China is huge, like really big. It will not fit in any single hand, let alone two. Best to just visit it instead so you can have both of your hands in China. Paul has already done that, he has seen things, oh my goodness has he ever. A whole country in need of a fixing, and that is the subject of this weeks show. Say Ni hao to Rick and Paul, and they will shrug back at you. They are British after all.

Duration: 00:20:45

A Man's Night Out

You've had your annual bath, you've slicked your hair back. You've put on a shirt that once met an iron. You my friend, are ready to go out on the town! Or wait, perhaps you're wracked with nerves about dancing in public? What if you spill a drink on a tough guy on your way back from the overpriced bar? This night couldn't get any worse. Right, here's what you do. Go the bathroom, ignore the man with the perfume and bin bag. Get your headphones in and listen to Rick and Paul. They're...

Duration: 00:21:39


Voodoo. Juju. Hoodoo. And, for any cows out there, moo moo. Intrepid cultural explorers Rick and Paul embark to explore one of the least known, least understood religions in the world today. One has a degree in Anthropology, and Paul owns his own microphone. A clean comedy podcast

Duration: 00:19:42

Time Travel

What do we want? Time travel? When do we want it? Er... Come and join the ride as Rick and Paul use their galactic intellects/Googling to explore the mysteries of space and time. A safe for work comedy podcast.

Duration: 00:41:21

The Media

The Media; a tricky thing to define. Once it meant newspapers. Then radio and newspapers. Then TV and radio and newspapers. Now, every spotty teenager with an iPhone can, with some creative video work, get his views out to the world in its entirety. The ‘me’ in ‘media’ has never been so stated. When a Kim Kardashian comment on quantum physics will be read by more eyes than anything by a Nobel Prize winner in the field, Rick and Paul need to come a’ healin’ A clean comedy podcast

Duration: 00:24:02


Shh. Spies. Spies Everywhere. Wikileaks! Snowden! Julian Assange! Right, that's got us on a few watchlists. Any publicity is good publicity and all that. Come and join Rick and Paul as they REVEAL THE LOCATION OF EVERY SPY ON EARTH* in this safe for work comedy podcast. * We don't* * Or do we?

Duration: 00:20:50

Historical Baddies #1

Having not delved into the murky past for a while, Rick and Paul, with deliberate non-specificity, are here to heal baddies. Baddies ‘1’ that is as we’ll undoubtedly do this again. Appealing to that wicked part of human nature, baddies go down in history with far more adulation than your typical wet blankets. Remember Walter from the Beano? No? That’s because Dennis the Menace ate him. Come and bring your ears for a trip through horrors past. Ooga booga. A clean comedy podcast

Duration: 00:23:51


Hi ho there. Once upon a time, two men, one with a head of generous proportions, ventured forth to heal multi-billion dollar corporation Disney for your aural delight. We toyed with adding a few song puns in, Bare Necessities of show descriptions past but puns annoy some folk. If you think you can do better, Be Our Guest. You’re probably getting a bit irritated with the song puns, aren’t you? Why don’t you just let it go..?

Duration: 00:20:40


AI. The robots are coming. In the week Japanese firm F koku have replaced office workers with IBM’s Watson technology, Artificial Intelligence powers its way into the new year one bionic stride at a time. This week we’ve replaced Paul with a robot. It sounds, looks and smells exactly like Paul but apparently feels no pain. Listen in as we test him out. A clean comedy podcast

Duration: 00:22:53


The year 2016. George Michael, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Carrie Fisher are just some of the luminaries that have departed. Britain has cut itself off from Europe with a sharpened sirloin and Trump has assumed both power and a baseball cap. But, forgetting all that, it was the first full year of this podcast and it still exists, indeed iTunes still categorises us as ‘comedy’, so we’re both very grateful. Invite your ears to the party. There will be fireworks. A clean comedy podcast.

Duration: 00:22:47

Parties II

Would you like to come to a party? You would? Oh we were not expecting that! We do not have enough sausage rolls. Then there are the games, the drinking, the noise the oh what is the point! Right, forget it, the party is off. Just listen to Rick and Paul instead, that is much cheaper and warmer in many ways. Safe for work.

Duration: 00:33:59


Oh Pantomimes, what to say about such an unusual topic. Nobody understands them, if they say they do, they are telling you a fib. Here is how you make a Panto. Take one fairy tale. Take out the horrible bits. Insert some men dressed as women, some ugly sisters and a strange man-horse and you are done. Also, you can charge about 10 British Pounds a ticket. Quids in. Well they are stupid and Rick and Paul will fix it. Francesca Dimech guests this week, nice. She is behind you. Safe for...

Duration: 00:22:09


Buy, buy, buy, N-Sync once sang. Were they concerned with someone leaving or eager to encourage people to buy dolls in their likeness? Definitely the latter. Yes advertising, everyone is at it and it probably does not work. While Rick is away Francesca Dimech guests on the now frankly iconic Rick and Paul Heal The World podcast. Buy something, perhaps our Christmas song over at rickandpaul.bandcamp.com. Gosh, everyone really IS at it.

Duration: 00:22:44

Christmas Shopping - The Revenge!

Christmas Time, queuing in line. Don't know what to buy for your wife. Well just give up. It's not going to work, she'll never be happy, you'll never be happy. Let's just write this whole Christmas shopping list off and try again next year. But hark? What's that? Yeah, you know, you there; you know. It's Rick and Paul come to save us all from shopping hell. I love those guys. It's safe for work. There's even mention of a spectacular Christmas song too. Oh I can't wait, it's just magical!

Duration: 00:38:08

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