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Ridin' The Pine 2017-2018 NBA Annual Predictions Show: The NBA War Tribunal!

Ridin' the Pine, part of Almighty Baller Radio Network and VennCast Studios presents their Annual NBA Season Predictions Episode full of controversy, contention, and cash. NBA Fanatics come together for a light hearted, comedic, live discussion on the NBA and the Culture and Memes surrounding it multiple times a week all season long! Give us a listen! We currently have an inhouse series of ongoing bets: Will Kevin Durant shave his head before his career is over. Will Boston will win a 'ship...

Duration: 01:32:47

Ridin' The Pine - Season 2 Episode 5: Don't Rap about Family Functions

Hondo and Ghee conduct their first ever NBA Music Review - amused by the likes of Damian Lillard, Lonzo Ball, and Victor Oladipo. Abreast of Music, assess Jarrett Jack's potential in the punt, pass and kick competition. They discuss the dissolution of the Western and Eastern conferences and propose a new league structure. They also go straight Jerry McGuire and ask about which players are going to get shown the money in tomorrow's NBA. 4 days remaining until the season starts until then we...

Duration: 00:50:22

Ridin' The Pine 2017-2018 NBA Season Preview - 15 Questions with No Conclusion Mat to Jump On

Hondo, Ghee, & MTG of MTG Fame gather 'round the flames ablaze to discuss 'n discourse the biggest question marks coming into this 2017-2018 NBA Season. Players and Teams you have expectations for, and some you don't. What Stars will Rise, and who will fold? What Trades could happen, but won't, and which NBA Owner would survive in a no holds barred Death Match? You don't want to miss a single episode, and especially not this one, as we are going all season long twice a week to entertain...

Duration: 00:57:45

Ridin' The Pine NBA Preseason Balencesto with Damien Lillard and All Star Weekend

NBA Preseason Balencesto with Damien Lillard and All Star Weekend

Duration: 00:36:50

Ridin' The Pine NBA Preview - 30 for 30 of 30 in 30 by Dudes in Their 30's

Hondo 'n Ghee are on a mission to boldly go where probably a couple of you have gone before: Rapid Fire takes and commentary on every team in the 2017-2018 NBA Season!! We give first impressions, key commentary, grades and comedy with the best adequate analysis this side of the Mississippi so far! Rate, Comment, Subscribe! ALMIGHTY FOREVER!

Duration: 00:52:38

Ridin' The Pine Season 2 Episode 1


Duration: 00:59:44

Ridin' The Pine - NBA Summer League: Live in Bellagio with the Lu Boyz

Ridin' The Pine - NBA Summer League: Live in Bellagio with the Lu Boyz Ridin' the PineRidin' The Pine - NBA Summer League: Live in Bellagio with the Lu BoyzRidin' the Pine iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play Welcome Welcome to a special episode of Ridin’ the Pine recorded in the Bellagio in Las Vegas to talk about NBA’s Las ...

Duration: 00:46:14

Ridin' The Pine - NBA Free Agency: The Western Conference is Fortifying

Ridin' The Pine - NBA Free Agency: The Western Conference is Fortifying Ridin' the PineRidin' The Pine - NBA Free Agency: The Western Conference is FortifyingRidin' the Pine24/7 NBA Does Not Stop. The Offseason has begun, and the Summer of Hayward has concluded. So much noise, the tremors and after effects heard round the league, were also heard round Hondo, Ghee, ...

Duration: 01:15:42

Ridin' The Pine - 2016-2017 NBA Award Show Predictions: Unanimous

It’s Pine time here at Ridin’ the Pine. Live in Ballard, the boys come at you hard and ready with gasoline to light this NBA Awards Show up! It was unanimous here on the only show that you need that’s covering the NBA Awards Show. MVP, 6MOTY, ROY, COTY, DPOTY, and MIP! You already know what it is. Like, Subscribe, ...

Duration: 00:53:00

Ridin' the Pine - 2017 NBA Draft LIVE: Lil Woji Vert

Live from Atlas Kitchen and Lounge in Lower Queen Anne in Seattle, The Ridin’ the Pine Crew hit the road for a broadcast of the draft full of raw emotion and instant reactions. We go hard through the Lottery, and as results settle in, we switch to talk about the pulse surrounding the NBA in collaboration with FanWide and NBA ...

Duration: 02:06:01

Ridin' the Pine - NBA Season Finale: Another One - Ridin' the Pine

DJ Khalid always knows what to say. Hondo ‘n Ghee complete the quest of questing for the answer to the question in question: Who would win the NBA Finals? We got the answer right here, I believe. We conclude the 2017-2018 NBA Season recapping and highlighting Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Oracle Arena where KD, Curry, and Javale ...

Duration: 00:33:01

Ridin' the Pine - NBA Finals Game 3: Dethrone the Throne of LeBrone - Ridin' the Pine

We did it, Reddit! Did we just witness the best game of the 2016-2017 NBA playoffs? Hondo ‘n Ghee believe we might have. This game is loaded with massive stat lines and a few Oh Manz in a critical game 3 performance. We pit the Oh Manz against each other to decide who would win in a game of one ...

Duration: 00:26:36

Ridin' the Pine NBA Finals Game 2 Recap: Haves and Cav Nots - Ridin' the Pine

KD and Steph are supernatural. They are straight up G’s with the Orange Ball in Hoop game. LeBron is now avoiding Media Availability, PG-13 is now having yet another baby with a stripper (congrats Lakers), and Derek Fisher is now behind bars! THE NBA FINALS...

Duration: 00:36:57

Ridin' the Pine - NBA Finals Game 1 - KD and LeBron: The Serious Truth for Serious - Ridin' the Pine

Hondo ‘n Ghee Wake up from Hibbertnation to Watch the Summit of the NBA as Golden State faces up against Cleveland in Game 1 of the NBA Finals!

Duration: 00:41:20

Ridin' the Pine - NBA Finals Preview Day 45: Throw some Apostrophes in There

Day 45… really? Hondo, and the other guy, and the other guy get together for a Finals Preview just in time for the NBA Finals. We almost missed it due to it going by so fast, thank the lord and savior Jesus Shuttlesworth for all...

Duration: 00:32:43

LeBron, Kyrie Irving play NBA Basketball vs the other guys

Hondo ‘n Ghee go into the night live in Ballard at VennCast Studios to talk Day After Live Delayed Reactions to Game 4 between Cleveland and Boston. 95 of Ky Jelly, LeDong, and Love vs. 99 Marcus Smarts. Smart reverts back to Original Spice. Oh-Man...

Duration: 00:27:31

RIDIN’ THE PINE – 2017 NBA PLAYOFFS DAY 36: Lucky Charms ‘n LeBron’s Arrogance

Is LeBron just playing with his food? LeBron Lost a Playoff game ladies and laddies! ALL HAIL BRAD AND HIS COLLECTIVE OF SOULS! On Tonight’s Episode: Hondo ‘n Ghee dive into the world of Cereal and how it resembles these NBA Playoffs so far. Marshmellow...

Duration: 00:28:56

RIDIN’ THE PINE – 2017 NBA PLAYOFFS DAY 33: Feel The Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get on Down it’s Kevin Love Time!

WOAH BALLAZ, we got ourselves an Eastern Conference Finals matchup featuring the Lebrons vs. the awwww ain’t they cutes! This is a non series. This is almost near must not watch Television. Cleveland has depth and death, Boston has scrappy guards, willpower, and a six...

Duration: 00:23:00

Ridin' The Pine 2017 NBA Playoff Podcast Day 30: Steph Curry Cyclone of Absurdity

Hondo ‘n Ghee ‘n MTG take on Game 1 of the WCF between having Kawhi and not having Kawhi. We then get into it with a little sigourney weavin singing don’t stop beWeaving in our segment – the 3 Man Weave, which is apparently a...

Duration: 00:45:04

Ridin' the Pine's 2017 NBA Playoff Podcast - Day 31: Kelly Olynyk Jesus Christ Almighty Baller

Day 31 of RTP’s NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo ‘n Ghee starts with a conversation about bouncers and ends in a complete cliff hangar as the team that shall not be named will be facing up against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals....

Duration: 00:28:38

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