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#35- Tony in studio with Brian. The movie IT. Artists and what motivate them. Tinder and do you poop on the first date? Blues training camp. NFL kickoff and picks.

The boys break down a lot of topics this podcast, but its mostly tomfoolery!

Duration: 02:20:21

#34- Derek and Brian break down Mizzou first game, NFL kickoff and are short shorts for guys back in style?

A quick breakdown of the Mizzou game, what teams the boys will be following this year in the NFL. Derek talks about how into football the fans are in Kansas City. Also Brian sees three guys running in short shorts and is curious if "we're"' doing that again?

Duration: 00:40:11

#33- Jeremy Johnson, the voice of Shamrock FC calls in. Also the founder of boxing website, The Fight City, Michael Carbert calls in.

Jeremey Johnson, who is the voice of Shamrock FC calls in to break down the May vs Mac boxing match and Jon Jones testing positive for steroids. Also we have Michael Carbert, the founder of the boxing website, The Fight City on to get his reaction of the whole event. Michaels opinion will surprise you because I know it surprised me, especially coming from the boxing "camp" or line of thought! Big thanks to these fellas for letting me interview them! The links below are to each of their...

Duration: 01:05:59

#32- Vacation stories. Fanny packs? Derek calls in and we talk McGregor vs Mayweather!

Were back, fresh off a vacation and after taking last week off! We tell ya some new stories from Gulf Shores, Alabama. Brian brought a fanny pack on vacation which a friend of him bought him and it brought up the question… What's your stance on fanny packs? After we return from break we come back with co-creator of RTB, Derek Balance. We get his opinion on The McGregor vs Mayweather fight, that turns into an almost racial discussion from McGregor's earlier comments during the promotional...

Duration: 02:12:52

#31- Special guests Joe Caratachea and Kate Smith in studio. Strip club stories. Is watching porn cheating? Do you tell your kid's Santa Claus is real?

Joe Caratachea from El Tejano(Home style Tex-Mex catering service) and the Midwest Avengers (long established local musicians) is back in studio with his girlfriend Kate Smith (first women on the podcast). We hit on everything from Strip clubs and is watching porn cheating, to ones has to go out of beer, steak, football and sex. We also cover if we would/should lie to children about Santa Claus, Tooth ferry, Easter Bunny ect…

Duration: 02:22:33

#30- Smoking in hospitals? UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier recap. Yadier Molina vs Mike Matheny. Trivia, Ryan vs Brian.

We say we are a sports podcast, yet we discuss how weird it is that doctors used to smoke in hospitals, even while giving a diagnosis! After we hold the hospitals accountable, we touch on UFC 214 and how anyone that is making fun of Daniel Cormier, doesn’t see the big picture or is just a idiot. We also discuss why the Tyron Woodley vs Damien Maia fight had the lowest strike total for a title fight, here's a hint, styles… Not only did we have UFC 214 over the weekend, but during the week...

Duration: 01:47:38

#29- Tony's back. UFC 214 break down with Joe Caratachea. GTFO.

Tonight on the podcast the fellas discuss many things including, upcoming vacation to Gulf Shores for Brian and Ryan. Have you ever me someone who doesn’t like tacos? Power hour/drinking game podcast, RTB drinking addition, might be in the works!? Chester Bennington's suicide and how Linkin Park helped connect rock and rap. Dive into the entire main card of UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, Woodley vs Maia. Julio Jones loses 150,000 earing in lake. Are we going to look for it or what?...

Duration: 01:58:40

#29- Recap of Derek's going away party. Tomfoolery. Mount Rushmore of NHL goalies. Are Bluetooth headsets douchey? Colton Parayko re-signed to a 5 year deal. GTFO.

Just Ryan and Brian holding down the mics on this podcast. The fellas recap Derek's going away party at Mattinglys in St. Charles. Between that and our Mount Rushmore of goalies is plenty of tomfoolery and banter. After that we breakdown the soon to be released podcast with Joe Caratachea and Katelyn Smith, which we had a blast doing and will do another soon. We give you our thoughts on Bluetooth headsets and are they douchey? Is the Colton Parayko re-signing a good deal and contract? GTFO.

Duration: 01:28:00

#27- Derek's last podcast in the studio for awhile. McGregor vs Mayweather first press conference. Cardinals baseball. GTFO.

Derek and Brian start this podcast discussing how this will be Derek's last show in the Ring The Bell studios for awhile. He will be calling in during podcast, so you wont have to go with out Derek's hot takes entirely. We will be having a going away party tonight (7/14/17) at Mattinglys in St. Charles, starting around 7pm. Come out and show some love because everyone from the show will be there! The fellas also discuss the first McGregor vs Mayweather press conference, and who won in...

Duration: 01:24:58

#26- Special guest Seth "Chele Cumbia" Hamilton, philanthropist, professional MMA fighter and father joins Ring The Bell.

Seth is a professional MMA fighter and dedicated philanthropist. He currently volunteers at CAC (Christian Activity Center) in East St. Louis, where he empowers kids with the knowledge of self defense and discipline. Trains out of American Top Team Evolution in St. Louis, home of welter weight champion Tyron Woodley and even in the same weight class (170lbs). He has a upcoming fight on July 22nd 2017 that you can catch on Vivacanal13.com and Facebook live as well on the UCC Nicaragua...

Duration: 01:20:51

#25- Just chopping it up. Tap or crap? Blues trades and draft picks. LaVar Ball on WWE. Why are baby wipes scented? Woodley vs Maia. Guys in pink? GTFO.


Duration: 01:38:47

#24- Blues trades. Derek moving to Kansas City. Cardinals discussion.

Derek and Brian get in the studio for a rare Sunday afternoon podcast. We discuss St. Louis Blues trades with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Las Vegas Knights also picked David Peron from the Blues in the expansion draft. Matt Adams is killing it with the Atlanta Braves. Should the Cardinals "sell" and angle for better position next year, now. Is it gay to like another guys changed profile picture on Facebook? Do you poop in the bathroom when your significant...

Duration: 01:42:29

#23- Practice Podcast from December 3rd 2016, Where we give our opinion's on McGregor vs Mayweather looong before it was official.

Back before we officially launched the podcast, we recorded 10 practice podcasts that were never heard. Here is one of those podcasts. Were back from a Thanksgiving break! Derek hates running. UFC 205 breakdown. What are our thoughts on McGregor vs Mayweather? Derek spits motivational Blues hockey takes! You can bet on it. GTFO.

Duration: 02:03:59

#22- Barrett Jackman back with the Blues and Stanley Cup talk. Sporting event etiquette. Do you use the pee pee hole in your boxer/briefs? Tony and Brian just chopping it up. GTFO.

On this episode its just Tony and Brian shooting the shit! We hit on Barrett Jackman's return to the St. Louis Blues, the Stanley Cup, what's the move if a 80-100 year old man cuts you in line? Also we discuss what is the proper etiquette when visiting a out of town ball park. Do you use the pee pee slit in you boxers/briefs? Brian is taking a river trip up to Alton IL. to Fast Eddies. The rest is just the boys chopping it up!

Duration: 02:12:18

#21- Memorial weekend recap. Mount Rushmore of Pop Tarts? Brian literally found a mouse in his pocket. Bryce Harper fight. Tiger Woods DUI. Stanley Cup update. GTFO


Duration: 01:50:15

#20- We're back after a break! Derek at The Chainsmokers. Steve Ott new Blues assistant coach. Brian meets Alexander Steen. Quitting addicting substances. Missouri DUI checkpoint funding. GTFO.

We're back after a week off and we go into why. Derek went to see The Chainsmokers last Thursday and at first didn’t want to, but hear why he's glad he did. Which leads into Derek and Brian's personal experiences and stories form back in the day with Molly and ecstasy. Do the fellas like or hate the Steve Ott hire as assistant coach by the St. Louis Blues. The guys discuss the difficulty of quitting addictive substances. Missouri cuts DUI checkpoint funding down to $1.

Duration: 01:38:26

#19- Blue knocked out. Cardinals talk. Will the NHL get face cages before MLB gets pitching helmets? "Porn star or Pro star?" UFC 211. Bear vs Ape vs Lion, who wins? Cardinals "sexist" tweet? GTFO.

Description will be added this evening.

Duration: 02:02:34

#18- Joe Caratachea, owner of El Tejano in studio. Ryan Kneip is back. Blues Playoff breakdown. You Can Bet On It. Minimum wage going up. Cardinals update. Baby wipes or toilet paper? Highest sold NHL/NFL jerseys. GTFO.

We start the podcast just after being catered dinner by Joe Caratachea of El Tejano. He brought in chicken, beef and bacon tamales. All three of those being separate kinds. As well as some phenomenal brisket that they smoked for 14 hours! As well as some great sides. After that we dove in with Joe finding out how he came up with the idea for the newly started business of southern Texas Mexican food, take a listen for details! After we wrapped up with Joe we got strait into some St. Louis...

Duration: 01:57:56

#17- Blues make it to the second round, but lose game one. Playoff Beard etiquette. How old is old enough to compete in MMA? Uber to St. Charles. Cardinals update. Tattoos. GTFO.

Today on the podcast we lead off with Uber being approved state wide, specifically in St. Charles, MO and we give you our thoughts. The St. Louis Blues make it to the second round of the playoffs by Magnus Paajarvi scoring a game winning goal in over time against the Minnesota Wild in game 5, winning the series 4-1. They did however lose the first game in round two against the Nashville Predators 4-3 after coming alive in the 3rd period. With our best segment of the night, Tony brings you...

Duration: 02:02:07

#16 Promo- Tony's GTFO

Every podcast we wrap up with a segment called "Get the fuck outta here." This was Tony's for the week on wedding dress code.

Duration: 00:00:51

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