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9 – Interview with Anne Heffron, Author of “You Don’t Look Adopted”

The goal of our interview series introduce individuals who are courageous enough to rise above the ordinary to realize their full potential through living an inspired life. Our first guest is Anne Heffron. She’s the author of “You Don’t Look Adopted”. She also co-wrote the movie “Phantom Halo” with Antonia Bodganovich. She’s also a bodyworker and […] The post 9 – Interview with Anne Heffron, Author of “You Don’t Look Adopted” appeared first on r2r.org.


Sometimes, I don’t feel good enough, and that’s ok!

Episode 8 deals with our unexpressed feelings, mainly not being good enough. Even though, many of us feel this way, we’re afraid of those negative feelings and keep them suppressed. In reality, we can’t negotiate with our feelings, and can’t control what we want to feel. These emotions naturally arise as a result of people […] The post Sometimes, I don’t feel good enough, and that’s ok! appeared first on r2r.org.


7 – How do you spark your relationship?

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while … I have a question for you .. do you remember exactly how the beginning of your relationship was? .. the first days, weeks, months of dating your girlfriend.. or your boyfriend.. You remember that spark? .. You remember that chemistry? .. Now fast forward .. […] The post 7 – How do you spark your relationship? appeared first on r2r.org.


6 – Overcome Failed Resolutions

Here are the secrets of manifestation … What part of us says .. “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to wake up early, and exercise” .. and then, what part of us stays in bed the next morning .. ?? I know .. we probably mean it well the night before when we commit ourselves to waking up […] The post 6 – Overcome Failed Resolutions appeared first on r2r.org.


5 – Managing Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us, and we all have expectations and certain images of what we’d like to experience in holiday spirits .. For most of us, this is our favorite season of all. Families and communities get together in their festive spirit to celebrate life. It is a time of reunion in joy, […] The post 5 – Managing Holidays appeared first on r2r.org.


R2R 5 Self-Observation Meditation

The Self-Observation Meditation is the first key practice in the Rise 2 Realize method, as described in The Seeker’s Manual. Mastering this technique naturally allows you to create space between you and your thoughts. As a result, you slow down your emotional reactions to trigger events and make better decisions by being consciously present in […] The post R2R 5 Self-Observation Meditation appeared first on r2r.org.


R2R #4 Looking for the Secret Door

Is there really a secret door that will take us from our mundane, monotonous routines to a more joyful and fulfilling life? Let’s explore together if there is one, and if so, how we could find that secret door. In our first episode, we talked about how we trap ourselves in our Comfort Zone, and […] The post R2R #4 Looking for the Secret Door appeared first on r2r.org.


R2R #2: Found Presence

A few weeks ago, I was shooting the first episode for Rise 2 Realize (live on Facebook) … and something very interesting happened .. I found Presence .. You probably saw the video on the Rise 2 Realize FB page (watch it here) .. or on YouTube (check it out) It took all together 5 […] The post R2R #2: Found Presence appeared first on r2r.org.


R2R #1: Feeling Stuck? Step out of your Comfort Zone

Are you feeling Stuck? Trapped? For a long, long time.. I’ve been wondering about why most of us feel stuck .. and why, seemingly, only a few of us could dare to break free from their entrapped life .. Why? Is it really security that we can’t live without? Or maybe it’s the fear of […] The post R2R #1: Feeling Stuck? Step out of your Comfort Zone appeared first on r2r.org.