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Riverdames: Chapter 26, The Tell-Tale Heart

Jackie and Stephanie have mostly positive things to say about this mid-midseason finale! Listen in as they discuss their ultimately positive feelings about the FBI guy, Fred Andrews's Canadian illegal immigrant workforce, finally meeting Andre, and Riverdale's wacky parking enforcement vehicles. Then they'll complain a little bit about how dumb Archie is and the dormant anti-blackness this show fosters -- hey, it can't all be positive, ya know? Check back next week for episode 4 of The Nine...


Riverdames: Chapter 25, The Wicked and The Divine

Jackie and Stephanie, two Catholics, eagerly tear into this very Catholic episode of Riverdale, asking questions like: "Is Archie having a psychotic breakdown?", "Are Hiram and Hermione Lodge siblings?", and "How tall exactly is Tallboy?"


Riverdames: Chapter 24, The Wrestler

This is a weird one! If you felt uncomfortable about the way Riverdale tried to introduce Native issues but aren't exactly sure how to articulate that discomfort and also aren't totally sure it's even a warranted discomfort, this is the conversation for you! Listen as Jackie and Steph draw very few conclusions, but talk in depth about the Uktena, Parks and Rec's Wamapoke tribe, and then in true Riverdale form, squeeze in 2 minutes of Josie and Kevin at the end!


Riverdames: Chapter 23, The Blackboard Jungle

With the hiatus finally over, Jackie and Stephanie dive right back into the thick of Riverdale nonsense. Is Arthur Adams a figment of Archie's imagination? Is Polly Cooper getting her own spin-off series? Do the Riverdale writers realize that Veronica was only 10 years old during the Occupy Wall Street movement? All this, plus tangents, education politics, laughter, and more!


The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: Green Star (with Rhayne Coleman of Carefree Black Nerd)

Jackie and Stephanie are joined by an extra-special guest this week, Rhayne Coleman of the Carefree Black Nerd podcast! Listen in as they share what they're most excited for in this second half of the Riverdale season. And then stick around for some laughs as they discuss the third episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King!


The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: Redemption

In the second episode of our Nine Lives of Chloe King off-week project, Jackie and Stephanie talk about the weirdness of boxing, how much Alec sucks, and the wacky urban planning found in most teen programming. (This episode was also riddled with technical difficulties, we're so sorry. Check back next week when we take on the next episode of Chloe King and prepare for the return of Riverdale with a special guest!)


"Previously On Riverdale...": A Wholesome and Unexpected Showdown

In this first ever Riverdames attempt at a game show, Jackie and Stephanie pick their finest competitors who don't know anything about Riverdale, show them just the previously ons, and then ask them a bunch of trivia questions about Riverdale. Laugh along with us as these competitors do their best to make sense of this show, and check back on Tuesday for a regular episode about The Nine Lives of Chloe King!


2017 Roundtable Round-Up

In honor of that mediocre Chris Rock film, we went around the table and shared our top five pop culture things from 2017! Listen along as our guest-packed panel discusses everything from indie movies to reality TV to gaming podcasts. And then stick around at the end as everyone shares what they're most excited for in 2018!


To Fill Your Time: Thoughts on Riverdale, Star Wars, and Drinking Bleach

Since we know some people are already back to work and the name of the game with internet content is routine building, here's some mediocre content to get you through the week! Jackie and Stephanie discuss their favorite Riverdale plot-lines that never were, talk about how popular the show seems to be, swap stories from home, and wrap things up with a few more stray thoughts about Star Wars. (Next week we'll be back with some more structured episodes, but hopefully if you need something to...


Riverdames: Chapter 22, Silent Night, Deadly Night (+Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Jackie and Stephanie take on the final episode of Riverdale in 2017! Listen along as they complain about the Black Hood, Alice Cooper, and the bizarre Christmas tree politics of Riverdale. And then, keep listening for a 30-minute conversation about Star Wars: The Last Jedi if you'd like!


Riverdames: Chapter 21, House of the Devil

If you like episodes where we fixate on one small detail for 40 minutes, you'll love this extended conversation about the multiple resonances of saying "I love you"! Plus, we make some time to discuss divorce, FP's army days, and the weird wrong weirdness of a karaoke machine at a gang retirement party.


Riverdames: Chapter 20, Tales from the Darkside

Reunited after taking the week off for Thanksgiving, Jackie and Stephanie talk about Riverdale's new black church, the definitely suspicious janitor, and the budding romance between Veronica and Sheriff Keller as they try to understand the weirdest, most confusing episode of Riverdale yet!


The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: Pilot

With no episode of Riverdale this week, Jackie and Stephanie instead watched the pilot of ABC Family's 2011 teen drama, The Nine Lives of Chloe King. (We apologize for not giving any sort of heads up so that our listeners could watch the show in advance, but this episode is so rambly and unfocused that it's maybe not a huge deal. By which I mean sorry/we'll be better in the future.)


RiverDADS: Chapter 19, Death Proof

Jackie and Stephanie are joined by an extra special guest, Jackie's dad! Listen along as they talk about how much they liked this most recent episode and fill him in on some of the juicy details of previous ones.


Riverdames: Chapter 18, When A Stranger Calls

Jackie and Stephanie talk about the 5th episode of season 2. Topics include their very skeptical feelings about the Cheryl/Nick St. Clair storyline and Jackie's deep-seated belief that the Black Hood is Hal Cooper.


Riverdames: Chapter 17, The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Jackie and Stephanie cover everything from Archie's dumb driver's license to the missed opportunity for a wacky Halloween episode. Listen in as they mostly complain about this show that they enjoy, and Jackie at one point even channels Gene Demby (#housingsegregationineverything)!


Riverdames: Chapter 16, The Watcher in the Woods

Jackie and Stephanie talk extendedly about their own high school experiences, and also make time to discuss Jughead's new dirty school, the confusing Lodge family scheme, and whether or not they liked the Kevin storyline (they didn't).


Riverdames: Chapter 15, Nighthawks

Jackie and Stephanie take on the first -- I mean second -- episode of the second season of Riverdale, covering everything from the geography of Riverdale to how cute Midge is to the ever-pressing question of where is Tomoko Yashido?


Riverdames: Chapter 14, A Kiss Before Dying (with Emily Murphy)

Jackie and Stephanie are joined by special guest Emily Murphy, an expert in pilots who thought Riverdale was a 22-minute comedy until the day of this recording. Listen along as they ask questions like, "What should the first episode of a second season do in the age of Netflix?", "Have any of these characters grown?", and "Is Hiram Lodge in a wheelchair?"


Goals, Genre, and Wild Predictions: Riverdames Season 2 Preview

Jackie and Stephanie share some updates on the podcast as they kick off season 2, and then talk extendedly about genre, Scandal, Degrassi, and their old AIM handles.


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