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Rlitefm is programmed by real people with a wakeless profound for music. It was created with the helped of the great Pilipino friends based from Malaysia. It is also composed of dedicated team of talented individuals and all dedicated intelligent djs and proud members rlite listeners and chatters. DBP start to webcast last July 12, 2011.This webcasting is live from the beautiful country of Philippines. This is non commercial radio station. Which operates 24/ 7and hits you up with something unique in the airwaves and plays non-stop music of different genre. The DJs of Rlite are accepting greetings and requested songs to be played on air. . Its platform empowers individuals and organizations alike by giving them a "voice" to reach audiences around the globe. Through easy-to-use tools and services , anyone with a computer and Internet connection can connect or reached out to their families, relatives ,and friends with minimal cost and effort. Listen to it at work or at home. You don't have to stop what you're doing. Nag-enjoy ka na, tapos pa ang trabaho mo :-) Nakaka-miss nga ang Pilipinas. This is dedicated to all Filipinos around the world who work harder for their love ones and family.