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Episode 51: Opening Night Preview

Opening Night Preview A special S/O and 'Thank YOU' to our Homage fam for the hospitality and launch of our newest and latest RT swag. Along w/ coinciding this special recording w/ Homage at their location we had a chance to get two of the newest Cavaliers on, for some fun: Jae Crowder and Isiah Thomas. Of all the bromances the Cavs have come across, don't blink an eye at these two. Listen and you'll understand. Their instant appreciation and love for what they've experienced thus far in...

Duration: 01:06:15

Episode 50: JR Smith

Fifty! Ya, we said it - we've reached it! 50 Episodes in the books and for our 50th Episode we are joined by none other than the man they all call: Swish; JR Smith! Although he has dropped by a few times prior, it was time he got his very own episode. PSA: he was wearing a shirt -- let's make that clear. But from light hearted in depth talks about his love for raising his 3 beautiful daughters, to life on the course (who his number 1 option would be as his caddy), diaper dandies & when was...

Duration: 01:25:36

Episode 49: Tito Francona & Andre Knott

The crew is back together again in #TheLand and there was no better to welcome us "home" than spending time w/ 2 guys from one of the hottest teams in baseball! From the outfield at Progressive Field following the Indians 100th WIN on the season, Indians Manager Tito Francona and Sports Time Ohio field reporter Andre Knott join us to talk everything under the sun (literally). Given Tito is an AZ Wildcat Alum like RJ & Channing, life in Tucson was a big hit. Did y'all know Tito managed...

Duration: 00:58:18

Episode 48: Summer Finale

No better way to bring closure to a summer of growth than to dedicate an entire episode to those who made it all possible: Alex, Geeter & Corinne sign off 'Summer Road Trippin' the only way they know how - w/ truth! Jokes & stories only they can tell & w/ so much love, of course! In the midst of recapping how the growth of RT was made possible we learn a little more about Corinne (sleep away camps & her current dating life) as well as a fun social idea, we as a group, have decided to...

Duration: 00:57:56

Episode 47: Larry Sanders

#FBF to Cavs vs Hawks in April, an episode we have had in the bank ever since. During a respected yet short stint w/ the Wine & Gold we had a chance to get a few minutes w/ big man Larry Sanders. With this opportunity came a chance for us to get to know Larry on a more personal level: his creative mind, his future visions in the workplace ... he's a gamer (did you know?)! One thing is for certain however - as many have heard his story when it comes to the hardwood - Larry gives his honest...

Duration: 00:54:03

Episode 46: Raymond, is that you?

As we made it very clear at the start of the off season - we were all about growth this summer. With that vision brings opportunities like the one we had today ... a LIVE edition of RT at the 2017 FOX NBA/NHL Seminar in Palos Verdes. After a Q&A, we decided to bring up former players turned NBA analysts for a little fun. So with that said, meet Sarah Kustok (Brooklyn Nets analyst), Brevin Knight (Memphis Grizzles analyst - Cavs fans, you know Brev) and finally, Raymond aka Marques Johnson...

Duration: 00:28:38

Episode 45:2 X Stanley Cup Champ - Matt Greene

This summer, Road Trippin' showed no bounds. From the hardwood to the slopes, in the ring, on stage & now to the ice - Hockey is a part of the family! 2 X Stanley Cup Champ with The LA Kings, Matt Greene has stepped into the retirement world but is still part of the game. With that comes the opportunity to talk the sport, being a forever Champ, compare sports w/ another Champion in RJ & plenty more. Did you know there were rules to "owning" the Cup for 24 hours? You soon will. Matt also...

Duration: 00:59:51

Episode 44: NBA HOF: Dr. J

'The Money Fight' was where it was at... was where Dr. J was at! So of course when the opportunity came to catch a quick flight to Vegas, we didn't pass it up. Thanks to the magic of technology, RJ was there as well! Dr. J & the RT crew dove into it all as we gathered at Total Wine & More for some spirits & stories. From Dr. J's days in the league, to time on the green now - from advice he'd give Richard about "life after hoops," to his take on "Trust the Process" in Philly & who he would...

Duration: 01:13:24

Episode 43: Stitch Duran

The date everyone - sports fans or not sports fans - had circled on their calendars: The Money Fight! So in honor of tonight's fight we bring you a special episode w/ Legendary Boxing Cutman Stitch Duran (a HUGE Thank You to Rafa for this set-up!) At Total Wine & More we dive in w/ the Great Cutman .. from how he got the nickname, "Stitch", to inside the corner itself, the most gruesome injuries he has dealt with, his favorite fight & PLENTY MORE! From 'Fields to The Garden' (part I & II),...

Duration: 01:00:46

Episode 42: New Girl: Lamorne Morris

Our very first episode - non sports related (well, kind of) and it couldn't have been w/ 2 more enjoyable, hilarious individuals. As RJ will soon introduce you, he and his co-host for Episode 42 go way back. Friends of 15 years, Corinne Kaplan has a story to tell (and she doesn't disappoint - I'll let you find out yourself). Joining the 2 of them however: American Actor, Comedian, and TV personality, Lamorne Morris. New Girl, anyone? As it was once told: censorship of a comedian is death -...

Duration: 01:00:50

Episode 41: April Ross

For all you young aspiring volleyball players - those who love the sand & or for those who simply just love excellence, this pod is for you! Olympic standout & elite competitor April Ross joins Geeter & Richard for some RT action just days before she prepares for the 2017 Manhattan Beach Open. She talks her favorite place to play, her personal goals, the state of Sand Volleyball & plenty more. After listening to this episode be sure to check out April this weekend in the MBO which airs on...

Duration: 00:38:07

Episode 40: Dave McMenamin & Sarina Morales

It's a first for Road Trippin - and we couldn't be more pumped about this. From the National Media Sports World, Dave & Sarina grace RT w/ their presence but as you'll soon learn - their stories, their advice & most of all personalities couldn't be more fitting. Both have incredible & unique journeys thru hard work & their own respective passion for sports that have landed them on the National stage & they have no plan of slowing down anytime soon. For Dave, covering 'Greats' like Kobe to...

Duration: 01:09:51

Episode 39: Keynan Middleton & Mike Trout

BIRTHDAY BOY hits 1,000 just hours after he stopped by for some RT fun as he & Rookie Keynan Middleton enlightened us all on what life in the Major League is all about. From Rookie traditions to Birthday traditions, life in the NBA & MLB couldn't be more different. First up w/ the Rook & who would have known, his 1st love - was hoops. Who did he model his game after? Who on the Cavs did he really want to know about? & what was his advice to RJ on the mound? Keynan went from the Hardwood to...

Duration: 01:20:06

Episode 38: Los Angeles Lakers Rookie: Josh Hart

Rookie meet vet. Vet meet Rookie. That's what we have come across for Episode 38 & it doesn't disappoint. From one Champ to another - RT fam, get to know Lakers Rookie & National Champ (Nova Wildcats) Josh Hart. From the game winning shot crowning him a 'National Champ' for life, to being the 30th pick in the NBA draft - Josh allows us to get to know him on a more personal level. From family life, to the man in the league he models his game after, to life alongside Lonzo Ball, to picking...

Duration: 01:06:10

Episode 37: On a BOAT w/Memphis Grizzlies Associate Head Coach JB Bickerstaff

One week ago today the Road Trippin crew found themselves podding ... on a boat. That's right - in the Redondo Beach Harbor on the 'Body Glove' boat, thanks to The Meistrell's, the crew enjoyed laughs, plenty of stories & a lil wake at sunset. This weeks guest: JB Bickerstaff whom as you'll soon understand, goes way back w/ RJ! So the crew had lots to talk about as you can imagine but here are a few of the topics we think you'll enjoy a lot: JB's legacy in the hoops coaching world, his...

Duration: 01:18:41

Episode 36: Lindsey Vonn

Road Trippin' "hit the slopes" BIG TIME w/ Episode 36, as Lindsey Vonn - or as Allie refers to her as: the baddest of all badass' - penciled us (you all) in to her hectic & very rigorous schedule to chat a little bit of everything! Everything meaning: the value of mini sewing kits as it pertains to the red carpet, Doping Control as it pertains to Olympic (Gold) athletes like herself vs team sport athletes like RJ. Her future w/ skiing - is the time coming sooner as opposed to later where...

Duration: 01:01:43

Episode 35: F**k Road Trippin' w/ Robert Horry

Snap. Chuckle. Pop - let "Big Shot Rob" catch you up on some stories you may have NEVER heard before - he threw a towel at WHO, Big Shot? So good! From player comparisons in the NBA to his own personal memories and experiences, stories about The Big Fundamental, Dream & the infamous petition in SA - the list goes on w/ our special guest! LUCKY you tho, it didn't stop there - the RT crew dives into the most recent NBA fine involving LaVar Ball & Joel Embiid - what does your host, Richard...

Duration: 01:22:22

Episode 34: Summer Edition

It's that time!! Road Trippin' is headed down a different path for summer - but a familiar path. We are growing! So to you, our awesome listeners, meet great friends of the Road Trippin' fam .. Alex Curry & Geeter! Who are they exactly? Take a listen! From #TheLand of MLB, NHL, Laker Land & a little Team Ninja Warrior action we are excited to start expanding our horizons & these two specifically, are joining us to do JUST. THAT! From the Angels clubhouse, to pulling Jordan Clarkson away...

Duration: 01:01:54

Episode 33: What Hasn't Allie Seen (should she see)

Although it hasn't been that long, we feel like it's been FOREVER - so we felt it was time to drop in for some random comedic relief. One thing is for sure, the off-season ... we prepared for it and it's your lucky day to get a little taste of what that looks like. Movies, reaction videos and realizing that Allie ... she just may live under a rock. Do us a favor please: flood our Instagram post today with movies you feel Allie should see - she promises to watch them all before preseason...

Duration: 00:37:03

Episode 32: King James drops by for the season FINALE

It didn't go the way we all wanted on the court, but Road Trippin', team dinners, the camaraderie GOES ON - & what better way to close out than be joined by The King. On this edition we address the elephant in the room, Channing & Bron both making facial hair changes - what DEFINES a "Super Team" & does anyone really compare to KD, according to LBJ? Enjoy this final taste ...& always know, WE love ALL of you - & couldn't have enjoyed sharing OUR stories more than with all of you - UNTIL...

Duration: 01:08:09

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