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Up Close With James Bay

This is very raw, but very cool! We're taking you to an up close and personal event with James Bay! Lots of great stories to random questions in a relaxed and REAL way in which you rarely hear artists interviewed! Keep listening for James' new one WILD LOVE on Star 102.5!


RLITM Buffalo Auto Show Preview!

The Buffalo Auto Show runs tmrw through Sunday (Feb 8-11). The NFADA's Paul Stasiak stopped by to give us preview not only on the cars, but on the family entertainment as well. Superheroes!!!


The 11 Day Power Play Is Back For 2018, And This Time YOUR TEAM Can Play & Raise $$ For Roswell Park!

Mike & Amy Lesakowski headed the 11 Day Power Play last year, set a Guinness World Record, and raised over $1 Million for Roswell Park along the way!. This summer they're gonna do it again, but this time, YOU and YOUR TEAM can play! All it takes is a team of 11-15 players willing to play hockey for 4 hours and $5,000 for Roswell Park. Click and listen, then register your team at


RLTIM Brides World Sneak Preview

Bridesworld 2018 is this Sunday! Nancy Macdonald of Tuxedo Junction gave us a preview. Make sure you pre-register at!


RLITM's The Story Of Santa Claus

Christmas time always brings the same question from kids, and adults. How did Christmas as we know it, come to be? Why do we celebrate the birth of Jesus with a jolly man in a red suit coming down the chimney and leaving presents while we sleep? How? Well, this is THE STORY OF SANTA CLAUS... Santa Claus was not always a jolly old fellow. He didn’t always have long white whiskers and he did not always wear a big red suit. Like so many other traditions, he's a product of the great American...


So What Exactly Is Figgy Pudding? Star Fan Betsy Explains Her Recipe And Figgy Family Tradition!

After hearing Bing Crosby sing "Bring us some Figgy Pudding" for the past 6 weeks, we were wondering if anyone really does have Figgy Pudding for the Holidays! Star fan Betsy hit us up on the Star Lines with her family tradition built around Figgy Pudding...and it sounds like fun!


Gwen Stefani Joins Rob Lucas To Talk Christmas....And She's All Fired Up!

Gwen Stefani was a BLAST to speak with! Listen to find out why....


Has watching "This Is Us" made you think of adopting or becoming a foster parent? Click, listen, & hear how rewarding it can be!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month! Steve Poissant, part of Gateway Longview's Home Finding & Permanency Planner Team joined Rob Lucas to tell us YES, foster care and adoption is portayed on This Is Us in a very real way! Through Steve's experience fostering 14 children, he highllights the rewards and family togetherness fostering brings along with the challenges you may encounter along the way.


Rob Lucas Sez: "You'll Never Hear Sleigh Ride The Same Way Again..."

Instrumental versions of "Sleigh Ride" are among the most powerful and recognizable Christmas songs. And one of the few songs of any type that give a starring role to the percussionist playing the Wood Block! Click and listen as Rob Lucas explains the art of playing Wood Block in Sleigh Ride. You'll never hear the song the same way again!


Jody Lomeo, CEO of Kaleida Health, Talks Childrens Hospital Move With Rob Lucas In The Morning

What does the November 10th move of Women And Children’s Hospital downtown to the medical corridor and transformation into the John Oshei Children's Hospital mean for you and your family? Kaleida Health President and CEO Jody Lomeo joined Rob Lucas to talk about this historic move. Along the way Jody also made Rob an honorary doctor! But it’s no surprise Rob is waiting for his room key white coat and patient list! Not. Gonna. Happen.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra Guitarist Joel Hoelsktra Joins Rob Lucas With A Preview Of This Years Show

TSO's Ghost Of Christmas Eve: Best of TSO And More tour hits Buffalo for 2 shows on Saturday December 16th at Key Bank Center. Long time TSO guitarist Joel Hoelkstra joins Rob Lucas In The Morning for a fascinating chat about the spirit of Paul O'Neil living on after his passing this past summer, how the band takes pride in working so hard (8 shows in 5 days on average) during the holiday season, and what to expect in this years show. Get your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets here...and $1...


Listen Now: Producer Jimmy Miced Up The Vice Prez And Had To Keep It A Secret!

OMG! When Vice President Pence visited Buffalo yesterday, RLITM Producer Jimmy was in the room as part of the sound system setup! He helped rig up microphones and speakers for the Vice President's speech! Talk about pressure...the last thing you want is for the batteries to die in the middle of a VP speech! A very compelling listen, and very cool experience for Jimmy to be in the room with the Vice President!


Caitlin Brodnick Talks Breast Breakup

Okay, right off the bat we must tell you that our chat with Caitlin Brodnick is a little raunchy at times. You’ve heard much worse, but it’s just edgy enough that we won’t be playing the entire interview back on-air. But that’s what makes Caitlin so hilarious. The way she weaves her very serious story of making the choice to “break up with her breasts” because of her strong predisposal to breast cancer later in life. Click, listen and laugh, then get tickets to see Caitlin Brodnick at Pink...


Listen Now: Pink Party Artist LIGHTS Joins Rob Lucas In The Morning!

Pink Party 2017 is next Wednesday at Statler City, and LIGHTS joined Rob Lucas In The Morning to talk about how excited she is to be coming back "close to home" in Buffalo! She checked with us while waiting for a plane in Orlando, and her beaming smile could be heard (and seen) all the way up North! Can't wait til she takes the Statler City stage along with LP and Caitlyn Broadnik. Click and listen, then get Pink Party tickets at


Listen Now: UB Coach Lance Leipold Joins RLITM To Talk Up Rob’s “Pick Game Of The Year”

The UB Bulls Host Florida Atlantic Saturday night in a game Rob Lucas picked earlier this year as the “must see” for Star 102.5 listeners and families. The great night starts with the pre-game party at 4 including a concert from The Gin Blossoms! UB Head Coach Lance Leipold dropped by to talk about their win over Colgate, and facing Lane Kiffin across the sidelines this weekend. After listening to the coach, click to get tickets and full info on the STAR 102.5 pre game...


Listen Now: Here’s The Best Way To Get Tickets For The Upcoming USA – Canada World Junior Game At New Era Field

The World Junior Hockey Championships come to Buffalo this Winter! 31 games from Dec 26th to Jan 5th highlighted by the US- CANADA outdoor game at New Era Field on Dec 29th. Mike Gilbert, Sabres Vice president of Administration and General Manager of Harborcenter. Joined Rob Lucas to tell us the best way to tickets when they go on sale to the general public this Monday.


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