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Ryan Morrison, better known on Reddit and the internet as “Video Game Attorney,” and co-host Austin Hoffman, take a hard look at how the law will react to the fast growth in technology. Will we need consent to sleep with a robot? Will our organs be government property? Come in and find out.




ROBOT CONGRESS - 42 - Take Two of These C&Ds (the OpenIV story)

What happens when you mix Russian modding software with Grand Theft Auto 5's incredible popularity? LAWSUITS?! Probably not. Cease and Desists?! Definitely. Featuring IRON MAN (as an example of why modding can be detrimental to a publisher). This episode is brought to you by Squarespace, use offer code ROBOT to support the show and get 10% off- as well as Penn State Online.

Duration: 00:29:25

ROBOT CONGRESS - 41 - Murder She Spoke (The Michelle Carter Story)

Can you kill someone with a text? Does free speech end when it's used to harm another? We continue our rolling out of ALL NEW Robot Congress episodes by delving deep into the sordid tale of wrath and woe that is: Death by Text! Michelle Carter convinced Conrad Roy to kill himself, but why and how? Find out this week on Robot Congress! This episode is brought to you by Squarespace. Use code ROBOT to save 10% and support the show!

Duration: 00:48:15

ROBOT CONGRESS - 40 - RELAUNCH (and the Alex Mauer story)

IT'S OUR RELAUNCH! And we couldn't have done a worse job. All new sound and recording equipment and Ryan somehow managed to speak into the wrong end of his microphone (shut up, it's possible) and create an awful echo'y sound. But it's not nearly as bad as the story behind this week's topic. Alex Mauer has rum rampant with the DMCA takedowns, hitting both commentator and creator alike. Was she allowed to do this? Did she own the content? What powers does the DMCA actually grant, and what...

Duration: 00:23:34

ROBOT CONGRESS - 39 - Steam's gone Direct, skip the Greenlight (w/ Sheena Perez)

This week Robot Congress has Sheena Perez, super awesome game dev and music composer extraordinaire to talk about Steam Greenlight closing and Steam Direct's announcement. What should you know if you plan to make a game? What will Austin rant about this time? FIND OUT NOW!

Duration: 00:46:41

Austin's Thoughts: The Beginnining

While Ryan's away Austin will play! Welcome to Austin's Thoughts, and this week we're talking about Star Trek, MMOs and RPGs. It's Austin Time, all the time! Well, this time anyway.

Duration: 00:34:45