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Fortune Cookie Lotto Winner: Episode 55

The news this week: Alexa's creepy laugh, Grumpy Cat wins in court, fortune cookie numbers win the lottery, and the $1,600 Uber ride. Amazon's smart device, Alexa has been laughing at random times during the day, sometimes during the middle of the night. Amazon finally acknowledged it. Then, Grumpy Cat wins a copyright lawsuit against a coffee business that had misused his likeness. After that, someone played the lucky numbers from inside a fortune cookie and won the lottery, including...


Killer Whales Can Speak English: Episode 54

Killer whales, also known as orcas, can imitate human speech. They can imitate a lot of things. Orcas are the parrot of the sea. Then, A Swiss university is the first to offer a degree in yodeling. They should have called it Yodel University. Employees at Apple's new "spaceship" headquarters building keep walking into the giant glass walls. And the last story is about the #Lastman contest, a competition to see who can go the longest without learning who won the Superbowl. Music by Uncle...


The Philadelphia Experiment: Episode 53

Did the military use secret advanced technology to render a navel destroyer invisible? Well, that's what I heard. This week we look at the Philadelphia Experiment, where the story came from and where it's going. We also talk about a material made of nano-tubes that absorbs 99.9% of light, making it the darkest artificial material, and we talk about the delivery robots that we've been seeing around town. Music by Uncle Milk Support us on


Grackles At The Petrol: Episode 52

Hundreds of grackles gathered at a petrol station, a Starbucks on Yosemite, a UFO at the latest SpaceX launch, and a court case to prove Bigfoot exists. All this and more on Robot Pizza Van's 52nd episode. Let's see, that's one episode a week... 52 divided by... carry the one... It's been a year! A whole year since this show was born, all tiny and wrinkled and covered in disgusting slime. Aaaaaah, how fast they grow up. Music by Uncle Milk Subscribe, rate and review especially on iTunes...


Marmorkrebs: Episode 51

This weeks funny and/or weird news: Mutant crayfish clones are showing up all over the world, "As Slow As Possible" is a very slow song, Kentucky Fried Chicken is serving Gravy Cocktails, McDonald's french fries might cure baldness, and if you sedate a plant it seems to lose consciousness. Music by Uncle Milk Subscribe, rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts, especially on iTunes


Slow Podcast: Episode 50

Offroad, Rygar and Borg watch some Slow TV. What is Slow TV you ask? That wasn't what you asked? No, you're right. I'm just trying to explain what this episode is about. Slow TV is a genre of really long broadcasts where the pace of the action is very slow. Some examples include uninterrupted, unedited footage of a seven hour train ride, twelve hours of burning logs, and the thirteen hour National Knitting Night. I think that there are a few other short news bits also. Support the show!...


Smalt: Episode 49

A smart salt shaker. Smalt, that's more fun to say and it's the actual name of the product. Then it's on to a different story where we learn that mice are evolving to live in the city. City mice. Cmice? It doesn't work the same as smalt. Finally we check out a band called the Virtual Currency Girls. Music by Uncle Milk You can support this podcast and get access to extra stuff at Give us a review on iTunes...


The Weed From Outer Space: Episode 48

Compose this picture in your mind. A pound of marijuana is sent into space and then returns to earth. At first a PR stunt but now a business idea. Sometimes it's easier to list off a bunch of questions. What happens when you send marijuana into space? What happens when a person smokes it? Will people buy space weed? What if aliens steal your space-stash? Music by Uncle Milk You can support this podcast and get access to extra stuff at Give us a review on...


Space Lawyers: Episode 47

Robot Pizza Van is a comedy podcast. Normally we're just reading funny news stories from the internet, but this week we're flying an alien UFO around. Borg pilots the spaceship as Offroad plots a coarse for adventure. We have a surprisingly good internet signal here in deep space. The first story is about Asgardia, a group of people who have gathered together to start the first space nation. They have launched a small satellite with the hopes of establishing a physical presence in space...


Borg Goes Back In Time To Fix The Past: Episode 46

Borg travels through time to the beginning of the episode in order to tell us not to read a particular funny news story. We do read some other funny stories first. One story is about how your house might be bugged and what you can do about it. There's another story about lifelong best friends who discover they are actually brothers. We finally do read the forbidden story, even though Future-Borg warned us not to. The story inexplicably drives people to do crazy things. It's so dangerous...


8 More Unusual Musical Genres:Episode 45

We had so many unusual musical genres knocking on our door last week that it spilled over into this week's show. Let me introduce to you the 8 that jammed their foot in the door when I tried to close it: Space Disco, Nintendocore, Chiptune, Yacht Rock, UK Garage, Simpsonwave, Black MIDI/Impossible Music and ancient Indian Classical Raga. Next week we begin our new Season 2, so keep an eye out for new and exciting things. Music by Uncle Milk Subscribe and give us a...


7 Unusual Musical Genres: Episode 44

In today's modern world there are so many different musical styles and genres that it can be hard to keep track. Luckily, Robot Pizza Van has gathered some of the more unusual of them for you to take note of. You have a paper and pencil ready, or was that just a figure of speech? First we listen to Lowercase which is a style of extreme ambient minimalism. It's like turning up the sound on something that is usually quiet. Then Vaporwave is a style of music that reminds me of the soundtrack...


Definitely Not A Christmas Special: Episode 43

Nobody learns any lessons and the bad guy wins at the end. Amidst the protests of co-hosts Rygar, Borg, and some supernatural surprise guests, this is not a Very Special Christmas Episode. Just a regular old episode. Yep. Pen spinning is a thing that we've all done. You haven't? Pick up that pen there and hold it like you're going to write something. Now flip it around your hand without dropping it. Ok, now... pen spinning is a thing that we have all done, but some people take it to...


Real Life Superheroes: Episode 42

This time on Robot Pizza Van... real life superheroes are people that put on a superhero costume and patrol the streets, protecting the innocent and righting wrongs. Just like in the comic books (a comic book is like a movie that you have to read). There's a whole bunch of people doing this all around the world. We check out some of these real life superheroes, like Squeegee Man for example, to see what the story is. We also try a new Borg segment about unusual startup companies called...


Mysterious Sounds: Episode 41

Listen to some mysterious sounds with us including the bloop, the hum, and the loneliest whale. We also check out Tibetan throat singers (what else do you sing with?), spectral band replication, and helium - the funniest gas. The military put microphones into the oceans to listen for enemy submarines. Besides submarines they heard sounds that they couldn't explain (like "The Bloop"). Some of the sounds were so loud and carried so far that they must of been made by a massive creature or...


Sneakerheads: Episode 40

What is a sneakerhead? It's not a person with a big shoe for a head. I was really excited when that's what I thought it was. It turns out that a sneakerhead is someone who is fanatical about sneakers... for their feet. The hosts of the show - Offroad, Borg and Rygar are not shoe experts. None the less, they have been extensively trained in socks, each own at least one pair of sneakers and are thus qualified to speak on the subject. This episode is meant to introduce the laymen to the...


Rent A Fish: Episode 39

There is a hotel chain that offers fish for rent to its guests. How does that work? Just kidding, I already know. Then there's a story about a tick that was on display during a presentation about the dangers of ticks, but then mysteriously disappeared to everyone's fright. Time to start a new paragraph. Why? It just feels right. The next story we read is about strawberry pizza and the Internet's feeling about it. We always have to think of how the Internet will feel. Like the golden rule...


High-Tech Forks: Episode 38

A San Francisco man pays to live in a box, and a few different high-tech forks. There are seven million, nine hundred and ninety-eight stories in the naked city, besides these two. The rent in San Francisco is pretty high but how much do you think it would cost to live in a box? Then we look at several different high-tech forks including a noise canceling fork, a salt flavored fork (with no salt) and the fork that buzzes you if you eat too fast. Subscribe and review on iTunes...


The Ping Pong Lifestyle: Episode 37

This week a court tells us that Facebook friends are not necessarily our real friends. I was already insecure. Then Prince's sister says that purple wasn't his favorite color. Guess what color it was? No, guess again. Ok... tell you what. Just listen to the show and I'll tell you then. We also chit chat about pool, ping pong and recreational tables in general. Nobody has room for a ping pong table. You make room. It's a lifestyle. The ping pong table makes room for you! Music by Uncle Milk...


Accidental Tweet: Episode 36

A marathon takes a wrong turn, and a phone accidentally dictates an unusual tweet. Robot Pizza Van is your source for all the news that is funny or weird. During a marathon the runners who were in the lead took a wrong turn. In the meantime some other guy wins the race. Then Rygar tells us about the time he ran in a marathon and was hit in the back of the head with a tortilla. That's why I won't run in any footrace. A woman is dictating a tweet about a news article she had just read. In...


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