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Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes

Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes
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Birmingham, United Kingdom


Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes






Eps 49. Mass UFO sighting's

Easy to dismiss sightings of bizarre stuff in the sky when one or two people see it. Not so easy when 10,000 people all see something hovering over a football stadium. Mass UFO sightings often occur, a group of school children even came face to face with a 3ft tall "creature". Facebook @Robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:19:13

Eps 48. The Montauk Project, REAL LIFE STRANGER THINGS....honest !

Tin foil hat time !!!! The Montauk Project is an alleged operation carried out in the US that focused on mind control, telekinesis, telepathy, time travel and visiting underground structures on the planet Mars using portholes created in Long Island. The trips to Mars were carried out by thousands of children who were abducted, many never returned. This one got it all, Nazi gold, aliens, parallel realities and much more !!!! Rate us on Itunes Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...

Duration: 01:13:58

Eps 47. A drunken review of the last 25 (ish) episodes

So we sat down and had a few beers whilst chatting about the previous 25 episodes since our last review show. Drunken, vulgar, obnoxious, rambling nonsense. If this is your first Robots For Eyes show, stop now and check out a topic based show. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes Music. A bitter tomorrow

Duration: 02:05:38

Eps 46. Parallel Universes and Extra Dimensions

What are parallel universes? Do other dimensions exist? How many are there? We attempt to wrap our heads round theses easy subjects plus we have some crazy stories from people claiming to have travel between different realities, we also have some Beatles music for another dimension! Tinfoil Hat at the ready Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twiter @robotsforeyes #parallel #universe #dimenstions #montauk #project #thebeatles

Duration: 01:21:32

Eps 45. The Toolbox Killers

For a five-month period in 1979, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris kidnapped, raped, brutally tortured and murdered 5 teenage girls. The victims were held in the back of a van they called "The Murder Mack" and were tortured and killed using hand tools. They photographed and recorded some of the killings. Truly shocking. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes #serial #killer #murder #toolbox #killers #rape #abuse...

Duration: 01:16:16

Eps 44. Haunted pubs, Indonesian pirates, out of body experiences and a ghost carpenter !!!.

This week Adam joined us for a few beers and to share some strange and weird experiences he’s had. From haunted pubs and Indonesian pirates to out of body experiences whilst having surgery on his mashed up foot, pictures on the Facebook page. It was a really good chat and was a lot of fun. If you have any strange stories and want to share or be on the show, you know what to do. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...

Duration: 02:08:59

Eps 43. The Jill Dando Murder, The Serbian Maffia, The IRA and Jimmy Savile

On 26 April 1999, whilst at the height of her fame presenting on the TV show Crimewatch, Jill Dando was shot dead on her doorstep in broad daylight outside her home in London. The crime is still unsolved, experts believe she was killed by a hitman in a state-sponsored assassination. We take a look at 3 of the most popular theories. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast twitter @robotsforeyes Intro Music by Lower Than...

Duration: 01:15:18

Eps 42. The Mothman In Chicago !

The Mothman is back! A strange winged humanoid figure has been sighted numerous time in and around Chicago, in some instances, multiple sightings occur on the same day ! From flying batmobile type creatures to a hovering humanoid with glowing red hypnotic eyes that flies straight up into the sky without flapping its wings. My money's on a real-life BATMAN !!! facebook @Robotsforeyespodcast instagram @robotsforeyespodcast twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:22:32

Eps 41. The death of Dr David Kelly, UN weapons inspector.

Dr David Kelly was a British United Nations weapons inspector. He was a global authority on biological weapons of mass destruction. In 2002 and 2003 the UK government investigated Iraq’s weapons capabilities via UN inspectors citing an attack could be launched at the UK in 45 mins, this was the justification given to go to war in Iraq, it was a lie. Dr Kelly exposed the report as being fraudulent to a BBC reporter, he was questioned by MP’s at length, 2 days later was found dead.

Duration: 01:18:44

Eps 40. The Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounter

The Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter. On Boxing day 1980, something strange streaked through the night sky over the south of England and by all accounts, landed near a twin nuclear weapons base. It was witnessed first hand by the base deputy Commander who reported that, whatever it was, shot lasers at him and his men and at a weapons storage facility. It came back on 2 different night. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...

Duration: 01:30:26

Eps 39. Absinthe, family fortunes, night sweats and vomiting up a bar !!!

An absinthe fulled conversation covering subjects such as Rob puking up a bar on Wednesday night, sweating like a madman in bed, family fortunes, an impromptu general knowledge quiz and emerging from the woods at 2 am in a suit covered in blood, plus much more that I cant remember! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:09:19

Eps 38. Unusual delicacies. Fried Tarantula anyone ?

Ever wondered eggs boiled in child’s piss tastes like? Fancy a bat paste sandwich? Yep, these are genuine foods considered delicacies. This episode doesn't really need a big description, please google images of these delights to get the full effect of their beauty. Some people eat really crazy things. Fried tarantulas ffs Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:06:31

Eps 37. Tommy Lynn Sells, this dude is evil !!!

Tommy Lynn Sells had the capacity to do some of the most insane and intense things I can imagine. This man killed a pregnant mother, her 3-year-old child, and the baby she was carrying. Not a nice dude Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:09:05

Eps 36. Beer, do pornstars enjoy their work, 9/11, crisp throwing, murder and much more

A different show for this week due to the fun things life throws at you. We sat down for a few beers and discussed whatever random thoughts happen to crop up. Crisp throwing, 9/11, beer, murder, cat scratching etc. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instgram @robotsforeyespodcast Intro Music By Lower Than Bones

Duration: 01:34:17

Eps 35. Vladimir Putin

A slightly different show, no aliens or serial killers this week. It's time to meet Vladimir Putin! Who is he ? Is he really a gangster and a thug? Has he really killed people who are outspoken about him? All will be revealed !!!!! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes #putin #vladimir #russia #sovietunion #murder #corruption #conspiracy #kgb #spy

Duration: 01:04:47

Eps 34. Organ Memory.

This week we take a look at Organ Memory. Ever since transplants have become common place, strange cases started to emerge where patients seem to inherit the memories of the dead person who donated their organs. From changes in taste, personality, sexual preference to a case where a child received a heart, began having nightmare’s and memories of a murder which leads to an arrest and conviction !!! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instgram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...

Duration: 01:18:41

Eps 33. The Sunset Strip Killers

Back to the wonderful world of serial killers this week. Doug Clark and Carol Bundy (no relation to Ted) did some truly shocking things to women and girls in 1980 on LA' Sunset Strip. Remember those strange heads girls used to practice makeup on ??? Find us on Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodact Twitter @robotsforeyes #murder #horror #true #crime #bundy #doug #carol #clark #beheaded #rape

Duration: 01:36:54

Eps 32. Biological and Chemical Weapons Agents

Something happy this week. Biological and Chemical Weapons Agents. Yay !! From Anthrax to Smallpox, Sarin to Phosgene, we've got it all.Find out how the British Military rendered an entire island uninhabitable for 48 years! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes

Duration: 01:31:24

Eps 31. Spontaneous Human combustion.

This week Tom and Rob take a look at Spontaneous Human Combustion. People bursting into flames for no apparent reason. This is very real. What causes someone to burst into flames whilst sitting in a chair? Witnesses have seen blue flames “roaring” out of victims mouths !!! Find us on Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast, Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast, twitter @robotsforeyes and

Duration: 01:20:08

Eps 30. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann Part 2

Part 2 of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Last week we looked at the time line of events and what occurred in the immediate hours after the discovery. This week we are going to take a look at the top theory's surrounding the case, what could have happened, some speculation followed by 100% hard evidence brought to light by 2 sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, who are trained to seek out the smell of death and human blood at crime scenes. Find us on Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast,...

Duration: 01:55:45

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