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Episode 10: Kesha- Teeth for ca$h

It’s our tenth episode! We’re still here and we’re still celebrating Women’s History month. This episode we talk about a girl who came from dirt and glitter to being a MFing WOMAN- Kesha. Maggie and Ashleigh cover everything she has been well known for- from sexy ghost stories, to her unexpected high intelligence, to the […]


Episode 9: Riot Grrrls- Supa-Pissed

For week 2 of Women’s History Month we talk about one of the biggest feminist movements in recent memory- Riot Grrrls! Not only were they putting out creative zines but they also made some of the best music to come out of the 90’s. Listen as Ashleigh and Maggie get progressively drunker and gush over […]


Episode 8: Wendy O. Williams- A burning Cadillac

We are starting off Women’s History Month by celebrating one of the most amazing women of rock! Wendy O. Williams is known for her insane on-stage antics as well as her totally raw and uncensored personality. In this episode we will take you through the life and music of a woman you may very well […]


Episode 7: David Bowie’s Blackstar- …in space

This week Maggie and Ashleigh dissect one of the most meta albums to come out in recent years- Blackstar by David Bowie. Track by track we talk about hidden themes and metaphors within the lyrics and the stories of some of the musical influences that made this album such a stand out. Take some time […]


Episode 6: Valentines Day Bonus- Choice Breakup Songs

What’s this?? Two episodes in one week?? We didn’t want to leave our non-coupled friends out during this most commercial of holidays, so we kept drinkin’ and kept recordin’ to give you our top picks of tunes for heartbreak. No matter what your Facebook relationship status says, we hope you have a rad V-Day and […]


Episode 5: Valentines Day Special- Sexy Sax Solos

Happy Valentines Day, all you crazy kids! This week we are treating you to our select list of sexiest saxophone solos to listen to when gettin’ down with your loved one. Or just enjoy listening along while we take a chance at alliteration while drinking. This episode pairs great with Love Child from Boulevard Brewing […]


Episode 4: Van Roth vs Van Hagar- Tangents galore

This week we attempt to figure out the age-old question: who is the better front man of Van Halen- David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? Does Diamond Dave’s amazing onstage acrobatics outshine The Red Rocker’s impressive vocal range? Who is to blame for the revolving door of lead singers? (Spoiler- It’s Eddie) But this ain’t […]


Episode 3: Fleetwood Mac- Piles of coke and cognac

One of the biggest names in all of rock n’roll- Fleetwood Mac has gone through break ups, reunions, scandals, cults, addictions, and just about everything else. This week we try our best to give you a sense of where this band came from, the things they went through, and what has made their music utterly […]


Episode 2: The Beatles White Album Part 2- Things could’ve been worse

Welcome back for the second half of our adventure wandering around The Beatles’ largest undertaking- The White Album. Disc 2 may have less songs but it has just as much going on- from revolutions, to chocolates, to avant garde composition (yeah, it makes a bit of a leap there) this album has it all. And […]


Episode 1: The Beatles White Album Part 1-Hey everybody, I wrote a song!

It’s the inaugural episode of Rock Candy! And we are starting off big with a two-parter on one of the most influential albums to ever hit the shelves- The Beatles’ White Album. We go through each song and talk about where they came from- Who is Bungalo Bill? What is the hidden message behind Blackbird? […]