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Every Monday night from 6PM John Robb is joined by Lord Pig and The King for Rock N Roll Smorgasboard. The show features a wide variety of music, focusing on new and unsigned talent (including bands from Holroyd, Parramatta and the Hills) mixed in with well known artists. John has been hosting the show for over 23 years and each week he is assisted ( well, sort of ) by Lord Pig & The King.. John Robb, regular guest “The King” and Lord Pig hard at work in studio 2 Along with the great music, there are a few sections that are, well… unique! Under the Covers: At 6.30 they play an original version of a song and a cover version of same song. Dodgy Song: At 7pm the boys dig out and play a dodgy song… A track that is really bad or poorly recorded or something just downright ridiculous!! Weekly World News: At 8pm you can hear Weekly World News: News from around the world that you won’t hear on other news broadcasts. It truly is unique! 78RPM: After Weekly World News hear a real blast from the past when the Smorgasbord plays an old 78RPM record… scratches and all. No digital enhancement, just the original 10 inch record. In Concert: At 8.30pm hear three tracks recorded live! If you’re in a band and have recorded one of your gigs, send it in to be included in the segment. Poetry: What Rock and Roll show would be complete without a dose of poetry? The Rock N Roll Smorgasboard has you covered! John Robb and Lord Pig have recently been asking regular listeners to send in their poetry, either by email or fax, or as a CD. This segment is proving popular with their regular listeners, and has had people putting in huge efforts for the show.



This program will be available tomorrow at 4AM.