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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!

Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!
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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!








Ep 97: Hello Rosie. Goodbye Human Being

We say goodbye to a very good friend this evening. Cancer sucks!!! Anyone else getting tired of "The Russians?" I know I am. Unplug. Its as simple as that. Oh, and lets not forget that humans are putting themselves out of business with all this new technology coming. Robots will eventually be so normal that we will forget what it was like to even have people around to interact with. Let's Get It On!!!


Ep 96: Gun Control? The brain is more dangerous!

Gun violence is always a ratings generator for news outlets. Is it feasible to control guns, perhaps against the 2nd Amendment, instead of trying to control the people who use them in horrible ways? Where do you begin? Who defines mental illness? Is there a difference between a handgun and long rifle? Firearms are a way of life in the US. We try and figure out the reason they are so high profile these days. They have always been here and they always will. The same can be said for textbook...


Ep 95: WV Teachers and CWA strike!!! What you need to know.

WV is HOT right now. We ask the questions and thankfully D-Mac knows the answers. The reasons for striking have become so diluted and fragmented its hard to understand. We try and fix that through our conversation. Spread the love!!! Thanks for listening to Rogan Radio!!!


Ep 94: Brent Brings Beer and We Hit the V Spot

On a show like this, where do you even start. One of the best conversations we've had in a long time. Jada is heading out for 11 months to do missionary work. You never realize how easy life is until you hear about how it can be for someone else. Puts everything into perspective. At least it should. We also have a new segment called the V Spot. And if that wasn't enough, we actually exercise a little to make sure we reach a very old age. Good times coming your way!!!


Ep 93: Charles NOT in Charge

Rogan is Out. Beck is In. We make contact with StarMan flying around in his Tesla. Extreme Mustang Makeover...We aren't talking about the Ford 2018 model either. In WV, there is a huge debate going on over wage and insurance increases for State Workers. So much in fact a walkout of teachers is planned. We have a rep to fill us in on the details. And Peter Wang has earned a full military funeral for his bravery shown in the Florida school shooting. This and a lot more as always. Thanks for...


Ep 92: 50 Shades of Paddles

Where do we even begin? Paddles in school? Star Wars: The Last Jedi being completely STUPID? The Extreme Mustang Makeover? How about Real Shoot Wrestling going large? Lets get this show rolling!!! Thanks for listening and be sure to check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Live show starts at 7pm EST on both. Appreciate all you keep doing for us helping to get the word out.


Ep 91: Chuck Vaughn Norris

Thanks for listening. Please repost, share, like, introduce your friends to this episode. Very important. David Moore is in need of a liver transplant. 37 million Americans don't realize that theirs is somehow diseased. We get answers on procedures and how to help. Who needs Chuck Norris when you have Vaughn Haggerty? Internet sensation in the works. And of course we celebrate Michelle's Birthday as only we can. Check out the live show every Sunday at 7pm EST on Facebook and YouTube. We...


Ep 90: It's time to Play...ArmChair QuarterBack

Facebook is full of know it alls. They know how to fix the gov't shutdown. They know how to run local gov't. Hell, they even know how to be a ref during a sporting event. Have to love the armchair quarterback. Tonight we talk to Shinnston's Vice Mayor Pat Kovalck joins us to talk about what its like running a small town. Michelle reports from DC and then heads to the International Surfing Competition in Hawaii. The good news is that Todd finally gives his wife a Love Jam for messing up...


Ep 89: When Jimmy is Away, Michelle will Play!!! The Women have taken over!!!

Jimmy is away so Michelle is on the Soundboard, Darren and Cindy are stuck in Mexico, Bruce and Amy have a Huuuuge Announcement, Carol won't talk but Chad does, D-Mac is playing director while Megan hopes he doesn't want to do this all the time, and Vicki is just plain old pissed at Todd. It's another fun adventure of Rogan Radio!!!


Ep 88: Brrrrr. Take back your air please Canada.

Its been crazy cold here lately. I mean below zero is becoming normal. SpaceX is legit!!! Go Falcon. Do you ever see a day where physical schools will be a thing of the past? Lets get talking. Thanks for listening!!!


Ep 87: Satan's Snack: The One Chip Challenge is HooooooT

Dang this chip is hot!!! We talk to Tim and TJ from Real Shoot Wrestling about an upcoming event along with watching TJ about die after taking the One Chip Challenge. It is legit!!! Side note: Alexa thinks I should've married Todd rather than Michelle. Let's see how this turns out. Thanks for listening!!!


Ep 86: Grinches, Glitches, and Bitches

Whew weeeee!!! Busy Busy week. Had Thanksgiving with the 5k Run/Walk known as the Turkey Trot, Big Christmas Parade where we first tried a "Live" show, and of course we have a lot of bitching to do. The great thing is Mark Walsh from Clarksburg's Fire Dept joins us to talk about Operation Warm. What a fantastic program and to see the smiles on faces is pricelss. Be sure to share and tell your friends about Rogan Radio and by all means drop us a note. We love hearing from you!!!...


Ep 85: The Return!!!

We are back. Still trying to smash all the bugs and get things tuned up but we are back in Studio A. We are concentrating now on getting the Live broadcasts tweaked and plan is to start The Social Hour along with full length podcast soon after the first of the year. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Like, Subscribe, and Share. We are back in action. Send any email to or visit


Ep 84: Goodbye Studio A. Hello Monster Trucks!

We have spent close to two years in Studio A and this is our last show before the big move. We talk drive-ins, community action, and of course Monster Trucks in Pittsburgh. We love Monster Trucks. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Youtube to keep up with everything Rogan Radio. Be back in a few weeks.


Ep 83: Real Shoot Wrestling meets Todd Beck Radio

We are about to move Studio A to a new location on the Campus of Rogan Radio. Ohhhh, the memories we have made over the past two years. Tim Cross from Real Shoot Wrestling joins us to discuss the difference between show and go along with what its like to wrestle in the NorthEast compared to the South. Finally, you know we couldn't go without talking Mayweather/McGregor. What a good promotion this event is. Lets hope the fight is just as good.


Ep 82: Talking is Therapy

Talking is Therapy. We normally like to keep things light hearted but we all have demons that eat at our souls. Cancer being one of those. It has inflicted us. Has affected us in ways we will deal with every second for the rest of our lives. Thats ok. The important thing to do is talk about it and not try and fight it alone. No matter if you are fighting or healed. Scared or sad because of losing someone. Cancer will get each and every one of us somehow. Don't fight it alone. Regardless...


Ep 81: All that goes bump in the night

It has always amazed me how some brains can translate themselves to paper, music, or pictures. We have Lori Fontanez here to not only talk about her latest book on Amazon entitled "Faucets of Phantoms" but also what it takes and the mindset you need to be in to write a book. Especially a book based upon things of imagination. Or are they??? Hit play now!!! Get your copy of Lori's Faucets of Phantoms here...


Ep 80: Its all in translation. Love you Japan!!!

Its almost been two years since the very first episode of Rogan Radio. Every week the US has been right there on top. We have made a lot of friends around the world and we love it!!! Thanks so much for listening. This past week though brought a shock! Japan crushed all others with a STRONG showing of support. Thank you so much for being part of the show no matter where you are. Send us an email so we can send you something. We truly appreciate you being there. And be...


Ep 78: Pocket Pool and XXX Wing Sauce

WOWZA!!! Michelle is fantastic. She is basically thrown to the wolves when it comes to Podcast night. Once we find out she doesn't know a phrase or word, we attack. She is so innocent and that is the best part about her. If she did know about half the stuff guys talk about...I'd be afraid. Christian also joins us to talk about some of the new things we should expect with PCs and Consoles. Thanks for listening and be sure to share with your friends and family. Thanks for listening!!! Visit...


Ep 77: Haunting of the Sleep Walker

Hello!!! Yet time again for an installment of Rogan Radio. This week we talk Pittsburgh Penguins, how scary it is to live with a sleep walker, and of course how fun the Summer can be as long as you pay attention while playing with your toys. Thanks for listening and be sure to like and subscribe while sharing with your friends and family. This is a great time and we want you involved either by text, email, or post on our facebook or YouTube page. Thanks again so much for listening!!!...


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