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Wonder Woman Review

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham review DC's Wonder Woman, discussing the novelty (which should not be) of a female-led superhero movie. They ultimately give a letter grade after considering the acting, the directing, the relevance, and the climax. This episode includes a brief discussion of Snatched. 0:00-10:14 -- Discussion of Snatched and Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4. 10:14-50:50 -- Review of Wonder Woman with NO SPOILERS. 50:50-55:15 -- SPOILERS in discussing the ending of Wonder Woman....


Ranking The Fast And The Furious Movies

Jake and Chad--newcomers to the Fast and the Furious franchise--rank all of the movies in the series, paying special attention to the characteristics that make them so popular. Krista Durham also drops by to give her insight about the series. 0:00-20:37: Movies they have seen (including Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, The Circle, and Sleight). 20:37-1:37:53: Ranking the Fast and the Furious films.


2017 Upcoming Movies

Chad and Jake discuss the movies coming out in 2017 that they are most excited about. As well, they discuss Get Out, Logan, and Kong: Skull Island at the beginning of the episode.


If We Picked The Winners

Jake and Chad cast their vote in 11 of the biggest Oscar categories. Patterned after Siskel and Ebert's old "If We Picked the Winners" episodes, Jake and Chad reveal who they would pick if they were members of the Academy in all of the acting categories, both script categories, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Animated Feature, Best Song, and Best Picture. They dressed up and made "envelopes" as well. You can check out the video on the Rogue Auteurs Facebook page.


Ranking The Movies Of M. Night Shyamalan, Part 2

Chad and Jake rank the movies of M. Night Shyamalan. While doing so, they analyze his career and his recent resurgence. 0:00 - 47:00 Counting down #5 to #1; 47:00 - 1:00:00 Spoiler-heavy discussion of Unbreakable and Split; 1:00:00 - 1:01:09 Final thoughts


Ranking The Movies Of M. Night Shyamalan, Part 1

Chad and Jake rank the movies of M. Night Shyamalan. While doing so, they analyze his career and his recent resurgence. 0:00 - 9:15 Thoughts on the Oscar nominations; 9:15 - 20:16 Discussion of Shyamalan's career and analysis of his reputation; 20:16 - 1:06:46 Counting down #11 to #6


The Best Movies Of 2016, Part 1

We are excited to present our podcast episode counting down Chad Durham and Jake Hampton's top 10 movies of 2016! Because of the sheer amount of passion they had for each of their favorite movies from last year, the countdown had to be split into two separate episodes, both of which are linked below. Chad and Jake also finish the second half with a few pleas to the Oscar voters about which movies they don't want to see overlooked in certain categories. 0:00 - 4:30 Golden Globes reactions;...


Favorite Christmas Movies

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham discuss the appeal of Christmas movies and the personal power (and nostalgia) they hold. They are joined by special guests Susan Martin, Krista Durham, and Chase Durham, who all reveal their personal Top 3 Favorite Christmas Movies. At 0:00, the guests give short reviews of movies they have recently seen, including Loving, Arrival, Moonlight, Fantastic Beasts, Nocturnal Animals, La La Land, and Moana. At 16:38, they discuss the Christmas movie genre in general...


The Romantic Comedy Genre

Jake Hampton, Chad Durham, and special guest expert Krista Durham discuss the romantic comedy genre. Is it trash? Is it lazy? Or is it perfect escapism? They also discuss what makes something a rom-com and how the genre has developed a bit throughout the years.


Ranking The Movies Of Jared Hess

In the wake of the release of Masterminds, Chad Durham and Jake Hampton personally rank the five Jared Hess-directed movies Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Gentlemen Broncos, Don Verdean, and Masterminds. They try to analyze what makes a Jared Hess movie and push the theory that there is a lot more going on in Hess' movies than many people assume. The underlying sadness that pervades some of the movies particularly resonates for Jake, while Chad finds that he was more emotional moved by a...


Top 5 Under-Appreciated Movies

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham run down their top 5 "under-appreciated" movies of all time. These are movies that, for some reason or another, have been underseen or undervalued in many ways. Jake and Chad first define the term under-appreciated and then alternate their top 5 picks.


Favorite Movies of 2015 | Part 2

Tom Jones and Chad Durham reveal their personal Top 5 Movies of 2016.

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