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Roll 4 Narrative is a podcast about narrative role playing games, where we talk about narrative games, mechanics, playing for the story and try to get you to try some new stuff!




Episode 4 - News! GenCon, CoM Starter Set, and more!

We're back! And we've been busy...! FREE City of Mist Starter set available here: Neev shares his tales of delight from his GenCon trip, including running City of Mist using the brand new starter set(out now!). We learn more about the starter set from Amit and hear about the AMAZING reaction that we've gotten so far. We also tell you about the CoM campaign we just started and talk about creating our characters with the CoM engine. It's a doozy!

Duration: 00:29:56

Episode 3 - Deus Ex Mechanics

Welcome back to Roll 4 Narrative! In this episode, Neev and Amit stop pulling punches and go into a full-on discussion about what makes for good narrative game mechanics, taking a look at some of the recent game systems they’ve picked up and at (surprise surprise) Apocalypse World and its numerous hacks, breaking it down and fan-girling about why it is the Sistine Chapel of narrative role-playing games. Get ready to dive in!

Duration: 01:01:32