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Ep181 Gaming At GGG

Saturday 23rd Registration at 11 ------first game starts around 1230 Day of, can go in and register First game will be marvel vs capcom Marvel vs capcom infinite - $100 pot bonus ------$10 entry fee ------no age limit. everyone welcome GGG opens at 11 ------get warmed up ------snacks, drinks ------Pizza Hut next door Games for tournament will be on PS4 ------you can bring your own periperals ------headsets ------controllers ------discount on entry fee NMISM - great community ------fight...

Duration: 00:20:28

Ep180 Selling Comedy

Wednesday evening #Rotpod with special guest, Kevin Gootee! He was able to join in and chat about what's going on, here and there! Don't be a stranger and click that play button. Topics include: Kevin Gootee comics watching comics stand up comedy amazon prime comedy, tech, travel Albuquerque Car accident Nolan vs Scorsese movies

Duration: 01:04:17

Ep179 Moo Struck

Brian aka Rotpod drinking the dew and eating pizza Tim aka DogofDayz23 drinking chocolate milk Jill aka JillthePhotog eating burgers and fries Jay aka JaySandlinWriter getting his car fixed Topics for this fantastic episode: Jays 70 inch issues Jays children book Jays podcast dueling matches #whowouldwin #signingface DogofDayz merchandise Comics, using Comixology or Marvel Unlimited Boxing greats and mistakes

Duration: 01:11:54

Ep178 Testing The Waters

Brian aka @Rotpod drinking water and recording video Tim aka @dogofdayz23 getting graphics for his Twitch Jill aka @jillthephotog deciding pc or mac Paul aka The Rokpile getting his podcast off the ground Topics in this episode: Twitch Graphic overlays PC or Mac upgrade Microsoft Surface The Rockpile In the field recording Singing tim Back to school gifts

Duration: 01:03:05

Ep177 Bold and Intense

Brian aka @Rotpod playing Tearaway on PS4 and drinking Calypso strawberry lemonade. Tim aka @dogofdayz23 playing Rocket League and drinking Gatorade. Jill aka @jillthephotog playing nothing and drinking some kind of minute maid. Bold and Intense recording includes various topics such as: Tearaway game, micro USB AAA rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth tracker, bye bye man on a podcast, boss boxes issue, soundcloud, Mario maker, Lego boost, iBand, giveaways, twitch streaming and photography by...

Duration: 01:00:15

Ep176 Noyes Speaks Out

Paul Noyes and Paul Anderson are guests on this Monday's episode. Noyes is a part of a community that helps with suicide prevention. He discusses and educates us about the many ways to help those in need. Paul Noyes with suicide prevention Questions from listeners 13 Reasons on Netflix Celebrity incidents Music as a healing factor Out Of The Darkness Walks Survivor Day National Alliance for Mental Illness Support Groups @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @jillthephotog Paul Noyes on Facebook Paul Anderson...

Duration: 00:42:18

Ep175 Chatterbox

Rotpod playing Destiny 2 Beta and drinking Rockstar Dogofdayz23 playing Rocket League for pc and ps4, also drinking Rockstar Twizted playing Atlas Reactor for pc and drinking G-Fuel Jill playing Sims for PC and not drinking Rockstar Chatterbox episode topics include: Gaming headset reviews Nintendo Switch accessories Nintendo 64 Top 3 games for Nintendo Destiny 2 Beta Android 911 app Sponsorship info

Duration: 00:58:44

Ep174 Nifty Fifty

Brian aka @Rotpod Tim aka @dogofdayz23 Jill aka @jillthephotog Dalton aka @twizted_crash Friday's nifty fifty episode includes topics: samsungs air conditioners, avenged sevenfold, destiny 2 beta, listener questions, fatal grips sponsor, xbox one x, 4k, photography gear, house tech, fortnite the game, tim teef and atari! we're always looking for listener interaction and going to integrate the voicemail into the podcast. questionnaires will be going around the web every week before the next...

Duration: 00:35:44

jEp173 Blasty Blast

Brian aka Rotpod - Tim aka Dogofdayz23 - Jill aka Jillthephotog - Twizted Crash - Paul Anderson. Great pocast episode with these fine folks! TOPICS include: Basic equipment for podcasting Streaming over Twitch Interacting with our fans Music info from Paul Questions from listeners @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @jillthephotog @twisted_crash

Duration: 01:32:56

Ep172 Two Intros Final Countdown

Brian aka Rotpod, Tim aka DogofDayz23, Jill aka JillThePhotog, and special guest Mandy aka LittleGeekLost winging it in this episode of wholesome goodness! Topics include: world of warcraft sims psp psvita nintendo dsxl metallica nickelback tweetaction cemetary photography flipbook selfies camping 5 days a week @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @jillthephotog @cyannide

Duration: 00:42:08

Ep171 Questions for Amanda

Amanda Briggs, photographer from Boston joins us on our guest Friday episode! Topics are: haunted photography, PlayStation 5, sponsorships, why I accept sponsors, NES, metal gear, tecmo bowl, excite bike, jills first console game memory and best of all photography questions from the listeners! @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @jillthephotog

Duration: 00:57:29

Ep170 Jays Handle

Special guest author/creator of his Novel Comics, Jay Sandlin joins #Rotpod in this Friday evening episode! Topics include: Arcade and quarters, What a novel comic is, Poster signing, Amazon eBook and hardcover, Redesigned, Bossboxes sponsorships, Fidget spinners, Wonder Woman, and MORE!

Duration: 00:56:55

Ep169 Better To Share

Instagram, Napster, Xbox Live menu system, Netflix, Photography, Hard Drive for PS4... Brian aka Rotpod, with topics of Need for Speed Rivals, and what is your favorite paying subscription service. Jill aka Jill The Photog, with the topic of sharing your art/content on social media. Levi aka BigOleLevi, giving us info on what YouTube is going through now. Tim aka DogOfDayz23, wanting to upgrade his PS4 hard drive. Call in for opinions, ideas, topics, questions.

Duration: 01:04:23

Ep168 Endorse Everyone

Gaming, Endorsing and Photography. Speedrunners for Xbox360 and Xbox One and discussing why we hate/love Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Discussing endorsement deals for gamer and youtube streamers today. How does this effect making money and growing your business? Does it also effect the simple hobbyist? Thanks for downloading or streaming! @Rotpod @dogofdayz @jillthephotog @bigolelevi

Duration: 00:43:03

Ep167 Futureproof Gaming

Would you futureproof your gaming today? PS4 Pro, photography, sims3, burnout the game, favorite handheld console and more! Here is a way to get in contact with myself as well as my weekly special guests! #Rotpod @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @bigolelevi

Duration: 00:30:34

Ep166 Weekly Gaming

#Rotpod is back and getting ready to podcast once again. This time Brian aka MrB is gonna be joined by a gamer (DogofDayz23), photographer (Jill The Photog) and a YouTuber (BigOleLevie)! This episode will be recorded weekly along with other #tech episodes throughout the week. Questions are always welcome for MrB or any of these 3 great guests! @Rotpod - @dogofdayz23 - Jill The Photog -

Duration: 00:16:46

Ep165 Work For It

Do you have Windows xp, 7, 8, 10? Ever think of making the switch between IOS and Android? Google Earth timelapse, Chevelle, and an Instagram pic rant are all in this latest episode. I know it's been a while but I'm back with new content to share with you all! Share the podcast with either the RSS link or the website where you can find everything from videos to #Rotpod podcasts! @rotpod

Duration: 00:34:30

Ep164 Trump Nunchuks

3 Questions will be asked to few #Rotpod listeners and I get 3 answers! Yes! Trumps smartphone? Pet peeves? Nunchuk capabilities? If you want to check out more episodes, head on over to the main site and stream to your hearts content! Thanks for listening and please send a message and let me know where your from and what your favorite game is! @Rotpod #Rotpod

Duration: 00:13:24

Ep163 Video Editing

Talking video editing software that is the bestest out there for the money! NFL smack talk and little more! Press play! #tech #gaming #movies #Rotpod #podcast Twitter: @rotpod

Duration: 00:22:28

Ep162 Universal Remote Coach

Universal remote control for your home video, and audio needs is a very good tool to have! Coach scouting in need for the greatest football team ever! Press play and hear this 12 minute episode for your pleasure! Guests on #Rotpod are: stretch and BigD. Twitter: @rotpod Facebook:

Duration: 00:12:40

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