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Best-selling co-authors of You'll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles dispense their unique brand of relationship advice while interviewing/interrogating celebrity guests.




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Episode 161: Live from The Bell House w/ Jill Kargman and Robin Lord Taylor

Ronna and Beverly once again grace the stage at The Bell House in Brooklyn with fabulous guests Jill Kargman (Odd Mom Out) and Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham). The girls journey down the rabbit hole of Engineer Sam's tattoos before chatting with Jill about her custom fashions, trashy novels, and Necker Island. Then Robin Lord Taylor makes his return to the show, bringing with him tasty delicacies and recollections of summer stage productions gone by. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace...

Duration: 01:37:32

Episode 160: Live from The Bell House w/ Chris Gethard and Rachel Dratch

Ronna & Beverly come at you LIVE from The Bell House in New York to get in deep with comedians Chris Gethard and Rachel Dratch! First, we hear about the girls' sojourn through the nation's capital, and then they talk to Chris about his parentage of a goat in college and the most surprising calls he's received on his podcast Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. Later, they find out from Rachel who the biggest schmuck was at the SNL 40th Anniversary party followed by a debate over the...

Duration: 01:15:13

Episode 159: Live from the 9:30 Club w/ Ned Price

Former intelligence officer Ned Price joins Ronna and Beverly in Washington "Da Capital" to help them get ahead of the news! The girls talk to Ned about his racehorse namesake, how he decided to quit the CIA, and the threat of elderly terrorists. Plus, Ned shares his new life prospects, and Ronna and Bev take audience questions from recovering Catholics and rhino caretakers. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code: SHALOM) and Third Love...

Duration: 01:38:58

Episode 158: Live from Largo w/ Paul F. Tompkins, America Ferrera

Ronna and Beverly come at you live from Largo at the Coronet for an evening of conversation featuring comedian Paul F. Tompkins and actress America Ferrera! The girls chat with Paul about Fijian timeshares, hot on-set affairs, and why it's important to look like your spouse. Then they welcome America on to discuss her high school theatrics and how she approaches organizational politics and the schmucks that come with it. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code:...

Duration: 01:27:36

Episode 157: Dave Holmes

Writer Dave Holmes joins Ronna and Beverly this week to offer his best body care tips. He talks to the girls about emerging onto the scene through the first "Wanna Be a VJ" contest in 1998, his childhood crushes, and his feelings about the new pope. Plus, Dave tells his own saga from St. Louis to L.A. before getting advice from our hosts on the best kinds of children to adopt. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code: SHALOM) and ThirdLove (

Duration: 01:27:53

Episode 156: Santina Muha

Comic Santina Muha joins Ronna & Beverly this week to shed light on her wide berth of comedic pursuits, from improv to storytelling. The girls make Santina prove she speaks Italian before they get into various studio complaints, their favorite beaches in Sicily, and finally, Santina shares the childhood incident that made her swear off singing forever. This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 01:06:14

A Beginner's Guide to Ronna & Beverly

Welcome to Ronna and Beverly! Paul Scheer presents this bonus episode introducing the ladies and their world. Backstories, catchphrases, and helpful tidbits abound, and it's all here in one guide to catch you up to speed - and, hopefully, to help you #convertafriend!

Duration: 00:20:58

Episode 154: Chris Kelly

Co-head writer of SNL Chris Kelly joins Ronna and Beverly this week to chat about which cast members he thinks should be fired, his entrance into the comedy world, keeping up with the fast pace of current events, Kellyanne Conway's stand-up, his movie "Other People," and much, much more.This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code: SHALOM) and ThirdLove ( ).

Duration: 01:31:10

Episode 153: The 2017 OSCAR Podcast

It's that time of the year again, and Oscar experts Adam B. Vary, Kate Aurthur, and Jarett “The Wiesel” Wieselman of BuzzFeed join Ronna & Beverly to talk all things Academy Awards! From Manchester by the Sea to Mahershala Ali, who will win out big time? Which actors and actresses will take home the gold for their performance? Tune in to hear from the best! This episode is sponsored by Squarespace ( code: SHALOM) and Keepsake ( ).

Duration: 01:32:37

Episode 152: Live from the SF Sketchfest w/ James Urbaniak, Arden Myrin

Ronna & Beverly pay a visit to San Francisco for the annual SF Sketchfest! They welcome very talented actors James Urbaniak (Difficult People) and Arden Myrin (Shameless) to chat about drag queen leisure wear, the whole refugee project, on-stage engagements, old-timey podcasts, Ambien Santa, and much, much more. This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove ( and Keepsake (

Duration: 01:09:18

Episode 150: Pam Fryman

The very talented director Pam Fryman joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about being an intern for The Mike Douglas Show in high school, her love of working How I Met Your Mother, meeting her husband while working on Hollywood Squares, and much more. Plus, the ladies tell us about their trip to St. Barths and read some of the beautiful cards they’ve received from their lovely listeners.Please help out Penelope’s “Where Are The Women” cause by purchasing some Girl Scout Cookies by visiting:...

Duration: 01:35:35

Episode 149: D'Arcy Carden

The lovely, pleasant, and hilarious D'Arcy Carden (The Good Place) joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about the origin of her name, her siblings, ice-cream, and much more. Plus, the ladies tell us how they celebrated their Christmas. Happy New Year!Please help out Penelope’s “Where Are The Women” cause by purchasing some Girl Scout Cookies by visiting: (link goes live Jan. 3)This episode is brought to you by Third Love (...

Duration: 01:10:56

Episode 148: Charles Rogers

Writer/director/actor Charles Rogers joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about the ins and outs of his show Search Party on TBS, having hippie parents, his first movie Fort Tilden, and much more. Happy Holidays!This episode is brought to you by Third Love ( )

Duration: 01:43:00

Episode 147: Live from Boston Jewish Film Festival w/ Eugene Mirman

Recorded live as part of The Boston Jewish Film Festival at the Somerville Theatre in Boston, the fabulous Eugene Mirman of Bob’s Burgers joins Ronna and Beverly to chat about growing up speaking only Russian, crying for 45 minutes as part of his 9 volume comedy album, and who he closely resembles. It’s a fantastic night shared here for your listening pleasure!This episode is brought to you by Third Love ( ) and Harry’s ( code: SHALOM).

Duration: 01:40:04

Episode 144: Matt Cook

Actor and comedian Matt Cook (Man with a Plan) joins Ronna and Beverly to chat about their shared love of English chocolates, practicing his Boston accent for TBS’ Clipped, and his love of video games. Plus, Beverly tells us about a previous...

Duration: 01:14:18

Episode 143: Leslie Grossman, Adam O'Byrne

Leslie Grossman and Adam O’Byrne join Ronna and Beverly this week to dig into the Amanda Knox documentary. Plus, Spaghetti-O’s made a friend in the park!This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and Third Love.

Duration: 01:30:03

Episode 141: Ben Platt

Broadway star Ben Platt chats with Ronna and Beverly about the inception of Dear Evan Hansen, a new musical on Broadway of which he is the star, what his New York looks like, and why you don't have to be a tortured soul to be an artist. Plus...

Duration: 01:08:59

Episode 140: Rachel Bloom

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about some of her favorite musicals she did in high school, falling in love with sketch comedy writing in college, recently getting coffee with a childhood bully, and working on...

Duration: 01:21:42

Episode 136: Kristian Bruun

The handsome Kristian Bruun of Orphan Black joins Ronna and Beverly to chat about working alongside the many clones of Tatiana Maslany, getting struck by lightning while he was on dinghy, and what's going on with his love life. Plus, the ladies...

Duration: 01:20:41

Episode 131: Advice You Need

Ronna & Beverly return to the Earwolf studio in Los Angeles to go through listener comments as well as offer advice on feeling guilty for moving far away from your family to follow your dreams, telling your friend that they are dating a jerk...

Duration: 01:10:00

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