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Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.

Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.
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Adelaide, SA


Classic Triple M Adelaide’s best way to kick start your day is with Roo & Ditts.




Ditts, Gleeso and Alice for Roo & Ditts 19 January 2018

1) Welcome -- heat was crazy for sports yesterday 2) Overnight - Parents leaving kids in the car when it's hot. Royal croquet club. Cory Banardi song list. 3) Roger Rasheed Chat - Australian Open update - Djokovic and Monflis playing in the heat 4) Professor Paul Govin from Macquarie University - stadiums should accommodate extreme heat 5) Moving out of your parents 6) Gleeso's list that didn't make it

Duration: 00:37:51

Ditts, Gleeso and Alice For Roo & Ditts 18 January 2018

1) Welcome - extreme heat today 2) Overnight - Woody Allen step daughter accusing him of sexual abusing her. Trump passed medical check. Funi might be pregnant 3) Stadiums conditions should be changed to accommodate extreme heat weather 4) Phil Liggett for Tour Down Under - race shortened today because of heat 5) Roo & Ditts Angels - Looking or staring? 6) When did you find out your partner is cheating? 7) Gleeso's list for the day

Duration: 00:42:23

Ditts, Gleeso Alice For Roo & Ditts 17 January 2018

1) Welcome - Women in police force 2) Overnight - People lighting up fires on purpose. Vegan stickers on meat trays. Dog hitch hike from Queensland to SA 3) Roger Rasheed for Australian Open update - koukanakis and grunting during play 4) Ditts about women police in the force is equal numbers now 5) Ditts about cycling coach, Charlie Walsh's father still cycles. Who do you know is old and is still strong?

Duration: 00:38:53

Ditts, Gleeso & Alice For Roo & Ditts 16 January 2018

1) Welcome - Ripper weather today 2) Overnight - Australian Open updates - Bomber Thompson has left the country after police raid. Beehive stolen 3) The Cranberries singer, Delores passed away in London 4) Man drive himself to hospital after broken neck. When have you been brave to do something like that? 5) January warning - highest divorce rates 6) Roo & Ditts Angels - pub toilet talk 7) Dr Karl Chat - Helium balloons

Duration: 00:42:00

Ditts Gleeso & Alice For Roo & Ditts 15 January 2018

1) Welcome - Roo still away. Gleeso and Alice entertaining the week 2) Overnight - Hawaii accidentally hit missile warning button. TDU started yesterday. Australian Open has started. Taking sneaky sick leave 3) What do you think about managing sick leave? 4) Monday Calls 5) Roger Rasheed chat - Australian Open has started. Tomic going into the jungle reality tv show 6) Ed Sheeran accused of plagirism from Aussie singer Jasmine Rae 7) Credit Card scams and your rights

Duration: 00:45:49

Roo & Ditts For Breakfast 8 December 2017

1) Welcome - Last Friday for the year 2) Overnight - Ireland town get viagra fumes. Kevin Spacey accusations. North Korea said definitely a war 3) Top 10 of the year - Number 5 to 1 4) Pressure test contest - great 1K win 5) Ditts best jokes from the year 6) Marriage equality bill passed in Parliament 7) Lawrence Mooney - in town for the cricket 8) Craig Lowndes Chat - Adelaide motorsport fesitval 9) Viagra fumes leaked into Ireland town 10) Ditts about Roo hitting stationary...

Duration: 00:47:30

Roo & Ditts For Breakfast 7 December 2017

1) Welcome - Roo wanting Victoria Park used for horse racing again 2) Overnight - Birtish PM assissanation threat. Adelaide worst city to hit stationary objects when driving. Trump about making jerusalem Israel's capital 3) Top 10 of the year - number 10 to 6 4) Ditts pranked for Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 5) Pressure test contest 6) Hugh Whitfield chat - British PM threat 7) Roo & Ditts Angels - Asking to be official 8) Darren Ray chat - weahter over xmas 9) what have you...

Duration: 00:45:40

Roo & Ditts For Breakfast 6 December 2017

1) Welcome - Ashes is exciting 2) Overnight - Crowd record for Adelaide Oval. Dusty Martin's father can come back to Australia. Mosquitoes research on sweat attraction 3) Top 5 of the year - Bum Poo Wee 4) Lawrence Mooney as Big Mal - Xmas 5) Things Ditts won't say 6) Pressure test contest 7) Seb Costello Chat - Russia winter olympic team is out for doping 8) Wil Anderson chat - Dorothy is stolen 9) Gus Worland from Triple M Grill Team - Ashes cricket on Triple M 10) Dr Karl has a...

Duration: 00:45:19

Roo & Ditts For Breakfast 5 December 2017

1) Welcome - Ashes challenge for Aussies 2) Overnight - Holden dealerships in trouble and told will be taken back. Amazon site today. Tom MacDonald. 3) Top 5 of the year - animal stories 4) Things Roo will never say 5) Pressure test contest 6) Mike Smithson Chat - TAFE SA in trouble with their courses. Are you in trouble? 7) Roo & Ditts Angels - Xmas present 8) Joe Jones - best coffee in Australia

Duration: 00:51:07

Suburban Song - Norwood


Duration: 00:05:24

Suburban Song - Pasadena


Duration: 00:04:48

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