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Ep 92 Steven Marshall’s leadership evolution and the curse of Opposition

How much do you know about the Leader of the South Australian Liberal Party, Steven Marshall? Not much, a lot of South Australians would confess. Others would say he’s negative. Steven says his image is influenced by a daily media cycle where he gets little more than a few seconds to criticise the State Government. This, he says, is the frustrating “the curse of the opposition.” During our interview at Parliament House, Steven is anything but negative. He’s relaxed, engaging and jovial....

Duration: 00:43:13

Ep 91 Ali Clarke on brutal breakfast radio, criticism and compelling content

In this episode, Rooster Radio enjoyed a professional recording setting for the first time, taking over a studio at ABC Adelaide for an interview with presenter Ali Clarke. Unfortunately, Ali didn’t hit the red button and put us live to air. But we did record an interesting and insightful chat with one of South Australia’s top media personalities. Now occupying the premium breakfast slot on ABC Radio, Ali in fact first made a name for herself on commercial radio. By her own admission, she...

Duration: 00:51:16

Ep 90 Michael Johnson on the truth about happiness and positivity, becoming the ‘Mojo Master'

Michael Johnson is ‘The Mojo Master’, a man who has built a thriving, global business by helping people shift their mindsets to grow personally and financially. Michael had a tough childhood. He struggled at school - academically and socially. He was told he’d never make it and was ultimately expelled for fighting, a response to years of bullying. He battled depression to the point of considering suicide. But there were a couple of key transition points that helped Michael completely shift...

Duration: 01:08:19

Ep 89 What Ben Baker has learned from photographing the world’s most powerful people

Ben Baker is one of the world’s most sought-after portrait photographers. He has photographed the last five US Presidents and their families, as well as countless celebrities including Oprah, Kanye West, Bono, Jay-Z, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DeCaprio and so many more. Growing up in Adelaide, Ben couldn’t have dreamed of being in such a position. However, having spent a lot of time following his Dad through the Outback, he knew that an office job wasn’t for him. Eventually he lobbed...

Duration: 01:10:37

Ep 88 How the Hon Chief Justice Kourakis went from the family farm to influencing the justice system

Rooster Radio had the rare opportunity to enter the Supreme Court of South Australia and spend an hour with the Honourable Chris Kourakis, Chief Justice of South Australia. The Chief Justice breaks down many misconceptions about Judges, the Justice System and the Law. He’s personable, approachable, progressive and tech savvy. He communicates even the most complex legal issues in plain english. It all forms part of his mission to make justice inclusive and accessible to all. Such values...

Duration: 01:00:39

Ep 87 Joshua Burchell’s million dollar bedroom business, flipping websites and Amazon sales secrets

At a recent family dinner, Rooster Radio's Andrew finally got to have a decent chat with the English lad who will soon marry his cousin, Emma .. Joshua Burchell. After hearing Josh's business story, he had to get him onto Rooster Radio. At 17, Josh started his first business from his bedroom with little more than 1000 pounds and the name of a Chinese manufacturer, which was given to him by a friend. This was in the early 2000s before the online shopping boom. After successfully importing...

Duration: 01:05:24

Ep 86 'The jump’ case study (Part 1): Paul van der Linden’s hopes and fears after quitting IBM

The one topic that resonates with Rooster Radio listeners the most is 'the jump'. The challenge of leaving the safety net of a comfortable full time job to pursue your dreams in business. Over a few beers, Rooster Radio co-host James recently got talking to Paul van der Linden, a man who is going through this exact process. He’s an experienced systems architect, who has spent the last seven years in a senior role at IBM. It’s a great gig. And yet, he’s quit to start his own business. Paul...

Duration: 00:48:48

Ep 85 Building the ecosystem and driving growth in online marketplaces (live at SouthStart)

Leaders from three of Australia’s top online marketplaces have revealed key business, growth and technical insights about their startups live at SouthStart. On the panel is Dan Draper, CTO at Expert 360, the marketplace that connects businesses to top freelance professionals, along with David Trumbull, co-founder at Car Next Door, Australia’s largest car sharing network and Edward Hartley, co-founder of Bluethumb, Australia’s largest online art marketplace. Andrew from Rooster Radio, the...

Duration: 00:31:04

Ep 84 Beyond the hype of IoT & autonomous vehicles with Dr Alex Grant (live at SouthStart)

We kicked off SouthStart Conference with a live interview with Dr Alex Grant, CEO of Myriota and co-founder of Cohda Wireless. Alex is doing truly amazing things. He is CEO of Myriota, an Internet of Things company which is gaining recognition globally for low cost, low power satellite technology. Before Myriota, he entered the autonomous vehicle market with his company, Cohda Wireless. This was back in 2004, well before the buzz of driverless vehicles. Both companies are now leading the...

Duration: 00:30:04

Ep 83 Risky business

People talk a lot about entrepreneurship and risk, but sh*t gets real when you have kids and a mortgage to pay. The heart says pursue your business dreams, the head says stick to your 9 to 5 and provide. But does it have to be one or the other? What if there was a way to transition into your own business life without having to fall off a cliff? If it's possible, how the hell do you make it work? James and Andrew talk about the issues, opening up about aspects of their own journeys and...

Duration: 00:58:50

Ep 82 - Anthony Minichiello on the evolution of NRL and tackling life after sport

Sydney Roosters legend Anthony Minichiello saw the end of his playing career coming, and planned accordingly. Many of his footy mates didn’t, with tragic results. Anthony says the come down from the highs of a sports star life can be hard. Many athletes struggle to find a new purpose, and structure, for their new life. It was different for ‘Mini' who was raised by hard working Italian parents who made him get a trade in the early years of his NRL career. He maintained a life of balance,...

Duration: 00:20:29

Ep 81 Crispian Fielke’s journey from the family farm to owning the 'world’s best' bars

Having shared an office space with Crispian Fielke over the last couple of years, we’ve seen first hand how he and his team have built a city small bar scene. Crispian is co-owner of Clever Little Tailor, one of Adelaide’s top bars which regularly gains recognition in the national press and is sought after by local punters like myself, along with slightly bigger names, such as Mick Jagger. He’s also co-owner of the iconic Pink Moon Saloon, a bar that has cleaned up national and...

Duration: 01:39:45

Ep 80 David Cooke on the long game of urban design and the making and breaking of cities

David Cooke uses his urban design knowledge and global experience to address the urban renewal challenges that face Australian cities. David is an internationally qualified Urban Designer, registered Architect, accredited Planner. He is the Director of City Collective, a design studio that works across Australia and the world. He was the first South Australian to be awarded a prestigious scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley, in their intensive Masters of Urban Design...

Duration: 00:56:51

Ep 79 How Finn Peacock rejected the ‘9 to 5’ and built a multi-million dollar business

Finn Peacock's decision to quit the '9 to 5' life led him to build a home based business that now generates $3 million in annual revenue. Finn was an engineer earning good money in a job with the CSIRO that most people would aspire to. But he hated it. The bureaucracy was so frustrating that it was impacting all aspects of his life. On the back of some passive income from e-book sales, and some inspiration from Tim Ferriss’ iconic book the Four Hour Work Week, he quit his full-time job....

Duration: 01:15:25

Ep 78 How to build a multisided online marketplace

Building a multi-sided marketplace requires hard work and cash, James Begley has learned. Not only is James the co-host of Rooster Radio, he is the founder of PickStar, the revolutionary marketplace to book sports stars for any kind of paid opportunity. Online marketplaces are tricky at the best of times, but the layers involved in PickStar are particularly challenging. Not only is there the elite athletes and the clients who want to book them, there’s also athlete managers, clubs and...

Duration: 00:32:19

Ep 77 For the love of podcasting

In a change up for Rooster Radio listeners, James Begley interviews his co-host Andrew Montesi about podcasting. We are in the midst of a podcasting revolution - around 60 million people listen to podcasts every month in the US, and in Australia soon 1 in 2 people will be tuning in to the medium. Early Rooster Radio listeners who have been on the journey with us will recall the show's early, terribly produced episodes (which are still available on our episode list *cringe*) and how the...

Duration: 00:37:56

Ep 76 Prof. David David's "everyday miracles" and pioneering craniofacial care

Professor David David, the world’s leading craniofacial expert, has spent three decades restoring dignity for thousands of patients from all corners of the globe. Professor David performs “everyday miracles” for people who would otherwise be facing conditions that are limiting, debilitating and often life-threatening - such as distortion of the face and skull, cleft lip and palate deformities, facial growth anomalies as well as tumours and other facial issues that require reconstructive...

Duration: 00:47:50

Ep 75 How Simon Phillips handles the big name stage shows, global stars and criticism

The globally acclaimed Simon Phillips is arguably Australia’s top theatre director. His directing credits range from the contemporary to Shakespearean classics, musicals to Opera. He has been the go-to man for shows such as Love Never Dies, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Cabaret and High Society to name just a few .. and has too many awards to list in this intro. When he’s not in Australia he’s at New York’s Broadway, London’s West End or en route to another show opening on the other side...

Duration: 01:06:41

Ep 73: Geelong coach Chris Scott, Part 2: The razor edge of high performance

As we continue our two-hour interview with Geelong premiership coach Chris Scott, we now learn about what drives and motivates the leader on a deeper level. This interview is syndicated with Off-Field, a podcast that focuses on the world of sport outside of the arena, and also hosted by Rooster Radio’s Andrew Montesi and James Begley. In Part 1 (iTunes … SoundCloud, Chris talked...

Duration: 01:10:27

Ep 71 Off-Field podcast highlights with Danny Green, Caitlin Bassett and Jonathon Webb

Roosters Andrew Montesi and James Begley have recently launched a new show called Off-Field, and it focuses on the world of sport outside of the arena with the people who make it happen. We talk to sports stars and industry professionals about sports marketing, business, contracts, endorsements, leadership and more. The show is available on your favourite podcast player, but for this Rooster Radio episode we’ve put together some highlights from a few of our Off-Field interviews to give you...

Duration: 00:12:21

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