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Episode #15 - Jared Mills

This week on the podcast we have Jared Mills of Midwest Whitetail. Corey and Jared dive deep into the world of whitetails. As most seasons are opening up, you won't want to miss this one!

Duration: 00:53:08

Episode #14 - JD Huitt

JD Huitt is the co-producer of Hallowed Ground Outdoors and also the editor Full Draw Adventures. On this episode we discuss balancing hunting and family, his incredible trip to Africa and some big changes with Hallowed Ground Outdoors!

Duration: 01:11:50

Episode #13 - Rooted Outdoors Welcomes Christian To The Team

Rooted Outdoors welcomes our first and newest member, Christian Williams, to the team. Christian has an incredible passion for archery hunting and bring a completely new outlook to the team. Get to know him on this weeks podcast!

Duration: 00:43:35

Episode #12 - Corey and Dave Update

Corey and Dave give a quick update on all things surrounding Rooted Outdoors. Dave also gives a recap of his trip to Colorado.

Duration: 00:58:37

Episode #11 - Jimmy Herman

Musician, hunter, and agriculturist are just a few of the facets of Jimmy Herman. Jimmy grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, began playing fiddle at age four, and was playing in bands by the time he was seven. Touring with Carrie Underwood since 2008, Jimmy has performed on the Grammys, ACM and CMA Awards; on Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, Ellen, American Idol, and Saturday Night Live; as well as on stage with Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and more. Jimmy has been...

Duration: 00:35:20

Episode #8 - Joe Sir from Rizen Media & Hallowed Ground Outdoors

Joe Sir of Hallowed Ground Outdoors and Rizen Media has been a true inspiration to Rooted Outdoors. Corey and Dave had the honor of talking with Joe on how Hallowed Ground came to be what it is today and how it has evolved. His expertise in the whitetail world and film production is top of the industry and he shares his knowledge with all of you on this weeks Podcast! Thank you Joe for everything you have done for the outdoor industry and how you continue to tell the hunting story!

Duration: 01:02:24

Episode #7 - Corey & Dave Talking Turkey Season and Hunting Ethics

This week on the podcast Corey and Dave talk about turkey season and some things they have learned over the years. They also get into a hot topic in the outdoors industry, ethics. Be sure to subscribe to follow along!

Duration: 00:49:06

Episode #6 - Mike Roux Talks Advanced Turkey Hunting Techniques

This week on the podcast we have Mike Roux. Mike has been in the outdoor industry for over 4 decades. He is an award winning outdoor writer, TV and radio host and now the director of outdoors ministries for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We talk to Mike about advanced turkey hunting techniques that have completely changed the way we look at turkey hunting. If you are a turkey hunter, you won't want to miss this one. Mike Roux email: Mike Roux phone: 217-257-7895 Make sure...

Duration: 01:21:51

Episode #5 - Corey and Dave Talk Filming

This week Corey and Dave talk about filming their hunts. They share different tips and tricks when it comes to filming as well as some of the gear you may need. If you want to get into filming or have been filming for a little while, you won't want to miss this one!

Duration: 00:35:45

Episode 4 - Jim Richman talks Faith and Hunting

This week on the Podcast we have Jim Richman. We discuss in detail how Jim ties in faith in Christ to the outdoors. Jim began preaching at age 16. He has led worship at various church camps and youth events across the Midwest, and currently serves as Associate Pastor at Parkview Baptist Church in DeSoto, MO. His true passion in ministry is reaching men and women through special outdoor events like sportsman's banquets. Jim began hunting and fishing with his grandfather at a very young age,...

Duration: 00:52:50

Episode #3 - Corey and Dave Talk Lessons Learned in 2016

This week on the Podcast Corey and Dave discuss some lessons learned in hunting but also filming in 2016.

Duration: 00:37:40

Episode #2 - Cole Mountain Seitzinger talks Shed Hunting

Today on the Podcast we have Cole Mountain Sietzinger from Flatline Whitetails. Cole is an avid hunter from SE Pennsylvania. His main passion is shed hunting so we discuss tips, tactics and some really cool shed hunting stories. Cole also has a personal blog called Relive the Hunt which is an affiliation of Flatline Whitetails. If you love shed hunting or want to learn more about it, you wont want to miss this podcast!

Duration: 00:53:43

Episode #1 - Who is Rooted Outdoors?

The official launch of the Rooted Outdoors Podcast features co-founder Dave and Corey talking about the goals of the podcast, a recap of last season and a discussion on how Rooted Outdoors was founded.

Duration: 00:56:15