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Each week Ross Patterson shares his wildly unique views on pop culture, entertainment, and sports.

Each week Ross Patterson shares his wildly unique views on pop culture, entertainment, and sports.
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Each week Ross Patterson shares his wildly unique views on pop culture, entertainment, and sports.




Episode 102 - F**k You Taking A Knee.

Ross and Jessie discuss the difference between taking a knee as a multi-millionaire NFL player vs actually sacrificing something meaningful. They also discuss Kylie Jenner getting knocked up at 20 years old so the Kardashians can dominate the news cycle on their 10 year reality show anniversary.

Duration: 01:05:48

Episode 101 - Special Guest Buck Sexton

Ross sits down with former CNN correspondent Buck Sexton and he drops truth bombs confirming all our suspicions regarding what it's like to work there.

Duration: 01:00:56

Episode 100 - The Sizzurp Challenge

Ross and Jessie celebrate show number #100 by splitting a bottle of Lil' Wayne sizzurp and recording the effects. Sidenote: we do NOT even remember recording it or how long the show lasted, but the challenge is complete!

Duration: 01:49:24

Episode 99 - Lethal Weapon Star Clayne Crawford

Ross sits down for a very special one on one interview with Clayne Crawford who stars as "Riggs" on Lethal Weapon on Fox Tuesday nights at 8pm. We discuss his life and illustrious career in this very special episode.

Duration: 01:31:21

Episode 98 - Fire Jemelle Hill

Ross and Jessie discuss the downfall of ESPN and the racism of Jemelle Hill, Ross' experience going to an art show, and the magic of the Twilight Zone movie.

Duration: 01:18:56

Episode 97 - $1,000 For A Cell Phone???

Ross and Jessie discuss the new Iphone going for $1,000, proper tailgating, what's it's really like to make your first film, and the Steve Bannon interview on 60 Minutes.

Duration: 01:13:29

Episode 96 - Richard Branson Punches A Hurricane!

Ross and Jessie take shelter from Hurricane Irma and chat about why Richard Branson is rich enough to beat it, Trump's boss moves in Congress last week, the Dreamer Act, Conor McGregor's possible next fight, and Facebook getting popped for selling ads to Russia during the campaign.

Duration: 01:03:09

Episode 95 - Are You Doing What You Love?

Ross and Jessie discuss the magic of Michelle Pfieffer, and talk about the age old question why people aren't doing what they love and whether or not it is ultimately good for them.

Duration: 01:17:00

Episode 94 - Colonics and Burning Man

Ross and Jessie discuss colonics, the certain type of people who love Burning Man, the end of summer, and the death of Lil' Wayne???

Duration: 01:13:08

Episode 93 - How Would The Apocalypse Start?

Ross and Jessie discuss the recent survey by Nobel Prize winners who make their educated guesses on how the world will end. See if you agree. Ross praises Trevor Noah's take on Antifa.

Duration: 01:00:05

Episode 92 - The Shia LaBeouf Fashion Statement

Ross and Jessie discuss what really makes you a serial killer, why "Shia LaBeouf fashion" has become a thing, who could be running for President in 2020, and why certain people stink at the gym.

Duration: 01:12:27

Episode 91 - I Guess God Hates Dirty People

Ross and Jessie bitch about Joel Osteen not opening his doors for Houston flood victims, the return of Pauley Shore, and Hillary Clinton's new book.

Duration: 01:14:29

Episode 90 - First Responders

Ross calls first responders and asks them what their craziest call was. Wildest. Show. EVER.

Duration: 01:24:08

Episode 89 - Fantasy Football 2017 Special!

Ross and Jessie do their annual fantasy football draft right before coming on air, then call the other other teams live and discuss their picks, their sleepers, and how much your favorite teams are a factor. Ross also makes a trade live on air.

Duration: 01:36:34

Episode 88 - Robert E. Lee Was Asian???

Ross and Jessie discuss the battle of Robert Lee, the Asian announcer for ESPN that was pulled for having a "too similar" name to a certain Civil War General. We also battle it out over Aldi's, and discuss how dumb the #ImwithKap movement is.

Duration: 00:58:23

Episode 87 - Do You Really Know Me???

Ross and Jessie take a psychology test live on air submitted by a listener to see if they "really" know each other. Answer along at home and see if you know these questions about your partner!

Duration: 01:11:19

Episode 86 - Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Ross and Jessie discuss tomorrow's eclipse, Jessie's relative who went blind because of the last eclipse, why you shouldn't give any platforms to the KKK, and the death of Jerry Lewis.

Duration: 01:05:55

Episode 85 - Do You Go Cobb-less?

Ross and Jessie discuss their preferred method for eating corn on the cobb, why Ric Flair can't die on me, why Jables hates the movie "Founder", and what foods you can't eat on a first date.

Duration: 01:02:11

Episode 84 - F**k Off North Korea!

Ross and Jessie discuss why we should kill Kim Jong Un, Taylor Swift suing for getting her ass grabbed, and the magic of Dennis Rodman.

Duration: 01:23:34

Episode 83 - Let's Find A Protest!

Ross and Jessie discuss the events that happened in Virginia, why everyone wants to protest something, and Vogue putting Chelsea Manning on the cover.

Duration: 01:03:43

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