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Rugby Renegade is the No. 1 online strength & conditioning program for rugby.

Rugby Renegade is the No. 1 online strength & conditioning program for rugby.
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Rugby Renegade is the No. 1 online strength & conditioning program for rugby.




RRP 31 - Matt Jennings And Jake Lerman

Matt Jennings and Jake Lerman Strength Coaches at Xavier University tell the secrets of working with their basketball athletes and how it can help the taller players in rugby, plus tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:41:28

RRP 30 - Christian Thibaudeau Talks To Us About Cluster Training, Plyos, Keto Diet And Tons More

Strength Coach Christian Thibaudeau talks to us for the second time on the podcast. Topics covered include cluster training, plyometrics, fatigue monitoring, his ketogenic diet plus tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 01:23:27

RRP 29 - Ryan Harris Head Of Strength & Conditioning With Dragons Rugby

Ryan Harris Head of Strength & Conditioning with Dragons Rugby talks to us about horizontal force velocity, goal setting, mastering the basics and tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:21:51

RRP 28 - Marc Keys Talks To Us About Strength Development, Programming And Injury Prevention

Marc Keys former S&C Coach with Edinburgh Rugby and Owner of Cast Iron Strength .com talks to us about strength development, injury prevention, progression methods and tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:59:20

RRP 27 - Christian Thibaudeau Talks To Us About Neuro Profiling, Plus Tons More

Christian Thibaudeau talks to us about neural profiling, building muscle for rugby players and athletes, the need to understand stress, the importance of the nervous system plus tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 01:03:05

RRP 26 - Brendan Chaplin of Strength and Conditioning Education talks to us

We interview Brendan Chaplin of Strength and Conditioning Education about all things S&C including his 3 E's of S&C, his prediction for the Mayweather v McGregor fight, how to get "buy in" to your training programmes and tons more! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:45:26

RRP 25 - Blaine Scully Talks To Us About Rugby In The States And Tons More

Dan Jones talks to Blaine Scully about his experiences in professional rugby with Cardiff and the USA Eagles, how rugby is developing in the US and tons more! #buildingmachines

Duration: 00:35:14

RRP 24 - Rob Parkinson Talks To Us About Injury Prevention And Treatment For Rugby Players

Rob Parkinson Senior Physiotherapist at Gloucester Rugby talks to us about how to deal with injuries and how to prevent them! #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:21:11

RRP 22 - Ben Franks talks to us about the All Blacks, Consistency and Competition

Dual World Cup winning All Black Ben Franks give us an insight into what it takes to compete at the highest level in rugby. He talks to us about his training, nutrition and the All Blacks success. #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:39:29

RRP 21 - Joel Jamieson talks Energy Systems, Human Behaviour and HRV

Joel Jamieson is an expert Strength & Conditioning Coach having worked extensively with MMA athletes and is owner of He talks to us about what rugby can learn form MMA, energy systems mistakes, HRV and human behaviour. #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:33:53

RRP 20 - Nick Lumley S&C Coach @Scotland 7's Talks about Periodisation, 7's Travel And Monitoring

Nick Lumley talks to us about his experiences with Scotland 7's how they manage the relentless travel schedule, what is more important than periodisation and why its important to be unique. #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:42:15

RRP 19 - Nick Grantham Talks About Recovery, Strongman Training And Getting Hired As And S&C Coach

Nick Grantham talks to us about his philosophy, the big mistakes people make with recovery, strongman training and how to get hired as a strength & conditioning coach. #Buildingmachines

Duration: 00:30:20

RRP 17 - Interview With Chris Tombs Head Of S&C At Northants Cricket

Chris Tombs Head of Strength & Conditioning at Northants Cricket speaks to us about his nearly 20 years in strength and conditioning. Some really good advice for new strength coaches. #BuildingMachines

Duration: 00:35:41

RRP 15 - Interview With Paul Cater From The Alpha Project

Paul Cater from The Alpha Project has worked with Wasps, London Welsh & Team USA as well as countless other sports and athletes. Here shares with us his philosophy and views of how rugby is developing in the US. #BuildingMahcines

Duration: 00:35:35

RRP 06 - Interview With Shane Monahan Rugby Player And Wimp To Warrior

Learn how former Pro Rugby payer Shane Monahan has switched to mixed martial arts and get his take on life as a pro rugby player. We discuss his training for both rugby and MMA the difference, commonalities and what he has learnt.

Duration: 00:32:18

RRP 03 Interview With Olympic Gold Medallist Marlon Devonish

Jamie Bain Interviews Olympic Gold Medallist and Speed Consultant at Gloucester Rugby Marlon Devonish. Speed kills on the rugby and now you can learn how the top expert develops it!

Duration: 00:28:08