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Ep.087: Kara Lubin - 100 Mile Club

Kara Lubin is a fourth generation public school teacher from California, a mother to two children, and also maintains a small farm with horses, dogs, and a tortoise named Rachel. We talk with Kara about how Rachel the tortoise is her spirit animal and how she struggled with an unhealthy relationship with running, exercise, and food while growing up. She strives to keep a well balanced and positive outlook on exercise and food as she strives to set an example for her children and others. Kara...


Ep.086: Jason Savageau - Running Community & Vision

This episode is recorded live in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts when host Matt Sorenson joined Jason Savageau for a relaxing run along the Charles River. Jason works as a social security disability attorney and is active in the visually impaired and blindness communities. He started running in 2015 after being fed up with how he felt and has since lost 75 pounds and has run seven half marathons. We talk about how his visual impairment affects him as a runner, the importance and impact...


Ep.085: Chewey Lam - Courage to Change

Chewey Lam lives in Denver, Colorado and is a runner with type 1 diabetes as well as a number of other autoimmune conditions. He started running in 2016 and we talk about how he is heavily involved in the community, including being a Colfax Marathon ambassador, and an advocate for diabetes and migraine awareness. Chewey has run for or with a number of communities and groups such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Team JDRF) and Beyond Type 1. In 2017 Chewey completed 138 races and...


Ep.084: Ben Abell and Stephen Lease - A Goodr Update

Ben Abell and Stephen Lease live in California and they are a part of the Goodr team. We talked with Ben and Stephen back on episode 4 and wanted to have them back to provide an update on Goodr, tell some stories, and let us know what to expect from Goodr moving forward. Stephen talks about running and training for his first 100-miler and Ben shares about quitting his full-time job as a lawyer. We learn how Goodr has helped the running community, including a partnership with the 100 Mile...


Ep.083: Rebecca Luhm - Asheville Mother Runner

Rebecca Luhm lives in North Carolina, is a wife, and a mom to three children. We talk about how her running journey has had many ups and downs throughout life. Even through the hills and the valleys, Rebecca has been consistently running now since the summer of 2014. She shares how she makes running a priority and how she fits it into her busy schedule, often working out at the YMCA. We talk about a couple of the 10 half marathons she has completed, including a significant race this fall,...


Ep.082: Vic Morales - Comeback Runner

Vic Morales is from Iowa and tells the story of how he knew he was meant to run since the 7th grade. For about 30 years Vic has made an effort to not only keep running fun but how it also helped him in a weight loss effort, losing 45 pounds in order to get back to a healthy weight. Vic tells the story of an infection that spread within his body, sidelining him from running for months. He shares details from this unique experience as well as his recovery efforts. We talk with Vic about the...


Ep.081: Kyle Longest - Running the Broken Road

On this week's episode, we have Dr. Kyle Longest as our guest. Kyle is a Professor of Sociology, a husband, a father, and an avid runner for the last 5 years. He talks about reaching some of the ultimate highs in a runner's journey, including breaking the 3-hour marathon barrier and honoring his father by fulfilling a lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon. We also discuss the valleys he's endured from battles with overtraining, pelvic fractures and developing an unhealthy...


Ep.080: Eric Snader - Breaking Through

Eric Snader lives in Austin, TX and is a husband, father, and an aspiring comedian. Although he didn’t appreciate running when he started 20 years ago, in the past five years he has completed six marathons. We talk to Eric about the importance of the running community and how changing up his training method led to him running the race of his life and qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the 2017 California International Marathon. Eric shares his great perspective about the Hansons...


Ep.079: Ben Davies - Unfinished Business

Ben Davies lives in the United Kingdom and always loves a running adventure. Before he was a runner, Ben took a job at a running store and was embarrassed for not knowing anything about running. He learned more and more about running from the patrons of the store and has since run more than 50 races 26.2 miles or longer. Ben’s love for running and trail running quickly progressed from a half marathon to ultra marathons and he has traveled around the world to take part in races, including...


Ep.078: Jacob Puzey - Running Family

Jacob Puzey lives in Calgary and is first and foremost a husband and a father of five children. We talk to Jacob about running, directing races, parenting, and coaching. Jacob has excelled at a number of distances, from marathon to ultramarathon, and even holds the world record for the fastest 50-mile effort on a treadmill. We talk with Jacob about how the running community has played a critical role in his life, including introducing him to the woman of his dreams and starring in a...


Ep.077: Melissa Malani - Failing Forward

Melissa Malani is a speech-language pathologist, wife, and mother of three living in Winter Park, Florida. Melissa’s running story has many twists and turns, starting with avoiding running at all costs while growing up. After finishing her PhD in 2012 she unexpected and randomly decided to start running. Melissa’s determination and goal-oriented nature led her to complete many Disney races and a total of 12 marathons. She shares lessons from training and races that everyone can learn from....


Ep.076: Shelly Bush - Stronger With Every Mile

Shelly Bush lives in northern Utah and is a mom to two boys, a wife, and works for a local school district. In her youth, Shelly hated to run, avoiding it all costs by participating in sports that didn’t require running. Things changed for Shelly at the age of 35 when she was inspired at the finish line of the St. George Marathon, causing her to start running and change her life. Shelly tells us how her life was turned upside down by bankruptcy and divorce, and how running was a part of...


Ep.075: Calum Neff - The Stroller Guy

Calum Neff is an operations manager for an oil field company, husband, father to three young daughters, coach, and a volunteer. Even with these countless responsibilities, Calum has achieved something most runners never even dream of achieving, holding two Guinness World Records. Calum tells us about his half marathon and marathon records while pushing a stroller, and also talks about how running with his children is a benefit to everyone in his family. We also talk with Calum about...


Ep.074: Mike Erwin & Philip Swift - Team Red, White & Blue

On this Veterans Day-themed episode of the Runified Podcast, we talk with two runners associated with Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB), an organization with the mission of enriching the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. We first talk with Mike Erwin, the founder of Team RWB, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, served as an intelligence officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, and taught cadets at West...


Ep.073: 2017 New York City Marathon

On this episode, host Matt Sorenson reflects on the 2017 New York City Marathon which was on November 5, 2017. Matt talks about his own marathon experience, interviews other runners, and talks to a couple volunteers as well. This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2017” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast! Runified’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Kyle Dando’s Blog


Ep.072: Kevin Brown - A Couple’s Quest

Kevin Brown lives in Utah, is married with four young children, and is in a band. He started running track and field in junior high with friends but didn’t get serious with endurance athletics until the age of 22 when he ran his first marathon. Kevin shares his inspiration behind his running and also lets us know why he tends to “go big or go home” when it comes to running, cycling, and triathlon. We talk about the Boston Marathon, the St. George Marathon, getting hit by a car, and the...


Ep.071: Lindsey Brown - A Couple’s Quest

Lindsey Brown lives in Utah, is a wife, a mom of four, and somehow finds time to be an avid runner and triathlete. We chat with Lindsey about how their family makes rock climbing, biking, hiking, cycling, and running a priority as they strive to keep a tight-knit and active family. Lindsey shares how she became a runner and the unique and personal reasons she pushes herself towards some audacious goals. We talk adoption, the Boston Marathon, Ironman triathlons, balancing life with...


Ep.070: Ian Aman - Soul Runner

Ian Aman lives in the Calgary area, has been married for 20 years and has three children. Ian played hockey growing up and found cross country running in high school. As he got older, Ian loved that he could continue running and compete against yourself. Ian has since completed eight full marathons, including the Boston Marathon and Chicago Marathon, and he describes why he loves this race distance. Ian shares the significant power marathons and training has had on his mind, enabling him...


Ep.069: Rylee McDermott - Man Bun Run

Rylee McDermott lives in the Salt Lake City area in Utah. When he’s not working as a lawyer, he’s busy parenting his daughter or running. Rylee tells us how he found running a few years ago as he was recovering from his divorce. We talk about a number of marathons Rylee has completed, including awkward and funny stories. Rylee loves the pageantry of the marathon and shares how he has to get creative with his training schedule while being a single dad. We also chat with Rylee about his...


Ep.068: Leanne Rosser - A Determined Runner

Leanne Rosser is a busy mom, wife and ultrasound technician living on a ranch outside of Houston, Texas. Even though Leanne ran track in high school, it wasn’t until later in life till she learned to love distance running. She has since run 15 marathons and shares the highs and lows from her more memorable races, including the Boston Marathon. Leanne also shares how her training is different from others and how her running group has helped her reach her goals. We talk about a recent skin...


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