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Episode 8: Duo Reunites to Talk 2018

They took a break. Now, they are back together. Zack and Michael talk about the future, some of the goals for 2018, and what the hell is going on in their lives. They are getting re-organized for their film, the podcast, and some of the projects they will be working on in 2018.

Duration: 00:59:58

Episode 7: Uncut, Gary Vee, and The Berman Heist

In this uncut episode, Zack and Michael loosen up as they talk about Gary Vee, Bruce Berman, and a heist-like strategy to raise money. It's relaxed, spontaneous, and two friends re-realizing the importance of their friendship first.

Duration: 00:51:03

Episode 6: Exploring Inner Peace, Jim Carrey, and Living in the Moment

Zack and Michael explore the universe. And it's confusing, and wonderful. Inspired by Jim Carey and the artist's struggle, they talk about the expansiveness of the universe, the importance of living in the moment, empathy, and finding personal inner peace. Follow along on this week's episode of Running to Cannes.

Duration: 00:43:27

Episode 5: Falling in Love

In this episode of Running to Cannes, Zack and Michael talk about staying motivated and how that ties into work ethic. Michael talks about the time he fell in love with someone 10 years older than him, while Zack gets poetic about the very first time he fell in love. They also talk about what it means to be honest with oneself.

Duration: 01:06:09

EPISODE 4: Amen(ing) Feminism, Universe, and Consciousness

In this episode, Michael and Zack give a big "fuck you" to masculinity, laud feminism, deep-dive into exploding stars, argue about consciousness, and talk about the journey so far. Everything from Jim Harbaugh to self-doubt is covered in this episode of Running to Cannes.

Duration: 01:02:42

Episode 3: Making a Short Film

Zack and Michael explore uncharted waters by filming this week's podcast episode. They talk about the short film they are making together for the Hong Kong Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival. They also talk about some of the problems of the young struggling artist. Lastly, hear them brainstorm the situation that is the inspiration behind the short film.

Duration: 00:52:32

Episode 2: Midnight Pancakes

Zack and Michael talk about their experiences from Episode 1. They dig deep into the characters while getting philosophical about the why? They try to decipher the mystery of Paul Haggis. And they end on a high note.

Duration: 00:32:50

Moving to Hollywood

Zack and Michael move to Hollywood. Zack has just graduated from Cal Arts, Michael is coming from a start-up company in New York. They talk about the beginning of their journey to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Duration: 00:46:45